Cautionary tale of anti-Soviet Kazakh: Confessions of a Dissident

Many people who know in Kazakhstan, write to me today in the comments to my publications in Yu.M.Mizinova: Oh, Diamond, Diamond! Why do you need Nazarbayev? I'll answer a question with a question: Can you, without him giving me my dream: to return my citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan? Also very many close friends in spirit, in recent years, it is strongly ask: Diamond, take U.S. citizenship? In Kazakhstan, you're no use to anyone … I agree: But before you tell me to, you have to go through what I have lived, take my lifetime … Only kazahpayskuyu severity with age, I began to realize the great wisdom of Abai, when he said of himself: Up to 50 years, I struggled in vain for justice, for the promotion of good beginnings and, in the end, tired … Now, I have decided to write! The rest without words … It just so happened: Bolar Bolden … — with the result that my many years of wandering in the white light I have to speak to you now from the torture chambers of the Federal prison. In the American prison, I had to submit to the will of fate and enter into the role of ZHYRAU to apply because of the failing health of the powerful lords of Kazakhstan for the help! …

… In 16 years of living in the U.S., I could not take someone else's heart, morals and ethics. I also think now that it is appropriate to me honestly: I once did an injustice to my homeland, singing superiority of Western freedoms and taking at face value the thoughts of Americans peacefully enjoying every smile and a greeting to any of the generous, pious neighbors or colleagues in Washington offices. Over the years, I've stopped noticing the difference between the shrill and eternally bloodthirsty "eagle" and awkward "bear": between the true American arrogance, daubed demo humoral-bright make-up, and the last open Russian velikorosstvom … The only difference is that the Soviet Union is a manifestation was purely a small-town character, but here, especially in recent times, this pathology takes on global color. Today, referring to the motherland, I should like to confession to God, to open up and ask you about one thing: Dear Sirs! I admit my mistake, which made many years ago, wanting to use for their own political purposes, provided to me in October of 1990 asylum in the United States.

I recognize, too, that arrogant denoting personal "I" over the traditions of Kazakh people, I have offended the dignity of every one of you. I was wrong and unworthy of rude, insulting the work of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev and hitting on his family. Anything could have happened differently and might have a different perspective, if I, as a mutt, including your steppe dermokratii lobbied be against the existing government. Yesterday, I deliberately chose that, today, has received …


All my aspirations in the U.S. mainly comes down to understanding the country that has been able to beat in the Cold War the once mighty Soviet Union! Two years later, after the beginning of my stay in the United States, the Soviet Union collapsed and the United States reached neprevzaydennogo greatness on the world stage … In a unipolar world has undergone significant changes that have put their mark on my thinking. Past my naive and high-flown raptures ended with the discovery of the inner content of the United States, hidden under the arch "of bright stars and white stripes on a dark blue background" world order coming from the new "centrifuge" put the world on its head! — Subordinated to all spiritual material, ascended in the interests of the flesh to gain the most all-time highs anti-biblical baser instincts and feelings in human nature, and thanks to the fastening under the common denominator of one-to-one, as if repeating the logic built the ill-fated tower of ancient Babylon, the interests of all ethnic groups and terrestrial Signup for gluing material "American Dream" and under the control of the most powerful of modern bureaucracy in the history of mankind …

But the bureaucracy has repeatedly misled many empires of the world, but human nature has not provided a treacherous times … It has become apparent that it is possible only to the well-being of an emergency, or more precisely to the first cut-off echoing thunder and lightning fire that can occur suddenly and not by the rules of our being, and in fate or destiny with a complete violation of the "irrational system" in our lives when all the conventional and well-established laws will lose any right to life … In fact, the notorious democracy condescends to Hollywood's infamous mass culture, business collusion of those in power to ascend to the limits of a global example in suppressing the "premature" or "unusual" of civilizations, and even the artificial spread of corruption brings instigators democracies fabulous profits, depriving the poor of society all rights over human life … maybe, maybe …

Someone is thinking seriously: The end justifies the means! Or skeptical implies: the Other is not given … is possible, and there is no other method for action in our world! Of course, today it is important to solve the problem of global warming on the earth, and it is important to balance the problems of world population growth and its economic constraints, it is necessary to combine the peaceful coexistence of mutually exclusive cultures of the universe, and in order to prevent threats, should be put under strict control of the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons! Heart beat and pacing the cell, I took a deep breath: But, in fact, is angry at America, even in this second year, stupid and heartless, do not arrest me .. — Because the world is! All the schemes of government, religious sects and community levels are identical: they stand on the survivability of the bureaucracy, because of its indispensability and spirituality … And now some bureaucrat sitting in a small room by the FBI, Homland SECURITY, National Security Agency or the CIA and " spider weaves the threads in suspicion on my soul! "to" bunnies "Horny Hollywood adrenaline and paranoia of Bush's policies. By the way, the new CIA director Michael Hayden in May of this year, said of these types is quite logical: With fans in the intelligence we need to end! Just have not seen done with them. There are still no one, and many dozens of "worms" in the bureaucratic mire of American intelligence. I made the final decision: If I were destined to die, so it is better to be under the "wheels" native, wild — wild and nomadic — bureaucratic carts in their historical homeland! Let us ask the thought: What would excite the American bureaucrat against me, a small Kazakh, the solution to the multifaceted and spectrally mixed cultural ethnicity U.S.? Kazakh who happened to be in the hotel "Ritz-Carlton" and by helping people become the victim of a foolish speculation … and made this "worm" to pay special attention to my person my book "The perimeter of a life," I ventured to publish in the month of February this year, 20 days before my departure from Kazakhstan to the United States, the website of Yuri Mikhailovich Mizinova. Otherwise, how to understand: 16 YEARS do not touch, do not interfere, all is forgiven, and now suddenly …

