Cold weather in Europe: photo

Cold weather in Europe: photo Weather and Climate

The number of victims of the cold snap to -32 degrees Celsius in Europe is growing, and the emergency services have to work overtime. Along the Romanian Black Sea coast was frozen in 16 Bulgarian cities recorded record low temperatures. In France and Germany there is widespread loss of snow and temperatures drop to -15 degrees in the warmest places.

  1. Godevervelde snowy window in the north of France.

  2. Merznuschy cold dog in Kiev, Ukraine.

  3. People take pictures of the frozen Black Sea in Constanta, Romania.

  4. A man on the train to Sofia, Bulgaria.

  5. Ice sheets on the Oder River near the Polish-German border in Frankfurt on the Oder.

  6. Frigid telephone booth in Kiev, Ukraine.

  7. Seagull over the frozen waters of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania.

  8. Woman sneaks into the snowy mountain trails in Shmittene Feldberg, Germany.

  9. Italian children playing in the snow on the main square in Siena.

  10. The helicopter landed in a remote village in Bosnia.

  11. Skier near Freiburg, Germany.

  12. Pedestrians through the icy glass in Pristina, Kosovo.

  13. Ducks on the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus.

  14. Icicles on a branch off the coast of Elba, eastern Germany.

  15. People skate on the canal across from the stasis Nymphenburg in Munich, Germany.

  16. Frozen Dam in Constanta, Romania.

  17. The surface of the Black Sea in Yalta, Ukraine.

  18. Family walk to Mont-la-Ville, Switzerland.

  19. Wendelstein snowy church, located in the mountains near Bayrishtselya, Germany.

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