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English-speaking users of Twitter:

@ Peter_Bridgman almost funny. Expert on Chechnya at the Bi-bi-si said that the suspect — a zealous Muslim. The interviewer immediately switched on Chechen policy.

@ Rineer07 Russian Chechens … It's breakaway republic in which they live adherents of Sunni Islam!

@ RileyRebel129 Anyone who asks why the Chechen terrorists organize the attack against the Americans, obviously not in the know, like Russian dealt with terrorists …

@ Iboudreau So, that Chechen rebels have staged the attack on the Boston Marathon, so … Okay, will have to start drinking during the day, otherwise you will not understand.

@ Mikeyfranklin My wife — a teacher at the school, and she is proud that she is American. And she came from the Soviet Union. Just try to bind to its origin — I'll kick your ass.

@ BBCDanielS Hm! If you're a Chechen from Kyrgyzstan, briefly lived in Dagestan, and then moved to America, where he lived for more than 10 years, the relationship with Chechnya is conventional.

@ Mattyglesias If all of this — part of an international conspiracy to ensure the independence of Chechnya, a little hard to understand what the authors hope.

@ Yaffaesque Suspect Boston Johar Tsarnaevu 19 years — which means that he was born in 1994, when the First Chechen War. A whole generation knows nothing but conflict.

@ OliverBullough seems Chechens have never staged attacks against non-Russian purposes outside of Russia (except that I can remember the terrorist attacks in Turkey in the 1990s)

@ RagHolmas @ OliverBullough actually tried to blow up a Chechen Hotel Jorgensen in Copenhagen in 2010 and was convicted of attempted terrorist attack.

@ MiriamElder Do spokesman Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, just in time off the phone.

@ Asteris It's time to come down from heaven to earth: the guy with the gun just single-handedly led to the collapse of a huge city in the U.S., two days later after being administered by the National Association of gun owners Congress cut down the already weak bill for the control of arms

@ Hsofia Boston Very sorry, we're all terribly worried about you, and for the Muslims of Chechnya, who, by the way, prepare a great meal.

@ Soma_G Dear Indians tweeted ourselves miraculously managed to avoid the label of the nation of terrorists. Let us refrain from stupid jokes about the Chechens?

@ Baratunde Suspects — Chechens. And then there are white Muslims? And what is with this fact will make television channel Fox News?!

@ Whisky_Jean I remember not so long ago, the Chechen "rebels" were honored as freedom fighters. Now, imagine they are called fundamentalists and terrorists.

@ MarkAdomanis If your first wish when you find out that the Chechens terrorists — to blame Russia, look first in the mirror.

Comments in Japanese Twitter

Eiji Sakai? @ Elm200
Explosions in Boston was the work of people from Chechnya? .. Hmmm … again headache.

?????? ?@ Pantasmacoello
And then the criminals were Chechens. So what? Once again, America will stand up to Russia? The people will suffer, which shows a finger? Will the Russian invasion of Chechnya?

????? ?@ Nihon_koutei
Why Chechens? After all, is not the same of Russia, with which they have and so strained relationship, to ask about something …

masanorinaito? @ masanorinaito
Mdaa … It is difficult to say something. But because the enemy of Chechnya — Russia, not America. Clearly, if there is a connection with abroad, and now it's a home-grown terrorist … What is going on at all?

?? ?@ Nasetsu
What is the meaning Chechens explode bombs in America? .. And, by the way, what happened to the talk about North Korea's next?

? ?@ Shun1sta
Alkaid originally sponsored by America as a battle group, and then stopped when the Americans to support, she responded with a terrorist strike. Perhaps, and this time we are dealing with a similar case?
It is likely that America supported the Islamic community in Chechnya, and when she was cast adrift, the sight of terrorists shifted from Russia to America itself. Something tells me that it in fact was.

??????@ KL? @ KK_KL_PP
But they are from the neighboring country, the need to find out precisely what their Chechen origin? In head comes only aim to introduce people into error.

atsushi? @ atsu74
If you remember the conflicts in Chechnya, it was all in Russian, but if Boston explosions guilty brothers from Chechnya, Russia and the United States it really unite in the fight against terrorism?
America already has no time with Iran and North Korea.

zenju? @ Doctormucha
Accidentally saw a shooting in which a Chechen soldier knife cuts the throat of a live Russian soldier. These things really happen around the world, many people have exactly the same way slaughtered cows and pigs. Never could understand such cruelty and childhood do not eat animal flesh. For more than fifty years.