The fact is that in the early chapters of the novel I put the information from the archives of the CIA, and I confess that when I sincerely relied on a reasonable approach from the American side: It is not always wise to hide the fact that long ago ceased to be a secret. Even Christ taught: There is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest! Incidentally, the same Michael Hayden, the first ever by the administrator in the United States, began a few months before my speech to criticize this paradox, bytuyuschy in the walls of Homeland Security United States. I have published important findings of Allen Dulles, former director of the CIA. More specifically cited those points of his speech, which polustoletney-old looked a complete fiction. The report was entitled: "Plan of the defeat of the USSR" — which came true with unprecedented accuracy … Now I literally bring to memory the words spoken by Allen Dulles in 1945 in one of the extended departmental meetings CIA: Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness, drug addiction , animal fear each other, and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hatred of people — all of this we will impose deftly and discreetly!

We pull ………… spiritual roots of Bolshevism, debase, debase and destroy the foundations of national morality! We will shatter so generation after generation, this Leninist erode bigotry! We will take on people from childhood, teenage years, we will always do the main rate at young people become corrupt, corrupt, defile her ……… intuitively sensing "bad weather", I also gave performances of Allen Dulles scope of possible circumstances in which I have to cater for the arrival of the United States. At this time, on the one hand, my documents for citizenship stuck somewhere at the top, is apparently someone thought undesirable to show them to the President of the country, on the other hand, automated teller machines stopped giving me money: ATMs at all one and the the answer is "Contact your financial institution for the community!" to the Visa Office in Almaty said so: Visa ends, we can not extend it — since it is commercial, so head back and extend the visa through the Embassy of Kazakhstan and look for new business or local sponsors from your relatives. I returned to the United States. The first time I was arrested right from getting off the plane. The second time, after publication and appeals to the Slavic-Turkic Dualism Online Yuri Mikhailovich Mizinova, and after criticizing the traitor General Kalugin and "great" wheeler-dealer Kasparov chess online Inosmi in Russia. Everything turned out exactly as ordered half a century ago, Allen Dulles:

………. and those who will understand what is really going on and be aware of our plans, we will put in a helpless condition, they would be ridiculed and slandered in any society!

Half-extinguished light in the chamber, immediately two TVs and two computers disconnected, the tables were empty, and I, after other prisoners, reached its shkonke (the name is left in memory from the time of Butirki) so as not to irritate the camcorder and the guards behind the glass. I could not sleep, my thoughts once again mired in the conclusions of the recent terrible flooding me.


Now — on the night of December 2 of 2006 — on the cold cement floor of the huge chamber, to fit in your space more than 90 human lives, surrounded by police officers from the "JUS Marshal" and the prisoners die Abdoulaye Sall from the African Guinea. A thousand prisoners at 2 am, not one nurse or doctor? Sally stopped breathing … Finally one of the officers came up with a wise idea — feel the pulse at the lifeless body. Pulse out … And now, the corpse propped up on all sides, the most wild and rough, the real people began to mock him, throwing his hands in the different sides of the victim and squeezing struggling lifeless chest. In a Soviet prison, I met with similar effects, but even the most zachuhannye cop or vertuhay were, first of all, professionally trained in first aid … not opened brightly-Hollywood is not propaganda, but a real American reality!

Inner greatness of America is woven of two strands — education of the population, the rate of which is controlled by the government and discipline of the enterprising population … Reality puts any American in terms of self-survival, regardless of social and other concerns, it is better educates the individual and opens his extensive mirages that can grow to it a reality: first, with the active assistance of the banks and creditors of companies, and secondly, when it is quite fair financial history, and, thirdly, when fully Creedy-ticket (doverii!) and 100% foreign discipline: for This should always be honest and pay taxes! Only after these requirements, a person can sleep easy — because the government will always protect it at any point of the globe, will protect it from any adversity and aggression against unforeseen threats and malicious obsessions … This bundle is quite logical and very durable, it is completely unites and binds the political elite of the commercial! But there is a rule: Violation of the Laws of foreign partners of American businessmen, not a violation of the Laws of the United States! More clearly needs to be understood in this way: Please commit the crime only to board my vessel …

After the procedure, and FOB (Freight of-the-board) — goods are loaded on a ship for the buyer — in the rule takes effect: Lady luck is on my side! This businessman buys cheap, sells more expensive but … Even if I bought the stolen goods at half price or even for nothing, I do not care who will suffer! And go to "partner in crime" state and an "honest" taxpayer … In the field of moral education of the American population has reached unprecedented heights. It is worth any American to deceive any of the tribesmen at least once or unworthy of the story itself, in any society, the environment throws him out of their shared environment collusion or direct seksotstvom superiors (often it may be a collective letter). In the American society has every right to do good deeds and soft, but no one has the right blatantly lie, be rude or annoy anyone! No one can in the U.S., passing by, kick the poor with impunity, because the poor guy is the same equal member of the Society, as well as president of the country, protected by the Constitution on equal and uniform rules! In America, in the State where the bosses law, customary: Lay a colleague taking the computer home from work or taking a pencil from the desktop, or the person taking bribe at work or on hierarchical post, is considered a good deed! The fact that we have taken for snitching, the Americans have taken for holiness and a prerequisite for moving up the career ladder. More laid, then dedicated worker! Of course, in America, many lies, of course, many do evil, but by and large, they all have incredible talent to veil his thoughts and actions under the shell "noble intentions", which is polished by time and circumstances of American life, raising talents million residents of the continental environment From generation to generation, to the heights of the diplomatic finesse and acting … Karl Marx identified this condition is quite logical: Being determines consciousness! It is very difficult to catch in the United States by the hand corrupt, though, by and large, all live here in the same immortal rule: Do not prigreesh do not get it! Everywhere there lobbying organizations that act as intermediaries between those who want to, and between those who can …

