Can animals predict natural disasters?

Can animals predict natural disasters? It is interesting

What you appear association, when you hear the phrase "animal instinct"? Some special sensory perception? Premonition? Or a sixth sense? It is indisputable that the animal is feeling the need to survive in the wild. But the question is how this feeling can come to the rescue in a disaster? Researchers studying animal behavior, trying to draw a parallel between anxiety animals and natural disasters.

For animals living in the wild, life is like survival. This explains the keen sense of smell and hearing. Animals are able to respond to the vibrations that are imperceptible to man. Migratory species are able to use electromagnetic fields to move. Wildlife has always been able to adapt skillfully to changing climatic conditions. There are many cases where significant changes in animal behavior clearly points to a possible disaster: zoo animals attempted to escape, horses and cattle to bunch up in the open space, insects hiding inside.

To substantiate the theory, there are more specific observations. Empowered frogs indicates a storm in the surrounding areas. You can expect heavy rains, when butterflies and bees suddenly disappear — they are looking for dry places to wait out the rain. Sharks swim deep enough for a safe distance when approaching hurricane. Migrating birds lay their departure, if it starts to storm. Animals start behaving unusually anxious before in the neighborhood will eruption. Cats and dogs run away from home if anticipating an earthquake (usually at this time increases the number of announcements of missing pets.)

Can animals predict earthquakes?

People often say that animals can anticipate earthquakes. The tragic tsunami of December 2004 in the South-East Asia was caused by the strongest earthquake in 40 years. After the incident, people began to talk about the fact that the animals (elephants and representatives of the cat) took the time to hide in a safe place further inland before huge waves washed over the land. Pets unusual noise a few days before the incident.

Seismologists in Japan and China — countries affected by a terrible natural disasters — are trying to study the characteristics of animal behavior before the earthquake. They are confident that they can prove their theory about the ability of animals to detect changes in the oscillation of the Earth.

However, significant changes in the behavior of the animals do not always serve as an indicator of impending disaster. Strange behavior of animals may also indicate a simple mating season. Study the reactions of animals in a controlled environment is a difficult task: people still have not learned to distinguish between sounds, indicating "I am hungry!" From "will be an earthquake! Run! ".

Geologists believe that the signs can not be classified. Only in retrospect, people notice significant changes in the behavior of animals, which do not pay attention to the event.

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