CIA developed a weapon causing cancer back in the 1970s



We offer the skeptics argued that the CIA could have a hand in the death of Hugo Chavez's cancer, take a look at the device in the following video. This drotikovoe rifle, developed in the 1970s (and perhaps earlier) to order the CIA.

In the video weapon is described as causing a heart attack. Cancer does not mention. However, we know that the CIA used the former president of «American Cancer Society» Altona Oshnera to conduct covert cancer research for the needs of the agency.



And this, of course, is more than a mere coincidence that a significant number of South American leaders have died just from cancer.

Here's what experts write about it:

This case would fit well "X-Files" and other lovers of conspiracy theories, when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the United States may have found a way to turn cancer into a weapon, after several leaders of Latin America put this diagnosis. The list includes former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner (colon cancer), Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (lymphoma), a former Cuban President Fidel Castro (gastric cancer), Bolivian President Evo Morales (nasopharyngeal carcinoma) and Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo (again lymphoma). Let us ask ourselves — what they all have in common, other than the cancer diagnosis? All of them are leaders of the left wing. Coincidence?

List of additional victims may include pan-Africanist Kwame Toure, a Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley and the Prime Minister of the Dominican Republic Rosier Douglas.

And remember Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby died of lung cancer in 1967. "What was strange is the fact that cancer cells in his body were not the type that usually originate in the respiratory system", written by experts. "He assured his family that he had introduced the cancer cells in the prison when treated with injections of a cold. And he died because he had to appear to testify before the U.S. Congress. "

And if you think that the government does not involve itself in the murder of his critics and opponents, remember the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service, who died in London from poisoning by polonium-210. It is widely believed that Litvinenko, who sought political asylum, was killed just by the Russian government.

The Communists are known for their killings of dissidents by "Bulgarian umbrella" — a pneumatic device that shot tiny poisonous capsules containing ricin. It is widely believed that the Bulgarian writer and dissident Georgi Markov was killed in London in 1978, it was the weapon.

It is also alleged to have been involved in an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate the Bulgarian journalist Vladimir Kostov in Paris. It is said that the Bulgarian secret service to work in tandem with the Soviet KGB to kill dissidents.

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