I am the witness of many lobbying and corruption, when the big monsters pressed small and medium-sized firms only one way — they do not stint on the board! Yes, and every American knows: Laws for 200 years so many times copied in the United States that any "indictment" installation can be easily turned into a "protection" .. Now, instinctively, I remember how in 1997, the year of very roughly pushed Kazakhstan "karmet" with the North American market for its drop in metal prices. I wanted to help and opportunity was at hand, when I worked with well-known international company, "Winthrop Steymson, Putnam End Roberts' only my pride would not let me ask for money from her, and equity was not enough … Without exception, all Americans, even those to get used to the arrival in their circumstances, be sure to rejoice when they meet each other. They endlessly smiling in eye contact to the extent that has been brought up in the tradition of soviet mentality suddenly seem: Not this man escaped from the madhouse? They shrug their shoulders when artfully terrified someone else in trouble, and, like children, are rejoicing at the good news. Most importantly, in different circumstances of life they exhibit the same unchanging emotions!? This property has not surprised me.

In most cases, it is necessary to conduct business with an American at least one day on a business trip, in a hotel at the disco, etc., then the next day this type of Homo sapiens has become not at all interesting to me. Almost impossible to find a sincere and spiritually open American! Yet, to be honest, I am for all that time had become accustomed and sincerely love of ordinary Americans. Among them are stress-free, without fear of getting hit in the back by accident or be spat upon in the street … But how would I have met administrators or employees of institutions, I have found constantly the same thing: they are in the home and even in the actions of their own children behave Robots like the notorious …

Apparently, responsibility and constant voltage — hold on to your workplace! — Forcing them never to depart from the established parameters of the professional framework, psychologically killing their souls are all human! Many, as I have often observed, strange shaking constantly scratching their heads or other, thinking, whispering to herself, there are those that are either brilliantly throw your hands to the sides, with strange and brilliant eye or smell women's perfume, and U.S. Department of Commerce many times I have seen people with horrible gazes when not stand a minute to communicate with them … The bureaucrats in America, with its growing influence in the world, become extremely arrogant notorious, aggressive and destructive dangerous not only for their enemies but also for their communities and for the residents themselves in the U.S.! The negative karma that they are now spreading the persecution of other nations, of course, come back tomorrow widespread hatred of the United States. Widespread education in the United States to the service of the state system and political tranquility in the country. Other entity does not actually exist! The inhabitants of this continent is well aware of the history of colonial and post-colonial America, but they did not know, at least until the mid-level, history of Russia or France. Here it is not appropriate to talk about our history, the history of nomads ..

But our history and our meager life is not bad, and have fun with screens show is a modern Western Sasha Cohen — satanenok from Britain, has successfully received recently and Hollywood residence. Most of the Americans with izmalstva glued to family traditions and brought up in a religious morality, but, due to the abundance of public freedoms, they are also coached in reckless sex, nepochitaemyh society quirks or other viteevatyh and sacred teachings: their brain cells from an early state filled with garbage Hollywood fiction and computer information nonsense. This creates a "raw", subject to all sorts of "sculpting", depending on the political conjuncture … in American schools and colleges such disciplines — philosophy, political economy, social science or a full history worldwide — have a surface course and the minimum time status. This knowledge is an immature individual, and in fact are not necessary — because materialism and consumerism are the first well-fed prerigativoy country. These categories are absorbed into the consciousness amerikashek with mother's milk. Clearly appears here Glan premise of Karl Marx: An abundance of material goods!

— And it is psychologically generates in producing goods insatiability for material goods and genetic progresses from one generation to another even more hard work, more doping to public employment and the responsibility for their financial well-being, which automatically increases the productivity of the country as a whole … The needs of the stomach, the body needs for pleasure, the needs of the instincts and feelings in a disciplined amerikashek receive a "wolf without hunger" and natural selection (a good thing?) all available options in any and completely universal choice, far ahead of their natural intellectual growth, keeping in advance of Cicero and in the shadow of Napoleon koklety "McDonald's", but at the same time bringing great benefit to the budget and the economy, tax and commercial departments of the United States. For many years, I reason, a lot of times I represent Kazakh who was half American, and immediately horrified Vision: Do not bring the Lord of the … Deliver us from such a fate! Amen … There will be no more in the world of Kazakhs if horseman will be 18 years old to demand freedom and complete separation of himself from his father and mother, the tradition of their fathers! It will become rootless and utter filth Mankurt … God forbid! I often ask myself the thought, in religion, prevailing on the ground, in the through the action of their content is constantly slips kind wisdom: no compulsion in religion! Of course, no doubt, it is quite correlated to both national languages. Following in me there in the depths of the soul unequivocal indignation: Why, then, the bureaucrats in the United States, sometimes viciously, often emotionally, and sometimes tactless, everywhere davleyut over immigrants, forcing them different methods of administrative punishment, deprivation of all kinds of privileges for a work or social care, strictly examine and explore … American Sign Language?