???? Satoshi TERAO? @ SATERAO
A Boston brothers during a native of Kyrgyzstan, as it is from Chechnya from Moscow to London. And when I hear a major American news agencies report that "it comes from the region near Chechnya", I once again marvel dayus profound knowledge of all Americans, including journalists, in geography. All for educational retraining courses. Although the Japanese media who repeat this nonsense, no better.

French-speaking users Twitter:

?@ Souuf Wait, Chechnya also has oil?

?@ Kfb1701 Bother, illiterate! The word you silites write, write it as Chechnya. A better shut up …

?@ Ohundniquitweet Well, considering that Chechnya — Muslim region, they are likely to Islamists, this explains the attack.

?@ Tokko_Tai I feel, the attitude of the U.S. administration to Russian policy in Chechnya will change slightly.

?@ SiMo_HaMM Chechnya. I doubt that Americans are aware of the existence of the African country, which borders Nepal.

?@ Alxjdn At the moment, 98% of those who wrote about Chechnya could not find it on the map.

?@ Antaeus79 can just see how Putin calls Obama: "I told you so"

Turkish Twitter users

Sami Yasin Colak @ yasin_colak: Two Chechens Boston residents locked in their homes. Just two people.

TerbiyesizHerif @ TerbiyesizHerif: They say Boston terrorists — Chechens! All the news coming from the U.S. — or misinformation, or outright lie! Chechens — excuse democracy — fantastic!

Fatih Tezcan @ fatihtezcan: I believe the attack was planned in Boston USA. In the U.S. rhetoric will never believe. Do not get tired to welcome our Chechen brothers.

Fatih Tezcan @ fatihtezcan: AP: Artists explosions in Boston — two Chechens. NBC: One of the Chechens came from Turkey. He almost said that he "came from Kasimpasa" …

cuneyt ozdemir @ cuneytozdemir: Alas, Boston terrorists were Chechens … Hence, the roots of this issue somehow reach the Turkish …

Irem Koker @ ikoker: According to the suspect who was killed Tsarnaeva Tamerlane in 1990 after fleeing from the war in Chechnya in Kazakhstan, he later moved as a refugee in the United States.

tolga b. @ toutologue: Pursued by a terrorist — a Chechen, who was born in Kyrgyzstan. Preparing the ground for the establishment of the track "Al-Qaeda" or at least "the Taliban."

Ilker YIGIT @ ilkoFb: If I was born again, I would like to be a Chechen …

Comments Czech readers

Agent Orange
End of empty speeches, ololo!
Chechens they were. America warmed the snake on his chest

In the morning it was the Indians, now they are out of Russia. I look forward to the evening and put on Syria.

In this case, there is every indication shares CIA.

Bobnik Bobek
Americans do not accidentally so sharply criticized Russian uncompromising approach to the Chechen killers?

ziji a sazim on-line
I moved away for a moment. Well, what? Who will lead? What's the score? How many dead on the side of the good / America / Israel / CNN, as well as on the side of evil / Muslims / Iran / Al-Jazeera? Bets are made?

Milan Korityak
Attack on September 11 — in response to attack al-Qaeda attack in Boston — in response to Chechnya. Well, we have something to wait for, because Chechnya — a former republic of the Soviet Union …. Or the United States and Russia all have planned to seize Chechnya? I would not be surprised at anything

Comments German readers

Der Spiegel

Where were all these special newscasts and tickers in real time, when a couple of days ago in Mogadishu in a bomb blast killed and injured a couple dozen people? Probably the lives of American citizens are valued more.

The suspects, in all probability, are two brothers from Chechnya. Thus, the Islamist background becomes more likely.

