By the end of the century, scientists expect the redistribution of mass on the planet Earth



As a result, the water level will rise in the world's oceans.

A team of scientists from the University of Urbino (Italy) and Bristol (UK), with the help of computer modeling to forecast how the year 2100 will decrease the mass of continental ice and raise the level of the oceans on Earth. Found out that the rise of the water level will be uneven. The melting of ice in the north and south of the planet in the most impact on the rise of the water level in the equatorial belt. But here, scientists do not expect harmony.

It is expected that in the Pacific Ocean level rise greater than the global average. As the regions of risk Italians and the British call Australia, Oceania and Hawaii. The uneven level rise scientists explain that the loss of ice mass of Greenland and Antarctica do not just add water to the ocean, and will make some changes in the Earth's gravitational field. In fact, there will be mass redistribution.

Study co-author Jonathan Bamber, representing the University of Bristol, said: "This is the first study of the regional structure of sea level change, performed with the use of sophisticated computer models for such a long time to come."

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