I deliberately did not call it in English, because in comparison with the present English (UK) this looks yazykovenie humiliation istoy speech, representing and speaking Ebony grooms … and then immediately begs cogitable my opinion, conclusion: America would gain infinitely many if not distorted to the inner nature of immigrants, if not raped to the diversity of national categories, if reasonable people would use the talents! Only the wise paths can climb to the top of the Divine Preferences, were combined and full World Order! Man is born, brought up, learn, educate, forged in a bar of intelligence, expressed the quality of his consciousness and spirituality. All this is, of course, among his historic birth. We also know that the most important biological and spiritual possibilities of man, but his mental potentsiala, formed to 25-35 years … 90% arriving in the United States — the people of this particular age. When the bureaucratic machine violently forcing many immigrants to learn the language, then ALL are forged and assembled in them had to crumble … And even if something and saved, it has no way to pour into the world of the United States, which is designed to understand and does not categorically reject a foreign language! Here and to have tens of thousands of immigrants, hundreds of millions of INSTEAD benefit the United States, to turn into a "ghost" to the new circumstances begin to shape everything from the beginning …

STARTED TO THINK IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE ALWAYS destroys the internal state of the TALENTED INDIVIDUAL! The fact that a healthy-immigrant, being in America ceases to be 100% but those are struck by pressing bureaucrats who can neither talk nor create, nor to risk his position for fear of losing the "bread" daily. American bureaucrats, like all bureaucrats in our land, can only look in her mouth to his superiors and belly crawl, not to unnecessarily make much noise and not "run against" ……….. Bureaucrats dangerous to care for others, it's their spoils! And, for the sake of truth, we add: Most people do not appreciate that. Bureaucrat no iota not cross beyond the quiet and familiar to him about! These people are elected and are classified according to the quality of their servility and diligence! It is also clear that every boss in nature, does not want the headaches themselves with subordinates. But this approach to the performers, as is proved by history of world civilizations, one day, "rush hour", leading to a heart attack every state!

What the U.S. is losing? She has already lost half its historic mission by electing globally psychological vector in the wrong direction … STUPID DOES NOT CHANGE shorts and a tank when the street has long ended SUMMER. The emergence of the new Russian policy, excited faces, addressed from all over the planet in its strontium, are now becoming a natural manifestation of the psychological, as opposed to the slope or breakdown in the middle of the gold of the Universe! What could reasonably find in America, limited the development of freedoms? Expatriates have lived a life of a foreign habitat. They were on the ground "sieve" of U.S. Embassies, and were pre-weighed in the "balance" of worthiness cross the threshold of the USA! And it was then that the U.S. authorities would not pursue a policy of oppressing rape "giraffes and elephants", but a cautious policy noevskogo selection — "pair of every creature" to fill the holds of their "Ark" in the right location and species of fish that could without the participation of mediocrity exclusive fraternity — bureaucrats — from the State Department, his knowledge, extraordinary natural talents and abilities, with the active participation of bureaucratic, public-useful-executive and professional translation units at the State Department, the U.S. government to open a full peace and could have resulted from Unlimited use in the future, to the "post-Flood" space of the planet! What is the foundation of human intelligence? First of all, the composition of the cerebellum and brain cells, in the second place, spiritual qualities of the individual, and in the third place, the language, which is a lubricant that binds together on out in the world all the original data of the person!

What is now the bureaucrats are doing in the U.S.? They kill a human principle immigrants, turning them into robots and material concerned about pacifiers. They are, without right to distort the nature of the people! Bureaucrats cause the most harm to the United States oppressive, dangerous to use in his "creativity" one-dial barometer of public fitness expat — on the extent of his zaniya American language. Today, this has become a tool for Homland security men and offices in the State Department as an indicator of usefulness expat? Bureaucrats do not take into account the scientific axiom of human personality is laid in effect when a bloom of some convolutions of the brain leads to the weakening of others! How I met people with talents for languages, all of them in my life reached a maximum useful as mediators, but they were never able to become leaders and creators … All the negative comes from the simple ignorance of Charter bureaucrats difficult Sciences. The human brain, psychology and moral categories are made up of individuals of different species and have different capabilities. It is an indisputable fact! Not every immigrant, in his natural abilities, there are prerequisites to a rapid language learning. Many innocent victims of bureaucratic violence, without being able to enjoy the exception of Henry Kissinger, who proved once and that without a good knowledge of the local language can be of great benefit to the U.S.. Of course, millions of mediocre types among immigrants who came to this country for personal gain, such a policy would be like! They will show diligence and achieve success in the eyes of bureaucrats Ai-En-Es.

The destiny of many such — only the desire for personal material gain and happy familiarizing themselves to the "American boiler" .. This is a dangerous type of people who, if for any reason will lose earnings, of course, in the future, ugly revenge! And if the other a little more consideration, the critical moment will sell all available for next to nothing! Like the Great Rome, the new Empire Earth fills himself dead souls that will amaze her epidemic in the next 5-10 years … Many terrorists, many who despise the U.S. Americans I met in other parts of the world, became those — mostly because of the insignificant causes : Because the infected psyche Semitism, because of marijuana, because of bureaucratic violence that judicial injustice or alimony, more often because of personal greed, not to pay additional taxes in the United States. Question arises: What are reached as a result of the U.S.?

I have already said: When a person is forced to forced to learn a new language, not every type of the human species, and not every talent will make this exposure, because an internal protest leads to a distortion of the psyche. Many types of loose foundation of its former usefulness and TALENTS crumble, as crumbling brick walls from the basement of fracture! U.S., blinded great success at the end of the last century, has done a considerable amount of more nonsense in our time, in the end, and lost its former and unique greatness under heaven … ALL — HAPPEN BECAUSE AMERICA WANTS TO STUPID and stubborn to impose on all of the "Church" its "mouth"!

