Comments on the article Putin accuses ARD -« You intimidate the Germans »(« Putin klagt ARD an — Sie schuchtern Deutsche ein »)

Interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin's ARD German TV and Radio

German translation of the comments on an article about Putin's interview with ARD Online Page and a half — all in a row without missing. Note the figures supported / condemn these comments.

"Putin accuses ARD — you intimidate the Germans" — "Putin klagt ARD an — Sie schuchtern Deutsche ein"

Announcement is as follows:

Between aggressive and bold argument equanimity: President Putin defends in an interview with ARD before attending a raid on a German NGO. In addition, he attacks the German media.

The whole tone of the article in the same spirit …

Putin, unfortunately, right. ARD — the most expensive public broadcaster of the world and is principally engaged in the manipulation of public opinion and fooling people. "Our society has a right to know who and what gets the money?" Said Putin. He's right. We here in Germany do not know how much money is collected in a highly paid bureaucrats ARD, ZDF (ZDF), industry and commerce and Crafts — and other enforcement organizations.
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gegenAlle -> Eve
All of them have now become mouthpieces for manipulation.
Over the Christians at Easter mocked.
5 years ago, said he is risen!
And the last time, when he allegedly resurrected!
They choose to shake hands with the "world religions"
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bitschleuder -> Eva
The company, which prozhiraet budget each year 1.5 S21 (Stuttgart 21 — reconstruction project for the main station of Stuttgart deadlock through an underground station. Project cost is estimated at 4.1 billion euros — prim.per.)
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Do not have to like Putin, but, as for the supply of weapons Islamist "opposition" in Syria, he is absolutely right. As critics media — at least partially. Woe to him who does not pass through a sieve of political correctness, it will have a lot to experience. However, I seriously wonder why Germany is not even a trace similar criticism for Mr. Erdogan.
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disqus_PoiLv8ldsQ -> DerIngenieur
That would be politically incorrect.
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Karsten -> DerIngenieur
To better understand the system Putin to read a book by Gabriele Krone-Schmalz — What happened in Russia.
I was very surprised to read this book. Confirmed my assumption.
(Gabriele Krone-Schmalz — known journalist who worked for many years ARD correspondent in Russia. During his calm, thoughtful position on the Russian policy was subjected to repeated attacks. — Prim.per.)
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Putin can understand when he resists intrusive intervention of the German government and the media. In this regard, recall also saying about the "glass house".
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Though one has stood up for us, the German citizens. It discriminates against the German state of their own taxpayers.
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disqus_PoiLv8ldsQ -> wirsinddasvolk
Sadly, when the Russian politician has to stand up for German citizens.
How deeply we are mired with our policies.
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TanteErna -> disqus_PoiLv8ldsQ
He just — Democrat and can not remain silent about the deplorable situation in the light of events in the ARD (incl. compulsory tax on television).
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seckendhand -> wirsinddasvolk
"MyTolkoTogdaNarod", when we remember our shared power!
(Plays with the nickname interlocutor wirsinddasvolk «MyNarod." Popular slogan in the days of the fall of the Berlin Wall. — Prim.per.)
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Arminist -> wirsinddasvolk
I have long wondered why Russia and China do not say anything.
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Arminist -> wirsinddasvolk
"We — the people" was at one time. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the left learned a lot.
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Cole_Balthazar wirsinddasvolk
Yes, the Russian in Germany without hesitation support Putin, is regularly reflected in the online comments …
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HeliBen -> Cole_Balthazar
I'm not Russian, and in spite of that, I think that he is right in many things.
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Moppel77 -> Cole_Balthazar
Not have to be Russian to prefer Mr. Putin Ms. Roth.
And you seem to be stuck in the spirit of the Cold War.
(Claudia Roth — a German politician, co-chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens. Discussed in the article is her quote "With democracy situation in Russia no longer has anything to do there — the despot Putin.")
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TanteErna -> Cole_Balthazar
There are enough Germans who like it!
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disqus_PoiLv8ldsQ -> Cole_Balthazar
Wrong. Not only Russian.
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wolf -> Cole_Balthazar
Putin likely to be honest in his own way.
Obsessed by lust for power? — Probably.
It is good that our politicians is not covered!
Seriously: The credibility of our politics and politicians, and the media is not so much (more?).
"Yes, the Russian in Germany without hesitation support Putin."
I did not know that I — Russian. And "without hesitation"?
Many opinions reflect the personal opinion. This opinion should not necessarily be identical to yours, and always identical to the published opinion.
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Where he is right, right … there!
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Ruppi -> Bayer
In any case, Putin did not allow dancing on his nose completely get rid of morality USA. And it makes it so pretty.
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ABC -> Bayer
We are dependent on Russian gas, thanks to the red / green and the thought of a ban on nuclear energy. Another trump card for him.
On the other hand, one should understand that Russia — this is no longer the Soviet Union, but to the right of democracy has yet to go and go.
However, this wine is not Putin, but the damage which caused uncontrolled dissolution of the USSR (the mafia, corruption, oligarchs, and so on).
You have a lot to do, Mr. Putin, grasp them.
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Weisskopf -> ABC
But this kind of democracy, as in Germany, Russia is not exactly necessary.
364? 1?

