Canada: In the city of Winnipeg was an unusual rain — precipitation fell in the form of birds

September 5, 2013. Environmental services and animal welfare advocates are trying to figure out what killed hundreds of birds that fell on the heads of the inhabitants of the city.

According to the inspectors, environmental service, they picked up on the street for more than 50 dead birds, another 11 who were still alive were transferred to the local community for the protection of animal health.

As the director of the organization Eric Ansevyu, the surviving birds behave quite cheerfully, although not able to stand up and fly. But these birds will be put to death, and then sent to a pathology lab for an autopsy.

We still do not have any Ansevyu versions about what could be the likely cause of death of the birds. But, she said, they found themselves in conditions unfit for living. '' I do not want to heat up the hype, especially among fans of mysticism and apocalyptic prophecies associated with the birds falling from the sky. Perhaps they were influenced by some external factors in the form of toxins, as they could be subject to some kind of disease'' — said Eric.

The unusual phenomenon occurred in the early morning, when hundreds of black birds, similar to grackles, suddenly began to crumble right under the feet of passers. Birds stuck in the branches of trees, fell to the roof of the bus. '' The trees seemed to me, was about a thousand birds. One landed right next to me'' — said local resident Tanya Leigh Wiener.

Susan Tiganagis working as a shop, stressed that their lane as if covered with a black blanket. '' My husband said that he is like Hitchcock's film. It looked just insane! I even felt dizzy'' — said Mrs. Tiganagis.



Dead birds fall in the North End of Winnipeg

August 7, 2013. Experts in animal trying to figure out what could have killed dozens of black birds that fell from the sky in the North End, Winnipeg's inner city.



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