By the Earth is approaching a new asteroid

By the Earth is approaching a new asteroid Facts

February 15, 2013 an asteroid called 2012 DA14 should fly very close to the Earth. According to estimates of the distance to the astronomers of the world at the nearest point of 27 thousand kilometers. Even the moon and some satellites are much farther away from Earth. The threat of collision is not reported.

2012 DA14 will be much closer to the Earth than the Moon and geosynchronous satellites.

2012 DA14 was discovered by scientists at the beginning of 2012. Asteroid sizes do not exceed 46 meters in diameter. Its orbit, the form is a tilted ellipse, similar to Earth's orbit, so to see the space object have only recently. 2012 DA14 approaching our planet about once every 6 months. The last episode was recorded February 16, 2012, when the distance from Earth to the asteroid was 2.5 million km.

The orbit of 2012 DA14.

Despite some concerns about the excessive proximity asteroid to Earth in 2013, and is not quite clear about its circumsolar orbit, most scientists believed the collision impossible, since 2012 DA14 can not come close to us more than 3.2 Earth radius (~ 20,410 km).

Despite the fact that this distance can not be called great, the asteroid is unlikely to cause any major magnetic storms or other weather disturbances. His movement of the southern half of the night sky in the northern can be observed through the telescope and even binoculars, then 2012 DA14 about 18 minutes into the Earth's shadow will fall before the abyss of sight.

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