CANADA Information request for fighter FIVE FOREIGN COMPANIES

CANADA Information request for fighter FIVE FOREIGN COMPANIES
Canada requested proposals from five foreign companies — American Boeing and Lockheed, the French Dassault Aviation SA (AM), European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co. and Swedish Saab AB (SAABB) — to substitute the aging CF-18 fighters (pictured). Proposals must be submitted within 6 weeks, Bloomberg reported on March 3.
Government «carefully examine options fighters in the world market within the requirements set forth in the First Canadian defense strategy,» according to a press release from the Ministry of Public Works.
Earlier, in December 2012, it was announced that Canada will make out the question of the acquisition of 65 F-35 fighters, the price and operated for 42 years will be 45 billion Canadian dollars (43.8 billion U.S. dollars). CF-18 fighters will be removed from the Air Force during the 2017-2020 period. Planes of this type produced by the American company McDonnell Douglas Corp. (Now part of Boeing) began arriving in the Canadian Air Force in 1982.
«Work on the analysis of the proposals will be implemented as soon as possible, the results are summarized in the final report, which will assess the capability of the aircraft, the costs and risks for each option,» uttered in the government of Canada.

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