Should we not think of nowhere to provide more shelter for all these people, especially from war zones? Perhaps it would be inhumane, but is humane to allow the country to potential terrorists who may be on the conscience of many people's lives? Or those people who are mutilated, probably dozens of people, as happened in Boston? The state takes these people under the pressure of humanitarian organizations, and for reasons of "humanity", and in gratitude, they are killing people in the name of their faith …

It seems that the U.S. authorities are more effective than the German police, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, etc. All of them are over 10 years were not able to catch the killers of the "National Socialist Underground» (NSU), despite the availability of accurate information.

Chechen gangs are clearly distinct Islamic character. A large number of Chechens who fought on the side of the Taliban have been killed or captured in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The United States will not undertake actions aimed directly against the Chechens, so the Chechen terrorist attack in the United States can, in fact, be explained only in terms of Islam. But we must first wait until they know the facts about the intruders. I'm glad advance the emergence of numerous conspiracy theories that will explain why the CIA / Mossad / Merkel stand for "alleged Chechen" terrorist attack in the United States.

Die Welt

Hans Hermann
That's how it's done! Two days later, two suspects are not only identified, but also detained. The fact that one of them died during this action, it is regrettable. I would very much like to see him brought to justice. In contrast, Germany has long been unable to cope with their problems. There protecting criminals set up the protection of victims. Respect the USA!

It is hoped that these "suspects" will end up "right."

I was no longer understand anything. At first it was about the Saudis, who was arrested and then for reasons of national security were expelled. First there were black, then Russian and someone else from the former Soviet Union. There are other oddities. I hope that in the coming days all will become clear.

Oswald Spengler
It turns out that not all Chechens were in Syria, and a couple of their members off course and hit the United States.

Respect! Not only for murder, but for the rapid detection of suspects.

French readers comments

Le Huffington Post

Boston took two Chechens … let's hope that others will direct your energy for peaceful purposes … My condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack.

"We will pursue the terrorists everywhere … we Soak them in the toilet"
Vladimir Putin, September 1999

So they are Russian. Chechnya and surrounding regions — is Russia. Why talk about the proximity to Chechnya? If the Greeks made a terrorist attack in France will not be the same to say that it comes from a region close to the Peloponnese, will say that it did Greek — is not it? Why all the vile insinuations?

New fashion: if you can not solve their national problems — export them. Or so it has always been, and this is just a boomerang? Who, then, first started?

Le Figaro

Chechens — the terrorists of the world religions.

The two brothers — Chechens, yes, one more blow "religion of love."

"One suspect was killed." If this had happened in France, these thugs would have already burned two dozen cars and threw stones to the police station — and all this with the support of our association!

Amy lum
I can not understand! How did such a nice, peaceful country that cares for the poor countries, not robbing them, perhaps as many enemies? Just in my head does not fit!

Le Renard 3
Because atirusskoy ideology we accept Chechens — women and the rebels, feed them, provide shelter and keep our taxes. And in return we get a death. A great result!

Spanish readers' comments

El Pais

Rightly said! It's damn Islamists — evil, which must be wiped off the face of the Earth. The only thing they can do is to sow death, terrorism, wild fanaticism, ignorance, etc.

I've been wondering why Europe should be a mosque.

That's necessary to fight terrorism. All block that is not even a fly flew. Check all, centimeter by centimeter, and when terrorists are found, if they do not surrender and opened fire, then kill them. Why keep them behind bars 30 years at public expense? No, they must be destroyed! Did they leave the life chances of those who were killed? This is how one should act with all the terrorists in the world. I remember being destroyed Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany. Brilliant operation!

And why ever not explode bombs in mosques European cities? Why?

What nonsense! Do you think that everything bad is the fault of the United States. This is the U.S. invented fascism, communism, Islam, etc. And then start the war, to which they sent their boys to die for those ideologies. Clearly, everything can be explained by the fact that the Jews control the U.S.. Together with the manufacturers of weapons they need constant wars for enrichment. The American people — solid fools who believe everything they are told, and are willing to spend their resources and destroy lives. Brad! It looks like you do not know anything about the U.S., but much hate this country. You have an inferiority complex? Are you a loser?

Many of us believe that if you're anti-American, then you are for Muslims. Let us remember those who were buddies in Afghanistan in the 80s? Who cleaned and put someone in power in Iraq and Libya? Who now support in Syria? About Chechnya, I really do not say anything.

