Cannibalistic roots EU

Yes, no, we are not a European nation! And you know why? We — good! Our ancestors did not burn witches masse and blacks hands are chopped for outstanding standards of delivery rubber inventors "European standards." And Europe ax! And, more recently. A little more than a hundred years ago. And ahead of this humanitarian grinder marched the same Brussels, which is now the capital of the European Union. Yes, so gallantly marched that even other European colonists were terrified, saying, dear sirs Belgians, not so! After all, you are just undermining faith in the noble mission of the white man carrying civilization backward tribes.

Congo Free State of King Leopold. The unfortunate father looks at his feet and hands five year old daughter, police eaten plantation

The story I tell you once again proves that the most important thing in this life — PR. You can be the final villain and a murderer, but if you buy the correct "European" paper, make sure that you — and benefactor of mankind, every abomination to get away with. Even if for breakfast instead of fresh orange juice you would think of drinking the blood of newborn babies. And I think this tradition started up in Europe has since medieval times, when any murderer bought from the Catholic Church indulgence with absolution. Paid the money — and you can re-enter the predatory road. No you do not say a word.


Well, what associations you come up with the word Belgium? Perhaps the Manneken Pis in Brussels, the term "civilized European country," which peacefully coexist two official languages. The Flemish school of painting — Rubens and other great artists, transmit generosity of existence. Til Ullenshpigel — a symbol of heroic resistance to the Spanish Flanders. And people savvy in history, yet remember that aggressive Germany violated Belgian neutrality twice — in 1914 and 1940, respectively. In general, the most respected reputation! Nobody even thought about coming, that among the people of this lovely country could be produced en masse maniacs patronized cannibals from the distant African Congo in the name of science and rational methods of exploitation of the colony.

The main Belgian maniac patronize African cannibals, was King Leopold. Not to be confused with the character of the cartoon cat, known for the phrase: "Guys, let's be friends!". This belonged to Leopold of Saxe-Coburg dynasty, wore the serial number of the "second", and friendly leopoldovskimi phrases covered the most heinous affairs. He was still a tomcat!

At the time of our accession to the throne of Leopold in 1865, Belgium was one of the youngest European countries. Prior to 1830 no Belgium does not exist. In the Middle Ages these lands were called the Southern Netherlands. First they belonged to Burgundy, then — in Spain, and by the end of XVIII century — Austria. From country to country, southern Netherlands passed by dynastic inheritance. Was not at Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy male heir — and these lands are gone for a walk on his hands between his distant relatives of august.

Then came Napoleon and all the raking by France. After his rest in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna in Southern Netherlands annexed to the Kingdom of Holland, immediately created the English order. The main purpose of the existence of this regional "superpower" was to protect Britain from invasion from the continent. Who would ever think of any land in the heart of the British crown — the French or the Germans, and on their way to Holland, which guarantees the independence of the British John Bull with his fleet.

The subjects of King Leopold. Under the protection and the chains — and then run away


However, very soon the British began to think that the Dutch too turn up their noses. And they inspired in 1830 in the Southern Netherlands, the predominantly French-speaking citizens, "the national liberation revolution." When the Dutch king suppressed her, taking Antwerp and Brussels are going to the United Kingdom stated that it immediately climbed back to his Holland. Otherwise, immediately landed on the continent their troops. So there was the Belgian kingdom.

The name he promptly pulled out of a history book. Once upon a time in ancient antiquity, which, according to the Moscow prohindeev Fomenko and Nosovskij, did not exist, the future Belgium was inhabited by the Celtic tribe of the Belgians — a wild and bloodthirsty lyubivshee human sacrifices and cut off his head. Julius Caesar is a tribe cut off at the root — brought, as it were, as a sacrifice to the Roman gods. Only the memory remained. In honor of these ancient European cannibals and named the country, which is now the capital of the European Union.


