China has published information about the missile CM-400AKG

China has published information about the missile CM-400AKG
China rarely amuses professionals and enthusiasts of military equipment the official data about their own new developments. Reports or other project may appear with a huge break. Thus, the properties of the newest cruise missile CM-400AKG were placed only a year after it was first shown to the public.
A year earlier, in November 2012, the exhibition Zhuhai Airshow (Zhuhai, China) was seen shield with general information on the latest cruise missile CM-400AKG, developed by AVIC. Then read aloud the latest information on the most common rocket wore temper. According to a marketing billboard, rocket CM-400AKG intended for new Chinese fighter-bombers to attack targets and capable of different types. Due to the ability to use against ships ammo was nicknamed «the killer of aircraft carriers.» As this title corresponds to the reality, can only show real armed conflict. While in judgments and settlements can only use official announcement of information about the properties.
As reported, exhibition Dubai Air Show-2013 (United Arab Emirates) was presented information about promising newcomer rocket, revealing some details of its kind. Missile launch weight CM-400AKG is 910 kg. Total length of ammunition exceed 6.5 meters, diameter of the housing — 0.4 m Wingspan, as well as its construction is unknown. On the pictures of old rocket plane featured four small elongation. Photo layout on the new CM-400AKG corresponding cover is visible, that may indicate the use of a different wing design.

CM-400AKG rocket equipped with solid propellant engine, providing a supersonic speed. Running munition done when the aircraft speed of about 750-800 km / h, then it without the help of other accelerates to cruising speed. Velocity of the rocket on the march is unknown. A year earlier, in some materials, this parameter was estimated quite high: alleged that Chinese brand new cruise missile can reach speeds of up to 3.5-4M. Completely may be that the real meaning of cruising missiles CM-400AKG approximately half of these estimates. Range start is in the range of 100 to 240 km.

China has published information about the missile CM-400AKG

According to reports, a cruise missile can carry a warhead 2-types: high-explosive fragmentation weighing 150 kg or 200 kg mass penetration. Available information on the properties of flight and combat unit suggest that the CM-400AKG missile capable of delivering a severe damage or even destroy modern warships. With all of this, but for the present assessment of the new combat characteristics of ammunition requires the ability to take into account the guidance system.

According to the official disk imaging, the designers of AVIC equipped rocket CM-400AKG combined guidance system that uses several ways to determine the target location. Regardless of the tactical necessity missile can use inertial, satellite, infrared and passive radar homing. Less reliable is the introduction of an inertial navigation system in conjunction with the satellite: in this case the radial possible deviation (CWE) rocket up to 50 meters. Application of infrared homing (on the final leg of the flight), allegedly allows an order to make a better accuracy. In this case, CWE equal to 5 meters. Noteworthy that the simultaneous introduction of infrared and passive radar homing gives CWE at 5-10 meters. For whatever reason, the radar system leads to the fall of the devil, is not completely clear.

Another unusual feature of the method is the newest rocket of its combat deployment. According to data posted, fighter-bomber CAC / PAC JF-17 Thunder, considered the main carrier rocket CM-400AKGb must create start at an altitude of 7,800 to 11,800 meters. Available zabugornye cruise missiles fly similar purpose on a small height above the ground or water, which is why there are certain restrictions on the height of the launch. Chinese missile allegedly should start at high altitude compared to increase the survivability of the aircraft carrier.

Cruise missile CM-400AKG can be considered a logical development of the Chinese program of guided weapons, which, in turn, in a certain sense, are descendants of Russian and Russian projects. But Chinese designers have used some unique decisions concerning the construction or equipment as well as embedding techniques missiles. It is impossible to say with certainty whether the correct one or another idea, but some aspects of information posted allow you to build preliminary hypothesis.

For example, the stated accuracy while using infrared and passive radar guidance systems raises questions. For unknown reasons, such a method of missile guidance not only does not increase, but even aggravates accuracy rate. Yet, and claimed «failure» can be exactly offset by the introduction of only infrared homing warhead or power. Available estimates suggest flight speed rocket CM-400AKG quite challenging, but not invulnerable, for the purpose of modern air defense systems.

In general, the Chinese cruise missile CM-400AKG, based on the available information, you can call the modern guided munitions, applicable to perform its tasks. Naturally, the emergence of new information will complement the established view of the missile and can even change it. But now the CM-400AKG not look something unique and breakthrough or hopelessly outdated and laggards.

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