In autumn 1990, after depriving me of Soviet citizenship and for the three weeks prior to departure to America, I went to Alma-Ata to attend the rally informals (then they called all the latter-day Democrats). On a huge rally in front of the Cabinet of Ministers attended luminary of science and Art, public figures — such as Murat Auezov, Sabitkazy Mahmut Akatal, Gulzhan Yergaliyeva and m. Ppm … In the most important moment of my speech, when I began to call informals to the moral and spiritual purification, to actions, giving examples for others, someone from the crowd shouted fiercely: Almac, why do you yourself like a rat running away from a sinking ship? I admit, in America, this voice constantly haunted me … And then I replied honestly and bluntly, I was deprived of citizenship … And now every day I risk myself because I was discharged from the country, and if that happened to me? no one even not lift a finger! to look for me … I am powerless, comrades, to change anything in this situation. I hated the Soviet power, it naturally refused me! But soon, and I have no doubt very soon, totalitarian power falls to each of us could take a worthy place in the future endeavors of modern times! Friends, I'm going to America, believe me, not for a "white piece of bread," and for "black." I'm going to America to study! The country won the Cold War and I "to colic" is interesting to find the truth, to understand the United States to benefit more, be sure to return to their homeland!



A person can trample a person can be to slander the man can shoot, but can not beat it! — Ernst Hemmenguey "The Old Man and the Sea." In the end, the result of my quest today is obvious: My book "The perimeter of the single life," my candid articles in the media and on the Internet, the press conference at the National Press Club in Kazakhstan on January 9, my appeal to the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, on January 12 of 2006 with a request for me to Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all in a coupe surprised many: How can so easily give up life in the U.S.? These gentlemen are seriously expected to from living in the U.S. are reasonable people do not give up! This conservative view is inherent in long-winners of the Cold War. And one of my past friends, former deputy of the State Duma of Russia, which, unfortunately, has not been able to make his arrival in the United States, at the end of last summer frankly on an e-mail puts it: Diamond how to Kazakhstan, where people live in yurts and still eat horsemeat, to put up the American world order? From the States refuse, by and large, only the terrorists, criminals and obvious idiots.

— Well, it comes out as I just did, that idiot who sleeps and dreams Kazi, manta rays and a wide palette … For 11 months, I implore the United States, ask and shouting: Let me go … in a yurt! In it the meaning of life every nomad, everything else in this life is vanity. I reject the life of a pet! My civil and political actions have prompted the American "hawks" blind "out of proportion" — concoct absurd, arrogant and quite ridiculous criminal case against the "Steppenwolf", neuzh in forest thickets of Virginia. For the second time this year, I was arrested and put behind bars for two reasons: first, because of my complete indifference to the needs of American bureaucrats, and the second, due to my unbearable longing to return to the steppe in Kazakhstan home — even if I was there and did not need anyone … I started to write the novel "The perimeter of a lifetime" in November of 2004, where in passing touched my misgivings about great changes in the world, after the second election of U.S. President George W. Bush (Jr.). In the first chapters of the book I talk in detail about the psychological view of the elites in the U.S. post-Soviet countries, bring the past and the monstrous grand plans for the CIA to defeat their ideological opponents. I carefully and gently mocks in issuing single member of democracy around the world ..

I ask the reader to the most ordinary question: Is it possible to grow mayyamsky juicy orange in the steppes of Kazakhstan, where there are only a thicket of barren, but dry and hard Saxaul for thousands of bringing home a nomad it needs heat and light? What I have been guided in their observations? After the beginning of the 60th years of the last century, and after the rejection of coercive measures in the policy of colonialism, the West came up with another, very humane, "collar" on the neck of the people in the face of democracy … But nothing lasts forever under the sky, any program with time and age give failures! Recent attempts of Americans to adjust the global processes through democracy ends in failure … The socialist Chavez received the support of the people in Venezuela and, most importantly, he won the elections in a country that provides 13% of U.S. energy. Other Hispanic — Morales successfully won a democratic election in Bolivia. A former friend of the U.S. anti-terrorist coalition — Islam Karimov recently brutally suppressed an Islamic uprising in Andijan, but still has a strong reputation among the elite of the country without any barometer democratic dimension. Another gloomy look efforts to introduce democracy in the American Muslim community. At the beginning of this year in Palestine in parliamentary elections won organization "Hamas", and in the elections in Lebanon — "Hazbolla" itd … In the intuitive apprehension of imminent disaster … In the frantic desire to test yourself! I rushed towards the fate of: without waiting for bureaucratic procedures of citizenship, I pulled into Washington, DC. I deliberately stopped to talk about politics and deliberately stopped on the thirteenth chapter of my opus "The perimeter of one life" under the name "KGB". I prefer to wait and not to publish drafts of the trained extension, because I did not know: What happens next with me? It was a hunch, but there was no certainty …..

Life, our Master, dictating dictation … and we must properly record the words and punctuate our destiny! FIRST PARTY. It seems to be born in the village, grew up in a humble and poor family, has passed the hard school of life, but never mastered before the end of a pride. Where in me so much of the city and where does it come from? I do not know? The U.S. Embassy has provided me with refugee status, oppressed and persecuted by the Soviet authorities. December 1, 1990-the year I was in the United States. When I was put on sale in the state of Connecticut for $ 300 a month, and gave me the opportunity to learn American Sign Language, I immediately began to look for a job, because pride is not allowed to receive gratuitous aid (it is usually refugees receive up to two to three years of life in the U.S. ) by the authorities. Many, like me, deride, and local bureaucrats twisted his fingers to his temple, when I ignored vouchers and other promises from the administration of social assistance in the United States. On the fifth week of my stay in the "American Dream", I suddenly really scared my solitude! At the same time, I spontaneously and biologically, he began to fear the English language, which is written in the same order, but pronounced in different moments is very different! I was afraid of losing myself. I began to ask myself: Why did you come to this country? Where is what you wanted? Where?? And, finally deciding not to give up on themselves, I pulled in Washington, DC.

