Climate change could accelerate the rotation of the Earth

Climate change could accelerate the rotation of the Earth Weather and Climate

The basic premise of climate change is known to all mankind. It is released during human activity carbon dioxide and methane, which accumulate in the atmosphere and keeping you warm. Industry and other human activities disturb the natural gas balance of the air, resulting in several decades on the agenda of environmentalists is the question of global warming and irreversible climate change.

Scientists have figured out what signs have global warming: the weather is getting warmer, glaciers are melting, the sea level rises, modified plants and animals, new diseases, satellites fly faster, and the mountains grow in size. A new study by Steven Marcus of NASA and the Paris Institute of Earth Physics, found that in addition climatic perturbations change speed of the planet, which can lead to shortening of the length of the day.

According to a study in November 2009 during the Atlantic circumpolar dramatically slowed by as much as two weeks. As a result, Earth was spinning faster, and every day from 14 down to 0.1 ms. It is predicted that in the future will continue during a phase of slow motion. It is possible that the reason lies in the warming climate. In addition to reducing the rate of flow of the Atlantic, with a significant increase in the level of water in the ocean, it will move closer to the poles of the planet to the Earth's axis. The planet will certainly increase the speed of rotation.

If such changes do occur, the working week reduced to 39.999999 hours!

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