Combat radius J-15 of more than 1000 KM — DEVELOPER

Combat radius J-15 of more than 1000 KM - DEVELOPER
On March 2, the chief designer of carrier-based fighter J-15 Song Con (Sun Cong) said in an interview with Xinhua that the combat radius of the aircraft to perform missions will shock more than 1000 km.
Fighters begin to reach this type of «technical standards of third-generation carrier-based fighters available in the manual in the world,» said the designer. Sun is a member of the Advisory Committee of the State legislature of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
Designer said that «the possibility of J-15 close to the line of the South American F-18 Hornet on combat stress, combat radius and mobility.» According to some reports, Our homeland was «upset» by the fact that the J-15, Su-33 resembled.
Soong said that J-15 has been great progress in the field of radar gun control and guided missiles, but more needs to be done, namely, by the system of EW aircraft.
Carrier-based fighter J-15 «Flying Leopard» carried out the first test flight in August 2009, in November 2012, were successfully executed landings and takeoffs from the deck of an aircraft carrier «Liaoning».

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