By NPO Energomash and RSC Applied Chemistry received its first pilot batch of fuel acetyl

By NPO Energomash and RSC "Applied Chemistry" on a specially created experimental setup was first obtained the first experimental batch of the latest high-performance fuel acetyl.

The result confirmed previously conducted theoretical studies, and showed the effectiveness of the technology for production of the new fuel.

Work carried out in the framework of the program of processing and subsequent certification Atsetama as rocket fuel prospective application on its own initiative at their own expense Energomash and through grant support innovation center "Skolkovo".

In the following stages will hold a series of studies of physical and chemical properties of Atsetama, analysis of resistance of structural materials, to determine the parameters of fire and explosion, and more, that provides industry certification procedures propellants.

In 2013-2014 gg planned mining technology for industrial lots Atsetama, and the development of the stand and carrying of fire tests of experimental oxygen-atsetamovogo LRE.

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