Belgium gave the British crown daddy Leopold II — also Leopold, but the first. For the simple reason that he was in a relationship with the British ruling dynasty. Communication, corruption, hand washes … What were you thinking? It was then, with what is now struggling so enlightened Europeans, led senior Leopold to the throne! However, the first Leopold was not only small German prince, but also a Russian colonel. In the Service of Russia, he commanded the Guards Cuirassier Regiment in the Napoleonic wars, was a gold sword for bravery and even rose to the rank of lieutenant general.

The candidature of the brave to the Belgian throne retiree Britain, of course, had negotiated with Russia. Petersburg gave the nod. Leopold I gave all. He has driven in Brussels on a white horse, swore allegiance to the Belgian constitution, urgently written on this occasion, he married a French princess, who was younger than his 22 years, and became a peaceful reign, no one in particular is not bullying. What is clear — navoyevat in his youth. Arrival of Leopold I in Brussels — 21 July 1831 — now one of the main Belgian holidays.

And this hero was born heir to the trooper — a small merzavchik Leopold II. From childhood he was distinguished by evil inclinations and at the same time a talented ability to impersonate a good boy. The young Belgian prince most like someone to torture, plunder and profit from someone else's grief. Apparently, it said the blood of his ancestors — the feudal robbers. But Leopold II understood that in the heart of Europe after the severed heads of French Louis XVI and British Charles I especially will not let him roam. He was wary of torture Belgians. On the contrary, all the while extolling the Belgian constitution and boasted as respects the rights of the Belgian people. Our Leopold came up with a game on the side — in the distant Africa, where no one bothered him.


Leopold began to convince everyone that wants to patronize the sciences — especially geographical research. In 1876, he organized their own money, not getting into the state budget, the International Association for Research and civilization of Central Africa. Belgian citizens is just happy. Let the king of fun! Just not climb into our affairs.

Immediately after its inception, the Association of the cat, I'm sorry, King Leopold sent to Africa expedition, headed by the famous explorer and journalist Henry Stanley — correspondent of the London "Daily Telegraph" and the American "New York Herald." The case was in a big way. Knight of the free press had not come himself, and under the protection of the order of two thousand people! Officially, children were engaged in geographical research. In reality, sniffed that which is bad. The path of the expedition was in the Congo — the huge Central African countries near the equator.

Ever since the XVI century, it is in these places mined black slaves. Blacks U.S. residents — mainly descendants of immigrants, more accurately, "vyvoztsev" of these places. And there were godforsaken place for Europeans because of malarial swamps and tsetse flies — the carrier of sleeping sickness. Therefore, white nose especially in the Congo is not popped — preferred to act through intermediaries, employing the most aggressive tribes blacks for catching other blacks.

But by 1876, when Leopold founded the association for further civilization, this business has decayed. Slavery is banned worldwide except Brazil. A market that was already up to their ears filled with the ancestors of the future great African-American players. Leopold wondered whether something can not replace the slave trade? And, in the same places where it has recently flourished and using the same local staff? For example, is it possible to have in the Congo Brazilian rubber tree plantations, which gives the material for rubber — rubber?


Leopold's rubber was interested for two reasons. In Europe, which was spreading actively in brothels, just invented the condom and started to mass production. But the material for it had to be imported from Brazil — monopoly of raw materials. Belgian king puzzled how he could find a place for logistics closer to rubber production and cash in on the production of "gum"? Such crafts King Leopold quite shy. His father-in-the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, the ruler of Belgium issued for his daughter-in-law even called "broker in the crown."

Furthermore, in Europe were in vogue bicycles. Along with a healthy lifestyle. For the production of bicycle tires also need rubber. All this pleased the King Leopold. Tires and condoms — just what he needed for trading. And here and Stanley returned from Africa with the good news that the Congo — a great place for a rubber plantation. The climate and the people there — what we need!

