Cold check the Social Security of Greece on the strength

Cold check the Social Security Greece strength Weather and Climate

Cold, which claimed the lives of dozens of Europeans, check budget crisis shattered the Social Security in Greece for strength. In Athens, the temperature dropped to a record this year, -5 degrees Celsius, while in other parts of Greece frosts even reach 20 degrees at night. The consequences of sudden cold in Greece, as in any other European country, discouraging: killing more than 80 people. Many victims were refugees who attempted to cross the Greek border by swimming.

To help the poor and homeless people stay warm, the authorities provided them shelter in Athens, including the Olympic sports complex. "Despite the small number of workers (55), work continues around the clock, free hot meals are more than 1,250 people," — said the head of the city to support the homeless. In the port city of Piraeus shelter providing hot tubs, clothes and food, work on a volunteer conditions as a result of government reforms in March 2011 to support the people in an organization need were fired.

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