In truth, I can not understand how it is there are still people who do not understand (or do not care, do not know for what reason) the danger posed by this religion. Toleration — no! I am writing from the Islamic republic, where I live (unfortunately for them) for almost five years. I know what I'm saying, because I know them well. They have no place in any civilized country. If you want to live in the Middle Ages, even rolling to his home with other dogs. We do not need them absolutely! None of them!

Comments Latin American readers
La nacion (Argentina)

The Chechens who fled from Grozny, provide shelter and save them from destruction Russian, and they meet the terrorist attacks a country that has accepted them and gave them freedom — incredible!

Can you imagine how much money is saved for the country policeman who shot so local committee? The bullet is no more than 20 cents, and how much trial and 30 years in prison content?

What are cunning, found a scapegoat and sewed it.

El Espectador (Colombia)

The Americans, as always, if the terrorists — either the Russian or the Muslims

Well done! As it is necessary and in Colombia to deal with terrorists, and not assign them to the mayors!

The Americans love to put on a show! Let there be summoned to the aid of James Bond …

Polish readers comments

Gazeta Wyborcza

Well, here you are, as recently as a few months ago in Gazeta Wyborcza has hosted a series of reports on the poor Chechens who ILLEGALLY came to Poland and were kept in a refugee camp. All were shouting that they must be set free. A couple of weeks ago, the Poles from one town were accused that they do not want to see in their next door Chechen camp. And now here you are: a demonstration that they can arrange the Chechens, if you give them freedom. In Russia not just Chechen mafia is considered the most dangerous and ruthless.

Why Chechens staged a terrorist attack in the U.S.? They could greatly harm Chechnya and Russian help whitewash. I see this as the second bottom. A few more such actions and people will start to burn the mosque with the faithful.


It's hard to believe. What could the fighters for the independence of Chechnya have against the United States? What they wanted to do so? Another thing Chechen traitors who collaborate with Russian or Chechen mercenaries who are ready to order for the money to do anything, to anyone who will pay them (as befits the mercenaries). It could be Chechen Muslim fanatics. And maybe it's the innocent people who are embroiled in this matter: dead they can not object to anything, in fact, as the rule of special services around the world, "nobody says nothing better than a corpse." One can not exclude that the charge is Chechens — the service is friendly Barack Vladimir.

Wirtualna Polska

Now the Russian will hold all the cards, and they can swing them around, though they are exactly the same bandits. And at the same time I have once again struck by the U.S. truly cosmic stupidity. Russian and Chechen mafia, the Islamists of all stripes quietly get visas and residence permits, and completely harmless to people of other ethnicities darn insurmountable obstacles …

Zyga pozdrawia
"Chechens — are our brothers", our right-wing politicians in full praise them, accept with open arms and called liberators, because they attack the Russian. Very curious as to how they behave now, after the terrorist attacks in America. What hypocrisy and duplicity!

Reader Comments of Brazil

Luciano Ribeiro
But where these human rights activists from the United States? When the guy was arrested, he was not injured and was brought to the hospital already dead body? Are not those responsible for this murder?

Danilo Silva
I had a dream to live in the United States, because in Brazil, lives disgusting. But the chances of becoming a victim of a terrorist, it is better to stay here.

Afraniuo Lucas
I agree with Danilo … Here in Brazil, a lot of people have died, victims of gangsters who protect pravozaschitnichki both local and from the United States. And they defended the terrorist. But it's better here than there.

Jose Souza
Who allowed the U.S. to kill this guy? Where international human rights organization? Why not protect it? Here in Brazil, there is no criminals, there are only a certain number of poor souls who have been victims of the political system, because of which they kill and rob without limits!

Patricia Soares
Dudes. I know this suspect!, he studied at my school, it is Brazilian! I'm shocked anyone. Give a phone number U.S. police!!!!!

Osmar Pineli
Holy Mother of God. I read all this ignorant nonsense here … dudes talk about human rights. Boo-ga-ga.Tut and bombs are thrown out there, and they, poor, need the right person … ha ha. What is this first obschechelovekam would not go there to meet with the families of those who died or mutilation was due to the explosion? For the love of God …. Do not shift values?
And yet there is commentators who did not even bother to read the news, and only humpback mold to complete. Kick.

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