Cardboard America

The so-called "one-story America", which is so admired our teleakademik Posner, actually represents a ticky-tacky flimsy shacks, literally falling apart from one blast of wind. Even in two-and three-story homes intercommunication overlap such feeble, of such thin wooden bars that just when you walk through the rooms, everything shakes. But dancing is not quite officially advised on any floor of the house above the ground.

Not stronger and walls. In the best case, they are made on the frame of a wooden block with a shoulder about 6 inches on the outside are thin 8-mm chipboard or hardboard, and inside — the material of the type 3-mm hardboard. Such a wall can be elementary to break foot, and if you have an ax — in a couple of strokes you make a pass, enough to get into any room.

And it is still the best. In the worst walls are not made on the bars and on the katana from virtually thin sheet metal profile, and a bar is used only for the vertical columns. Thinner material is taken and the outer wall, to the point that it can not be at all — just on vertical beams hung siding and all.

What does it lead — can be clearly seen in the photo caption. This coast was all built up completely, and then the wind blew — and there was one house that some crazy Russian built with his own hands as it should. Everything else is just washed away. It should be noted that this horror was in the U.S. is not always the case. Previously, the U.S. low-rise private houses made of planks simply. Frame of beam or cylindered logs, planks nailed gvodyami, etc. So typical farm houses were built.

The poor in shantytowns to not buy boards, frame studded with tin cans from the old (such cylindrical barrels from chemicals and any loose shit — in the U.S. they are called drum). These cans in landfills in the United States — stacks up to the sky. Gradually modified the technology to build the shanty towns of cheap mortgage houses. Naturally, instead of the steel sheet used sheet materials from waste. So built the whole "one-story America" and most of the two-and three-story. If using brick — then it is put on the outer edge stenochke karkasnika, purely for show. As a rule, so take the front wall and two side pieces that are visible from the road. Moreover, such a "brick" house is expensive and is considered prestigious. And of what made the roof — it's just ridiculous. The usual stuff — chopped up in the form of shaped elements (like shingles) roofing material.

First, stuffed to the rafters thin sheets of plywood, roofing felt stupid then nailed to the plywood with nails. Outside, of course, beautiful. But inside — hell. If on the first floor turned on the TV, then it can be heard on the second well, and close the door useless — it almost does not affect hearing. If someone locked in a room and talking on the phone — and even do not have to listen, the conversation can be heard from anywhere in the house, and if you listen — even outside.

Internal partition can easily pierce with his fist. Attaching the something — the problem. The quality of the wall material is such that a small stud can stick pretty close. And he certainly can not hold anything heavier than a small fotografii.Chtoby hang, say, a cornice — you need to look for, where to go vertical wall beams. Yes, and they are not able to keep anything heavy.

The temperature inside the house is virtually identical to the street. If it became cool, and on the street 10, in the house would soon be no more than 12, and you have to include heating. If the street was hot — at home immediately be even hotter, and you have to drive the air conditioner on full blast. As a result of the summer electric bills are $ 200-300, even for those who cook on gas. If you have to drive electric stove, heated in winter and electricity — oh, just rekoy.Fundamentov money is flowing into the U.S. for such homes do not. Instead, aligned on a concrete floor is poured thin "pad" of the plate of about 20 cm thick, and instead of the valves there is a thick wire mesh. Here on this floor and lay the ground floor.

In general, where there are termites, they can eat a house in a single season. Strong winds easily rips off their roofs, and even walls valit.V general, homes in the U.S. are the same as everything else — cardboard durilki. Durakov.Kamennye show for the same houses are quite different money, and are available to very few.

Vladimir Fedorov

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