Cloud Angel — a phenomenon over?


"Cloud Angel" appeared over South Florida on the day of the election of a new pope. As a result, many have linked this event with a seal of approval from above.

But, experts say, this phenomenon is not something supernatural, most likely, a common phenomenon took on a special meaning in connection with the election of Pope Francis. On this day, some saw a slender figure in a cloud, which the picture is shown below. But according to the assertions of others, appeared in the sky just enough interesting cloud.


Ian Loxley (Ian Loxley) photo editor Cloud Appreciation Society, speaking of the picture, said: "It is impossible to give a definite answer as to what it could be, but it certainly can be said that this is quite an interesting picture that will take its rightful place in the gallery section" Clouds That Look Like Things »(section draws attention to the clouds, reminiscent of other animate / inanimate objects of our real world). Gallery presented by cloud is varied, you can see strange shapes, resembling pigeons, dolphins, objects, UFOs, witches, and even angels.

The ability to see some illusory images in the familiar objects of the real world is called pareydoliya. So, quite vague visual image is perceived as something definite and distinct, for example, figures of animals in the clouds, the human face on Mars or fairytale character on Mercury. Pareydoliya consists of two words: "rara" — about, and next «eidolon» — Image. In the case of the "angel cloud", most likely, the religious component has increased in connection with the election of the pope.

Could be an ordinary angel deception? Probably not, as received some photos from a completely different observers. But if you prefer to believe that this is a sign from above … it's yours, then it is only a question of your faith, and atmospheric science is powerless here

We offer a number of pictures of unusual clouds

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