Can you gorge yourself to death?


April 22, 1891 52-year-old driver Stockholm L. swallowed a bottle of pills prescribed to him opium. He was found by a homeowner and taken to a hospital, where he inserted a funnel and long tube which allowed a huge amount of warm water. With each washing the stomach contained in itself more and more. Doctors became clear that the patient had sprung a leak.

Few ended their days so sad way. Overload the stomach so that it burst — not an easy task, because this body has a number of protective reflexes. When the stomach is stretched over a certain size thanks to a festive dinner, tasty beer, or the efforts of Swedish doctors, special receptors send a messenger in the brain. The central government immediately issued a decree that it is time to stop. Simultaneously, there is a short-term relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, which is in the vulgar language is called belching. The same muscle in its upper part, too weakened to release the gas and give the owner a sense of relief.

It's no secret that few people are stopped. One continues to absorb food under stress, while others simply can not resist the charm of key lime pie. But the body, to his credit, did not give up: there are pain, nausea and regurgitation (at expensive restaurants called regurgitation). And if you have a healthy stomach, he emptied long before the critical point.

But sometimes it does not work. In the case of LA culprit was opium. The patient showed retching, but they remained empty threat, wrote Professor Stockholm Algot Kay Aberg following an autopsy.

The death of poor man has set a Swedish medicine an important issue that has been the direct cause of death: the amount of water or the force with which it was pumped. Mr. Kay Aberg wrote in his laboratory orphan thirty corpses and conducted the necessary experiments, pre-seated cadavers in that half upright position, which was L.

It was found that if a person is in a drugged stupor, and his body is unable to properly respond to the threat, the stomach breaks after 3-4 l. If you pump water slowly and carefully, it will withstand 6-7 liters.

Professional edun Tim Janus (Eater X, left) is capable of

for a few minutes to stretch your stomach to pantagryuelevskih sizes. (Photo by AP.)

If the person is conscious, it bursts are extremely rare. In 1929 was published the analysis of sudden discontinuities without a strong impact and the weakness of the stomach. It was about fourteen individuals who have managed to gorge themselves to death, despite all the protective reaction of the body. The most dangerous ingredient was sodium bicarbonate, that is, ordinary baking soda. This material will neutralize gastric acid and leads to the formation of gas that causes belch.

Then the duo of Pathologists of Miami-Dade County (Florida, USA) spoke about a woman who suffered from bulimia in '31, which was found half-naked on the floor has its own kitchen. Of course, dead. In her terribly stretched stomach found more than nine liters badly chewed hot dogs, broccoli and cold cereal. She was lying in the locker surrounded by various provisions, broken bottles of soft drinks, canned food, and the key to the empty package of products. The shot again dealt baking soda, a half-empty box that was right there. In this case, bloated stomach is not able to release any gases or get rid of the excess, but instead he raised the diaphragm to the lungs and strangled woman. Perhaps the esophagus was plugged below one of the "hot dogs".

In 1926, a man named P. Merdfild conducted experiments on cadavers, filling their stomachs couple liters of a weak solution of hydrochloric acid and adding a bit of sodium bicarbonate. If you want to know the result, type in the search YouTube «alka seltzer rocket».

If a woman's swollen belly, so much so that the stomach was turned inside out, then you are in the vast majority of cases you will be right in assuming that she is pregnant. The lady that about four o'clock in the morning was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Liverpool (UK) in one of the most beautiful days not in 1984, was one of the few exceptions. She was carrying a fetus extended dinner: kilogram kidney, liver, and the same amount of steak, two eggs, a pound of cheese, a quarter of a kilo of mushrooms, a kilo of carrots, cauliflower, two good loaf of bread, ten peaches, four pears, two apples, four bananas , a kilogram of plums and grapes and two glasses of milk. Nearly 9 kg of food — was drawn to the triplets! Her stomach heroically lasted several hours, but finally could not resist, and unhappy died of sepsis. At the very least it has proven to Mr. Kay Aberg that hero stomach can withstand more than 4 liters.

Surviving record can be considered as one Takeru Kobayashi, who swallowed a little more than 8 kg of cow brains on some stupid contest. In his possession was only 15 minutes so that he could eat more, but the organizers have decided to keep him alive. Similar events are held around the world, but not all registered eaten a lot, so it may well be on the ground and go to the other champions who knows. Plus, nobody runs with weights for people who are bulimic, but because we, if we find out we do not know their limits (and thank goodness).

And then the question arises: what is it — the result of training or inherent elasticity of the stomach?

Takeru Kobayashi, athletic guy (photo Metro News).

In 2006, a gastroenterologist David Metz of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) took the time to study the stomach obzhiralovochnyh regular participant of competitions on behalf of Tim Janus (number three in the ranking, a pseudonym — Eater X) and normal human stomach after 12 minutes they were sitting and eating hot dogs. Thanks to its high content in the product of barium scientist was able to observe the behavior of the stomach in fluoroscopy. Mr. Metz wanted to test the hypothesis that the noble eaters stomach quickly frees up space, opening the rear door of the small intestine. It turned out that the opposite is true: in two hours stomach Eater-X got rid of only a quarter eaten, while the stomach is unremarkable man deserted by 75%.

Somewhere after the seventh hotdog last complained that some more, and it will be bad, although fluoroscopy showed that the stomach is only slightly stretched more than the initial size. His rival, meanwhile ease swallowed 36 sandwiches for the convenience of stuffing them into his mouth in pairs and not paying attention to the fact that there was a very strong stomach, occupying almost the entire upper part of the abdomen. He felt no pain, no nausea, no satiety.

Can we say that this is the result of regular overeating? Or is he born that way?

Properly questioning robin-reel-barabeka, Mr. Mets came to the conclusion that in this case the nature in the first place. In general, these people are not stomach more than usual, but he has an amazing ability to relax without damage to itself.

At the same time, it must be admitted that this "gift" — is just the beginning. Professional participant of competitions Erik Denmark (Erik the Red, the seventh stomach USA) believes that without the daily training is indispensable, otherwise the body simply can not be moved outside the limits of the possible. But why are silent defense mechanisms? Why not regurgitation? Erik the Red admits that actually … well … just swallow once again, that's all. It must be said that these competitions regurgitation is defeat — basta, food climbed back.

Train such people in the water. Early in his career, recalls Auburn, he could barely drink more than 4 liters (hello, Dr. Kay Aberg, you were right), and is now able to take on the breasts for about 9 liters in a sitting position. This test is not so much a physiological (stomach gradually stretched), but psychological: it is necessary to accustom themselves to the Rabelaisian sensation. Difficult to stop, says Mr. Denmark, much more difficult to bring myself to continue.

Just beg, do not follow suit.

Prepared according to NewScientist.



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