I launched into a "proper swimming" in a foreign country with 38 dollars in his pocket and. In the U.S. capital, on arrival at the "Union Steyshen" I had only seven dollars: it was only enough to have breakfast here in the "McDonald's". Saddam Hussein ignored the threat posed by the United States, continuing the occupation of Kuwait. All the political life of America revolved around the incident. All screens and newspaper pages were filled with these events. Strolling through the halls of the huge station, I suddenly noticed being followed. Then it was not in the abundance of monitors and cameras. Police followed closely behind me, bearded and hairy, with huge locks of curly hair over her shoulders, dressed in Uzbek robe, given to me by Muslims in the mosque caste Abduvali in Andijan, and strange billowing head to the skies in frequent prayer. Half an hour later I was in the police station to "Union Steyshen," where he announced that I expect 9 o'clock in the morning to call a friend. I filed a police sergeant phone Congressman Marvin Daymoli. But as for Kapitaliyskom hill at 6 am no one worked, the phones did not respond. Police began to rummage in my hand-bag is not tricky. They found "Trud" newspaper of 12 December 1990. The newspaper had brought and gave me Mohammed, known Chechen poet who came to New York with a delegation of Olzhas Suleimenov Omarovich a symposium on nuclear disarmament, in early January of 1991. It was a huge article about me in all the newspaper column and with a huge photo of where I was in the same Uzbek robe and which artfully created photographer "works" Kardakov. The author of the article was Elena Belostotskaya, beautiful and experienced journalist who put the material on the second page of numbers that make the article prestigious. Helen was able to perfectly convey my human and religious feelings … I spent half a day in the slammer. On the morning newspaper gave to copy, fax sent to the office to kongresmenu Marvin Daymoli, and there in the Library of Congress and to 4 hours of the day have already translated. The translator was a Soloviev. The same evening I found myself in the office of the American Muslim Council. My happiness knew no bounds! I was in a political environment that I was in those waters, which are eager to swim … A month later, when Saddam Hussein began to bomb Israel, I was at the TV screen along with everyone … In the hottest time of the story I could not resist in the emotions. My brothers and sisters clapping their hands, greeting each and managed to fly a rocket exploded on Jewish land. This naivete just infuriated me! I started to laugh at the stupidity of people and resent what is happening.

About the dispute. Isa Smith — White Muslim (later I brought to this office Murat Auezova when he told Isa Smith about his background from the Kazakh tribe "Omar") — Executive Director of the American Muslim Council touched my pride, reminding me that I am sitting on their necks. Then I could not resist: Your glee, ladies and gentlemen, it's sophomoric and fun baby peeping out of the window my mother's car when on the other side of the road facing the other cars, robbing people's lives … you amateurs from religion, putting the great teachings of the Prophet's neck Donkey Ibliskoy policy destined PUNCTURE! You are absolutely indifferent to push anyone: Arabs and Jews or Russian with the Tartars, just to ask the size of your evil designs, the big money out of budgets: one way, from the Fund for Arab oil barons in the other direction, from the budget of the CIA. It was enough to cause anger among radicals "AMS". Late at night the spring thaw, drenched in the rain and huddled in someone else's porch in Arlington, I was picked up at bedtime and taken to the police station. Now the noise went up a much larger and cover a wider range. In these difficult hours of my life, I accidentally found out that my popularity for a year before coming to the United States ahead of me when on a table at the famous American journalist Jack Anderson, I saw a magazine published by the money of the U.S. Congress, "Problems of-Communism" (" Problems of Communism "), dated 1989th year and authored by Professor Martha Brill Olcott, the only expert in academic circles in the U.S. to Kazakhstan. Jack Anderson was outraged by the actions of the authorities and immigrant caught my aspirations by writing an article "The Tragedy of the Soviet dissident in the United States."

