Close if the end of the world?

Close if the end of the world? It is interesting

Judging by the success of films about different natural disasters in recent years, the idea of the end of the world makes people excited. In the film, Denis Boyle "28 Days Later" virus ravaging the UK and many other countries, in the movie "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" asteroid threatens life on Earth, and in the "Day After Tomorrow" took the main role of climate change.
Of course, no one really knows how and when will end. The world's major religions have always pondered on this subject, trying to find answers. In all religions, there is the notion that, in the end, people need to meet his creator. End of the world is seen as a way to cleanse the planet, allowing new, more morally pure race repopulate the planet.
No doubt the story of the torments of hell and the gods many cause fear, but they are only against the background of the stories really possible scenarios. If we consider the question of the end of the world through the prism of science, then finish options are presented in a more interesting light.
Since then, when life first arose on Earth 3.5 million years ago, the existence of a species is always under the threat of total destruction. On our planet, species extinction has become the norm: of 4 million species that ever lived on Earth, 99% have long been extinct. In particular, over the past 500 million years, the rate of species extinction is clearly increased. No one knows that Earth has turned into the wrong place to live, since 75% of existing species have become extinct in the interval equal to the moment, in terms of geological time.
One or more of these mass extinctions could be due to one of the worst Hollywood doomsday scenario. If a sufficiently large asteroid collide with the Earth, it is likely to cause earthquakes and tsunamis across the globe. In this case, the atmosphere will be thrown a lot of dust, which can hide the sunlight for several years. This, in turn, destroy the food resources, causing great famine throughout the world. It is believed that in such a scenario the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, when the Earth collided with a 10-km asteroid.
According to experts, most of the small near-Earth objects are destroyed when they reach the Earth's atmosphere, without causing any adverse effects. What's the value of more than 1 kilometer, colliding with the Earth every few hundred thousand years, can lead to serious consequences. But the size of the objects more than 6 kilometers threaten mass extinction of species. Such collisions occur once every hundred million years. We can not, however, forget that the threat of a collision of our galaxy with the nearest neighboring galaxy Andromeda has always existed, not to mention the approach of the black hole.
Climate change or major volcanic eruptions are also referred to one of the factors of the possible end of the world, more than half of humanity will be wiped off the face of the Earth. But given the fact that over the last few hundred thousand years, humans survived the different effect of natural disasters, it is likely to survive in later.
The inevitable is the so-called death of the sun. A billion years it will enter into the "red", the final phase of its existence. The Earth's temperature will increase up to 1000 degrees, burning the atmosphere and forming a planetary nebula. Naturally, under such conditions, the Earth will become uninhabitable. If humanity can colonize other solar systems, it is possible to prolong their existence even trillions of years until it burned up all the stars. In this case there is only one solution — to explore other than stellar energy sources.
Common in all these threats is that the knowledge of their existence until it can save mankind. The only thing that people are left to do — figure out how to survive the consequences.
The man — the only creature on earth that can alter the world and destroy it. Is the real threat comes from human activities. Very real threat of climate change, extreme pollution, depletion of natural resources, the reckless use of nuclear weapons. Mankind is experimenting with genes and atoms, exposing themselves to danger. Nanotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic modification offer much to improve life, however, in the event that something broken, everything can disappear.
There are also more unusual options the end of human existence.
Death by euphoria
Many of us consume drugs such as nicotine and caffeine daily. With the deepening of our understanding of psychology, new drugs that can increase the activity of a few days. How long will it be until the person can not control themselves?
Danger sign: "The drugs are too cheap, and the man — too intoxicated to notice."
False vacuum
If you believe the theory that the Earth is in space, which is characterized by a false vacuum, it can move in a more low-energy state at any time. In this case, atomic bonds break up the speed of light, and the world will simply cease to exist.
Danger sign: "The signs do not need to. It can happen at any moment. "
In quantum mechanics, there are plenty of frightening possibilities. Among these particles called strapelka (word formed by contamination of the two words "strange" and "drop"), which can convert other particles in their "clones." Within hours, a small amount of such particles can turn the entire planet into a featureless mass of strangelets.
Danger sign: "All around us begins to boil, releasing heat."
The End of Time
What would happen if time somehow end? In 2007, Spanish scientists have proposed an alternative explanation for dark energy, acting as anti-gravity, and makes up 75% of the entire universe. They suggested that all these phenomena are nothing but a fading time.
Danger sign: "We will never know whether this is now or not."
Mega Tsunami
Geologists worried that a possible eruption of La Palma in the Canary Islands could cause separation rocky rock the size of the Isle of Man in the British Atlantic. This should lead to the formation of kilometer of waves that will move at the speed of jet aircraft, leading to catastrophic consequences in Europe, Africa, South America and the U.S..
Danger sign: "Half of the world's major cities are under water at one point."
The inversion of the magnetic field
Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from harmful solar radiation, which can modify the electrical system of the world, breaking through digital networks. From time to time, north and south poles are changing their position. During this process, the magnetic field decreases or disappears for a few years. Latest update of the magnetic poles were close to 780,000 years ago, and it may happen in the near future.
Danger sign: "Electronics stops working."
Cosmic gamma radiation
When a huge star dies, it emits two beams of high-energy gamma rays in space. If such beams rays reach the Earth, they will tear the molecules of the atmosphere, destroying the protective ozone layer.
Danger sign: "The sky is brown, but life on earth is slowly dying."
A huge black hole
Black holes — objects that have the strongest gravity in the Universe. They are able to break the Earth into constituent atoms, and the distance billion miles to throw the Earth in the solar system.
Danger sign: "The increased activity of the asteroid."
Invasive species
Parasitic or predatory species — animals, plants and microbes that occur in an ecosystem with no protection from them. Pouring stream of invasive species can completely destabilize and destroy the ecosystem. For Earth, such species are already expensive in solving global problems.
Danger sign: "Local species are disappearing."
What happens if the biological and technological improvements translate humanity to a new level, radically superior to the one where it is today? Mankind will then be composed of artificial intelligence, based on the information and memories of people downloaded to a computer and exist only as digital information in a network of high-speed computers. A person will not be disembodied, and exchange ideas and information will be instantly between other "digital people".
Danger sign: "Mentally and physically you displace cyborgs."

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