For Africa, there was a fierce struggle between the great European powers — Britain, France and Germany. Using the contradictions between them, Leopold II himself begged the Congo. Well, why would you, the great powers, this terrible country with malaria-carrying mosquitoes and tsetse fly? There's also impossible to live! Let me take over the noble mission of education of all these Bakongo, bapende, bakveze, bayaka, bayombe, basuku, Ngombe, Mbuji, lokele, mabindzha and other tribes in which the devil himself would break a leg! I, Leopold, is willing to bear the burden of the white man! Well, bring — said the great European powers. And Leopold suffered.

In 1885, Leopold II at the Berlin Conference, which was attended by Germany, Britain, France and Russia, won the right to form the Congo Free State — a personal possession, not controlled by anyone other than the King of Belgium. In accordance with the terms of the general act of the Berlin Conference, Leopold promised to "suppress the slave trade," promote "humanitarian policy"; ensure "free trade in the colony," not to impose "any import duty for twenty years" and "encourage charitable activities and scientific enterprise."

In reality, Leopold was in the Congo autocratic monarch with the title of "king-sovereign". Neither Caligula or Nero, nor all the tyrants of old, taken together, have not done that in Africa made a modest little constitutional monarch of Belgium. Even Hitler was inferior in speed destruction of the conquered population. As historians have counted the people in the Congo under King Leopold died faster than prisoners of German concentration camps during World War II!

Leopold II in the Congo introduced serfdom, forcing local blacks to stick on rubber plantations. Belgian tax police have hired a former Negro slave. For non-compliance of labor standards, these "tax" could easily eat a bad employee, and cut off the hands of King Leopold's administration provided for reporting. Yes, yes! That is exactly what happened! In this modern and luxurious building is the European Union!

Gobbled up his countrymen loyalist Congolese Belgian king so much that soon from human flesh they just brought back. A man can always overeat! Therefore, employees' plantation militia "are often just cut off the hands alive: go away, the black brother, the soul of you turns back, but the old man Leopold need real proof of our service. He needs to know that we are working on the conscience.

In addition, the "king-sovereign 'in the Free State started the cult of his personality, and even the capital called his own name — Leopoldville. So it was called until 1966, until it was renamed Kinshasa.

Money received from the business on the rubber and human flesh, raunchy Leopold II spent on the content of his mistress Blanche Delacroix. By an irony of history, it bore the name of the famous French artist and the name, which means "white." European journalists called this lady, "Empress of the Congo." The king built a beauty villa on the Riviera, had two of her children out of wedlock, and even married her a few days before his death. The result of this domestic bliss was that the population of the Congo from 1885 to 1908 declined by half — from 20 to 10 million people. There have been a real genocide.

Infinitely so could not continue. Leopold nagleli began to impose duties. And his competitors on alert. In American and European illustrated magazines began to appear en masse photos accidents negrikov of the Congo, admiring the fact that the remains of their relatives eaten. Arms, legs, skull pleasantly surprised by the European citizen. International scandal erupted. So as it turns out, Leopold II is engaged in "research and civilization" Congo! Under pressure from the international community in 1908, the aged king was forced to give up personal colony. It took control of the government directly Belgium. Thus arose the Belgian Congo, which replaces the Congo Free State of King Leopold.

The genocide of the Congolese population Belgium does not recognize until now. Like, it's killing themselves black like themselves. And we have nothing to do with it. In general, human rights activists do not like to remember this topic. Very much it is not seemly for the background stars and the ideals of the European Communities.

"Heart of Darkness"

In memory of the occupation of the Belgian Congo and sunk into oblivion local "free state" was only a novel by English writer of Polish descent born in Berdichev Ukrainian — Joseph Conrad (Jozef Korzeniowski). Tale called "The Heart of Darkness." I advise her to read. It's about the journey of a British sailor who must be evacuated under orders of the Company (ie the Belgian Congo Free Company) pulled off the reel sales agent Kurtz. The main character goes to a very "heart of darkness" — where the case of white people black faces of those they "civilizing".

It is this story about children's severed arms and legs in Africa and comes into my head at the sight of the bronze toddler peacefully pissing in Brussels. Leopold II for sure a child was as charming kid. And, excuse me for being straightforward, just pissing all — exactly as the current EU.

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