The next day the material was released in more than fifty newspapers and magazines. The first time the Turks responded by inviting me for an interview in two popular Turkish newspaper "Zaman" and "Turks". In both materials, I called them "Kazakh Solzhenitsyn." I gave an interview to the "Times" in the "Princeton package" in the "Washington Times", in "WORLD & I," in the Pentagon's "Defenze News" etc. I lived in downtown Washington, DC — on Penselvani Avenue — and began working with Ira Straus (later we received at this location in March Omarovich Olzhas Suleimenov, in the month of May, General Oleg Kalugin, and in late June the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR) At the United Democrats. Ira is now a doctor of political science, and I do not abandoning the religious and political values, has turned into a pariah … Its a strange name comes from the shtetl Jews — landlords Strakovskih from Berdichev who migrated in the 19th century in the United States. With Ira we became close friends! Let not political or ideological, but human relationships, we continue to this day. With an introduction to Ira Straus beginning of my lobbying activities … Since ancient times to the present day pride never left me, she began to counterbalance any trials and manifestations in a foreign land, filling my inner life luggage comparisons and conclusions that in the end did not allow me to stand on knees before the American bureaucrats demanding proof of my love for the United States. I do not want to lie: Kazakhstan economically backward compared to well-fed America has a clean history, the fate of the ancient and unique soul! I understand that troubled time in the yard that are essential profilaktiruet measures for the period of struggle against international terrorism, but to develop paranoia reach the pathology of delirium tremens, it is extremely dangerous to any state! What had I done? After the recent events and media appearances Kazakhstan, after six months in jail for no reason, no reason at all, the bureaucrats could not think of anything but to try to get me to go and collect the certificates, to writhe, to crawl, to prove: I am glad to live in the United States and I'm afraid I will lose this privilege. Our Great Prophet said: The Lord is equally punishes sinners and the proud … I have not overcome pride OWN! And he was in prison, taken out late at night, a few hundred miles from Washington, DC at: Piedmont Detainee Center, PO Drawer 488 Farmville, VA 23901 My prison number: № 96318. SECOND PARTY. President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1995 issued a decree prohibiting dual citizenship. I put always the goal: Return to Kazakhstan and all his knowledge and thoughts to earn the trust of voters in one of the regions: the father, in Merka, but from the mother, in Kalmykovo, the Ural region. I have always openly despised money, which led to the partners thought: Why am I such a fool? — And the suspicions of the authorities: nothing keeps him in the United States. I was guided by a humane rule of thumb: The more money, the more dirt … I stopped to seek U.S. citizenship. I recognized: Money — is water that can flow into your ditch (destiny) and be sure to follow from it. But still more important to be able in time to block and open the floodgates, to learn American management of water treatment processes, to no one in the future will not depend on! So I decided I did not glow, do not take risks with contacts in intelligence and in the Russian mafia and corruption in Kazakhstan in international business circles. I felt unworthy to work with the homeland through nominees, in a variety of koi, on the recommendations of the newspaper "Kakskad" from Baltimore and the emigre circles in the U.S., with bright zahazhivali suggestions in my office. Most importantly, any success will not pass without a trace, turning mark in my address: CIA Schnick! What this stereotype ass deep in the consciousness of my contemporaries.

The Kazakhs kind and ancient wisdom is: BOTEN poles SULTAN BOLGANSHA, Tugan poles Ultan BOL … Many people in the U.S. still believe that I'm connected to the GRU and may have reward on the other side of the planet? Americans have probably never fully understand the morality and behavior of the free nomad. THIRD PARTY. From the first days of my stay in the United States and, until recently, my conflict with the federal government, I only did that deliberately choose. And I chose not in the business of those who graciously paid me, I opted for cooperation only with those who treated me for a serious, working through interpreters! I have always worked on partners days and nights. He worked hard when John Gillick, working on the administration of transport, Semy Hoskinson, former heads of the U.S. National Security, Charles Waterman, former generals, the CIA, and many, many others perform my will. I actively and in good faith has helped U.S. firms, agencies, and services to advance to the Eastern markets. In 2002, the year while staying at his father's house near Almaty, I left important documents and thanks to the characteristics of the various Western companies, including such as ATT, Shell Capital and Jefferson Waterman. Bureaucrats furious: So many years in America and do not know the language? My lack of English language today has caused mistrust and many fabrications. Sometimes a negative result becomes useful result: God's ways are not ispovedimy … FOUR SIDE. I have many years of sojourn in isolation mode in the United States. I tried to break down, but not broken. Survived! I was ashamed to admit to the Internet, in the media and in communication with their compatriots at international conferences and intergovernmental meetings … This is my character. On pride and keep it up! I earned enough and was pleased with the temporary orders in the labyrinths of Washington lobbying. In May of 2005, in Moscow, I spoke live on NTV Plus, rather than on the channel "Russian World" website: My communication with compatriots in Europe, in Canada and in the United States lasted just over an hour . Came unprecedented success … I somehow escaped and began to confide to the extreme, kontrargumentirovano mock immoral accusations of Western journalists in the direction of Russia and my homeland. To verify this, just open the website: should dial the site my name in the "search" and then come out all my messages. It is advisable to inform it about my new prison. In advance, thank you! PS. Today, 12 December 2006, the year there was a big fight in the chamber between Latino and mixed group — Europeans and Africans Anglo-Saxon education. At this time, we, the representatives of Asia, Europe and the Arab countries, neutrally monitored the events. In the chamber there also appears platoon of police led by Major "JUS Marshal" and put things in order. They remove from the camera to the other terms of the content of broiler — a young, strapping and extremely stupid latinozu — then carry out preventive conversation with the prisoners. The conflict arose because the program switch obschakovskogo cable TV. Actually it will be right to say that the conflict arose on the basis of ethnicity and psychological! — Faced two cultures: the first, the southern — the emotional Latin American, biased to programs in Spanish, infinitely full of sentimentality and fun, and the other, more rational, cold — the Anglo-Saxon. Latinos in the chamber majority, they are cohesive and simple in his habits: by and large are like a pack of wolves — pressure …

Anglo-Saxon and Africans (from the African continent in the modern time visit America generally more educated and wealthy types) judicious, more intelligent, in manners and in actions habitually kept. In the end, they got tired of everyday odnozhanrovye transfer programs from the TV screen — an hour-by-hour music with infinite waved female breasts and thighs. It is known to every person being in prison, his bitter meditations unbearable to face with opposite emotions: they irritate him! A Latin TV especially affects the psyche, where for the most part, if the programs are informative, they are often low-grade quality, if art programs, all of eternity in a constant style — the style of ser., Endlessly filled, on business and on business flows " cupids "and bitter tears. Cable TV has 362 channels, but, as in the chamber of representatives of Latino majority (there are about 80 percent), people of the opposite mentality had to endure eternally flows very low-grade products with two Latin American channels — "Telemundo" and "UNIVIZION." The prison holds set a new rule: One day a TV remote control is in the hands of the Latin, the day the remote must be in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon! I could not help thinking: How long will it solve the problem?

