China will put on stream the birth of genius babies



The Government of the Middle Kingdom at the state level has approved a new project in the field of genetic engineering. Chinese scientists set out to create a multi-million army of geniuses.

Researchers Genetic Research Center BGI Shenzhen collected DNA samples from two thousand brightest representatives of the world's population and have studied them, trying to identify the genes responsible for intelligence. And they are pretty close to a great discovery.

Once that is done, scientists will give parents the opportunity by screening for a fertilized egg to choose the most "smart" cell, potentially increasing the IQ level of each succeeding generation from 5 to 15 points.

Podselyat "smart" embryo in the mother's body, scientists plan through in vitro fertilization. It can be assumed that such a way, in a few decades Celestial solid fill geniuses.

Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist and professor at New York University, is one of the two thousand minds, who have decided to share their DNA with oriental scholars. According to him, in recent years the Chinese have been paying more attention to genetics research and spend more money.

This applies not only to issues of human genetics, but also animals and plants. This approach, says Jeffrey Miller, genetic engineering opens the door to a great future. True, at first, I am sure the teacher, you can not talk about large-scale "production" geniuses born.

"He'll get away, at least five to ten years to develop only the system itself screening eggs", — says the psychologist.

Western genetic research lags far behind the Chinese, experts say. Although, add, technical capabilities, the ability to collect and analyze data or worse. Breakthrough, according to Mr. Miller, stir religious beliefs. "Most scientists believe that people should not interfere with nature, do not have to compete with God.

Recently I had a big discussion about it. I asked the audience about the role of genetic engineering to children, and the majority voted against it. In China, 95 percent of the audience say, "It is clear that we need to make children healthier and happier at the genetic level!" They are very different from us in the mental plane ", — explained the eminent scientist.

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