China is a giant chicken eggs



Surely everyone knows the story of the chicken, which carried the golden egg. But in the village of Guizhou Province, China was another fairy tale come true. Here hen began to carry a giant egg-born.

Their peculiarity is that inside an egg may be several. Here, for example, triplets: two separately, and one — in the shell.

Hostess chicken says that while the miracle bird carried the five huge eggs, and says that they do not crow.

She also says that when a hen laid an egg for the first-doll weighing nearly a quarter pounds, she thought her chicken dies.

Yang, a resident of the village Bitsze:
"The first great egg came about three weeks ago. Now they are 4-5."

The woman said that before carrying chicken eggs with double yolks, but such a huge — ever.

Yang, a resident of the village Bitsze:
"I'm more than 80 years, but never before have I seen such eggs."



What is the cause of this anomaly — is still unknown. The hostess said that perhaps the blame diet of chicken. She does not like the grain, so it is fed rice.

However, regardless of the cause, in this hen has all chances to become the heroine of Chinese folklore.

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