Will not deal with all wisdom and philosophy of the unity of opposites! A similar happening in many of our prison cells and is not it better to take, yes, settle separately Anglo-Saxon and Latin all that they can peacefully stew in their own juice … FIVE SIDE. After the publication of 17 November 2005 the first year of my message on the site YM Mizinova "I Kazakh and I do not care about the fate of my Fatherland!" With an appeal to the public of Kazakhstan to the peaceful co-existence with the power on during the presidential election, I gave a hint about preparing a provocation and tried to ruin his plans of those who wanted to use the death Nurkadilova for their own selfish To … A satellite was set source and channel my Internet connection. In place of my stay all mixed up and it was not odd to turn the course of events in a negative direction to a figurehead to bring me to the features of the current situation ..

And started a new strain, but in a more violent form. Then my public statement about wanting to get citizenship (with the intention to marry in Kazakhstan to cut all the way back myself), spoke at the National Press Club, and, finally, the publication of "Perimeter one life", all this has led to the arrest me February 25, 2006 — go right off the plane. Six months in jail. Released, thought broke … They saw my condition and mood, aware of his daughter's wedding in July, and the marriage of his son in August, so the passport was not returned. I tolerated it all … After the September publication in YM Mizinova on issues of world politics and the national question in Kazakhstan, after some candid reflections on the changes in the Russian online:, figures Homland SECURITY in writing, invited me for an interview. But even before this government listened to my telephone conversation with his sister Sholpan where I promised her to go immediately, if not in Kazakhstan, the Russian Embassy to seek asylum without a passport and head for the children … God knows how I want it! Initially in Homland SECURITY we peacefully drank morning coffee and talked about this and that. I was a child, as always, honest. At the end of the conversation I was asked to go out and have a smoke in the lobby for half an hour. Half an hour later, I'm happy and perk back, and then on to you — like a "hammer on the head!": You, sir, ESTEC, under arrest? Handcuffs are not worn, but fun chatting, took me out on a luxury car "for the end of the world" ..

Six parties. My style of narration in the book "The perimeter of a life" and my designs are completely non-hostile character to the U.S., but still I inadvertently "pissed against the wind" — a dedication to my extraordinary creations of the first president of Kazakhstan — Nursultan Nazarbayev, prompting outrage from the general to the FBI bureaucrats , in the State Department and Homland SECURITY. Network Kazakhgate were so heavy that the Americans were not podsilu pull them ashore … And at the end of September, the United States, as it did not pyzhilos showed his weakness! SEVEN SIDE. Every time since 1999, the year with the first visit to my office, FBI Special Agent — Michelle Huskies, and so far, certainly, after each of my new book, published on the Internet, suggests to me with some questions of someone FBI. The first question from these people usually always strange: Do you have questions for us? I drink coffee, throws a leg over the other, lighting a cigarette, a smile and eye contact mysteriously silent. We agent kindly face is replaced by a serious look: What do you know about the activities of the Russian mafia? I'm starting to joke in Russia for a long time is no longer any mafia, there are now all in uniform … But unfortunately, for the last time — during his arrest at the airport "Dallas" — The question was more rhetorical tone: KGB is Back! Which of your friends you contact so far? Relish spitting in the cart with trash, I laughed with anyone and not even in correspondence … In the border area "Dallas" the airport was a woman. Her whole face was freckled. Despite her age, her look was childishly innocent — a little shy and gloomy. There usually pick up in the counter-intelligence: they are not particularly attracted attention … She carefully looked at my companion. And I can not help, he remembered of Mayakovsky's gendarme questioning look on the policeman Detective Sergeant … With what pleasure gendarme caste I would iskhlestan and crucified? For that — that in my hand but on my hands was only the American "Travel document", and since I stateless person, then no diplomatic protection … from any side I, unfortunately, did not have to whisper … with my questioner, a woman stood behind him productively watching everything going on. The agent went on with a smile: As they say in the GRU: From 'Family' one way — to the light! — He pointed his finger up, and then, leaning toward me, boldly asked the Colonel's probably not like the weather in the U.S.? I smiled, even so?

— To put a familiar surprise retired General Yuri Ivanovich Titova, then, it is seriously looking into eye contact, he replied: I left the Soviet Army almost 30 years ago, is not promoted to colonel, and if you are referring to my work among the "Basmachi" in 90 -ies, that's where I had the reputation of a general ..

— And smiled and concluded:

No one gave you the right — the lower the rank me, sir!

— And I remember the words he wrote in the report.

Then there was the arrest and 6 months in prison: It is not clear for what?

EVEN ON SUSPICION, they will exceed the period of 3 months!

When August 10 this year, I was released, then came home, I found among his things very important document, the official and authorized authorities letter to a friend of mine, a retired brigadier general, Bill Wynn (phone: 703 706 57 96) In late February of 2001 refers to the Circuit Court of Virginia, talking about how the FBI figures, doing psychological masturbation, arrested me and now, violent way predispose to criminal transactions with Russian mafia, wanting to turn it into another in everyday scum — a whistle-blower …

It is known in America as elsewhere, all the "office" at war with each other!

Then a month later, in late March of 2001, I was released, but my computer is stuck in "candle". I bought a new one, surpassing the other copies of the entire database.

The Lord gave, among other things, sufficient intuition me:

Original lost letters I had left with his father, and yet I confess I showed it to the National Security Committee, where he left a copy of the …


With the hope of returning and understanding of the Compatriots Almas R … ESTEC

December 6, 2006

Pidmonskaya prison, State of Virginia, USA.

Almas ESTEC — What I was sitting in U.S. prisons?

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