Chilean Lake Cachet 2 dried over night

May 24. Lake Cachet 2 (Cachet II), located in the southern part of Patagonia, disappeared in less than 24 hours, leaving a muddy puddle. Lake holds 200 million cubic liters of water flooded into the side of the river Baker, increasing its capacity by 3 times and ravaged area of 5 square kilometers. Since 2008, Cachet 2 dried out 11 times. People living in the region, are in constant danger of sudden flooding that could collapse from the mountains. According to experts, if global warming is not stopped, the floods will occur more frequently.

Melting glaciers column is the reason for the movement of lake rivers. The glacier is located 2000 kilometers south of the capital, Santiago. He often acts as a dam, but the rise in global temperature indicators weakened his "wall." Already twice in 2012 (January 27 and March 31) lake water disappeared, breaking through the tunnel between the mountain and glacier. During the March drying the water level dropped by 31 meters.

Drying lakes with less than 53 times between 1896 and 2010, but in recent years the rate has increased markedly. The phenomenon is called "discharge of glacial-dammed lakes" and is studied by section glyatsilogii known as quaternary glyatsiogidrologiya. It is observed not only in Patogonii, but also in the Himalayas, Iceland and Peru.

Record, April 2010:


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