Chelyabinsk meteorite. Photo, video



Chelyabinsk meteorite flying over
area February 15, 2013 at about 9.20 am local time (7.20 am Moscow time). After thirty seconds (32, 5 seconds) after entering the environment meteorite collapsed, and the largest of its fragments, as initially reported to have fallen in the Lake District Tchebarkul. In further studies wreckage Meteorite different sizes were found in several places Chelyabinsk region, the exact coordinates of the locations of some scientists kept secret. Subsequent scientific estimates of the size and weight of Chelyabinsk meteorite are as follows: diameter — seventeen or eighteen meters, weight — ten or eleven thousand tons. At the time of writing this article is in the process of registration Chelyabinsk meteorite in the international catalog meteorites under the name of "Chelyabinsk"

The blast wave from collapsing under the meteorite covered Chelyabinsk. As a result, its impact has been huge amount of broken windows in the more than seven thousand buildings, and seriously damaged the structure of the ice palace "Ural Lightning" hockey arena "Tractor" and a warehouse in Chelyabinsk zinc plant. More than 1,600 people were injured by fragments of glass, about 70 people were hospitalized. One woman suffered a serious spinal injury by falling (probably from fear) from the stairs, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations has been transported to Moscow for treatment. Dead, fortunately, was not. Because of the large number of wounded were rushed to hospitals in the city caused by the doctors. In the first minutes after the fall of the meteorite Emergencies Ministry plane crash and considered version of a missile strike. According to local television stations allowed "scrolling", calling on residents not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. It soon became clear that it was a meteorite and anxiety for residents canceled. Restoration of broken glass was mostly completed by the end of February.

Numerous video meteorite (his flight in the sky), including DVRs made car, began to appear on the Internet in just a few minutes after the flight and have become very popular not only in Russia but also in other countries. Foreign tourists have to apply to the Russian travel agencies to organize their trip to the Lake District Tchebarkul. On the shores of Lake Tchebarkul located holiday homes and resorts, and in the same city, which is located next to the lake — hotels. They probably want to wait for the influx of tourists this year. On the internet — there were offers auctions for the sale of Chelyabinsk meteorite fragments, most of which are scams.





The evening of 15 February, at a distance of about 28 (27.7) thousand kilometers from Earth flying large asteroid 2012 DA14 weight of 130 tons. Many Internet users have voiced on social networks, the story of the relationship of these two events (passage by the Earth asteroid) and Chelyabinsk meteorite fall, suggesting that the meteorite was a companion of the asteroid to break away from him and headed towards the Earth by the force of its gravity. However, calculations of the majority of scholars (including experts from NASA and ESA), deny the relationship of these events to each other because of the difference in the trajectories of these celestial bodies.




Alternative versions of the fall Meteorite, appeared in social networks, interpreted the incident as God's wrath and the fall of UFOs, and the head of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that this was a test of a secret American weapons. Some users worldwide network suggested that the Russian military
downed meteorite
. But in fact, the decision to launch air defense missiles takes considerably longer than half a minute, which lasted flight
in the atmosphere. And the most modern air defense system is not technically able to shoot down objects moving in the atmosphere at a speed of 20 kilometers per second (upper limit — 5 kilometers per second).

Many people are interested in the question of why the fall Chelyabinsk meteorite
scientists did not know in advance. The answer lies in the fact that modern tracking system meteorites focused on the search for objects with a diameter of at least 100 meters. To monitor the smaller celestial bodies need additional financing and construction of many new observatories in different parts of the world.

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