Why do you always cry about dependence on Russia? Why would you change it? Americans also like their shale gas changed the future, why do not you buy from them, and then we can happily torgovat with China!
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Because we have contracts and we adhere to them.
I have nothing against Putin, but in Russia it has a lot to do. He returned to Russia pride and honor, as his time in the U.S. Reagan.
However, in the fullness of his power, there is a certain danger to suppress critical opinion (for example, Pussi Riot), but this is the first step towards dictatorship.
I absolutely agree with his opinion on this General Roth radio.
As for Syria and the Arab Spring, I'm skeptical, because where there was a change, Arab Spring has changed the Islamist Winter, who cares?
As for Mrs. Roth, I would perceive it if it behaved the same way critical of Mr. Erdogan, or critically interrogated to Iranian politicians of the right of Israel to exist.
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Standing in front of an alternative to Putin or mouth with all the differences I can think of one thing: Putin can be taken seriously  :)
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Putin — a clever man, he's very smart. This becomes obvious when it does not allow a conversation with a third-rate reporter to look into his card. The individuals who were trained by the KGB, were the best of the best, and that people are talking of the BND (Federal Intelligence Service). Russian can be glad that they have Putin, Yeltsin and not 2.0.
649? 4?

I look forward to this interview. Especially after it became clear that the last interview with Ulrich Deppendorfom povyrezali a lot that could be interesting for the viewer. Unfortunately, the manipulation of public opinion was already engaged. Putin should always be presented as a villain because he did not allow himself to push the EU / USA / Financial mafia. He does his job, and it's great. He is one of the few who still defends the sovereignty of their country. When suddenly excited by a political clown as Mrs. Roth, it is clear that the elections soon, and Mrs. Roth and members of "green" need every voice. The party "Always Against" against any progress. I am in favor of closer cooperation with Russia. If one day a deaf ear to all the flows of shit and negative stuff about Putin / Russia, then be surprised that other things much worse, whether it be human rights or censorship. Just do not spend the time to waste!
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Krisis -> Uriel
On Sunday at 13.00 to the full interview will be shown on Phoenix — let's see …
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Deutscher in Osteuropa
Vladimir Putin is absolutely right. We must finally appreciate his efforts to establish friendly relations with Germany. A false benevolence and omniscience — is abroad, unfortunately, prejudice against us Germans, which we constantly pay tribute. And the policy of "we" — most of the media and, above all, SPD / Green opposition. Russia and Germany together would make a lot of positive, both for its own separate country, and together on the international stage. His criticism of the situation in Syria is honest and correct. The problem is its directness and assertiveness. In Germany these qualities in politics themselves undesirable and suspicious.
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Walter Moser
Respect the man, who again made the country of Russia, which in the West is respected and feared.
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puta mierda -> Walter Moser
Sometimes it does not hurt to think.
24? 12?

HeliBen -> puta mierda
It's true for you it's also a way out.
223? 1?

warum -> Walter Moser
Do not confuse respect with caution. Respect — it's something else.
9? 5?

Shenenborn or a Roth is better than criticized President Putin.
Mr. Shenenborn trying to convince the public that the television tax — a "tax for democracy", the leader of the party "green" K.Rot distorts the facts and announce all the victims of the tsunami victims of Fukushima, all of this is shown on ARD. What would you say about Mr. Putin?
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Yeah, many believe this, many people believe that everything that's on TV — the truth, though it has long been known that social media is not independent. Always politically correct, no self-criticism, no independent verification — nothing.
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Wolfgang Krause
You can call it whatever you like. But in Germany, certain foreign organizations must demonstrate their sources of funding. At least in order to detect money laundering and other crimes.
Imagine if the CPSU (if it still existed) would have opened offices in Germany and began to have an impact on the media and other organizations as a lobbyist. Or "Nazi organization" of the United States would open its office in Germany.
I think we are applying a double standard here.
534? 4?

freeWilly10 -> Wolfgang Krause
Yes, as always.
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Weisskopf -> Wolfgang Krause
He even said that NGOs in Russia have received only this year, nearly $ 1 billion from the U.S..
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und -> Wolfgang Krause
I came up with some of society, which are financed from the budgets of other nations and pursue ideological, uh, "religious"
targets in Germany, and they are under the supervision of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. I've never heard that our government had anything against it, as those funded.
And it certainly would not hurt.
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With regard to the German media, Democrat of clean water (So-called Putin Schroeder, usually pronounced here with izdevochkoy opponents of Putin — prim.per.) not so wrong — even though he himself I do not like very much.
197? 0?

He's right!
455? 4?

Putin is right ……
Incidentally, the NGO is paid in part by the CIA and Washington and also are subversive …..
For me, this whole theater lubrication NGOs from the West is ridiculous and transparent.
What surprises me — that the media is fully engaged, and the Secret Service do not see the destabilization of Russia ….
Wikipedia: Color Revolution ….
70% chose Putin, the result is not to the liking of the West, the CIA uses all of his own stunts!
youtube: Who's afraid of Putin
German radio, ARD, ZDF, seem to accept instructions directly from Washington …..
386? 4?

This man is so good that I want to be Russian.
330? 3?

Martin Schwingenheuer
Finally someone showed teeth that damn NCO!
329? 3?

Exilberliner -> Martin Schwingenheuer
Institutions such as Adenauer-, Bertelsmann or Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation really is highly questionable.
271? 1?

bobastro -> Martin Schwingenheuer
In Germany, the NGOs have long been branded as a terrorist association.
I'm very interested, from whom and for what they are getting their money.
Only 1 billion from the U.S..
76? 0?

In short, some items Putin is not all that wrong.
329? 4?

"There are international legal norms according to which arms are not allowed to groups who want to force of arms to destabilize the situation in a particular country."
Putin is absolutely right. And also to specify the scope of every subversive NGOs.
Adenauer Foundation, or is something different? "You — Chancellor of the Allies'" (SDPG!!)
218? 2?

What would happen if Russia has funded millions of some NGOs in Germany? NGOs aimed to destabilize Germany.
The West, by contrast, supports and finances in Russia everything somehow directed against the government, which for a strong independent Russia. It is best to have a government in the manner of Boris Yeltsin, who was making of Russian supermarket and let it fall to the economically and politically to nothing.
If Ms. Roth speaks about something, it becomes a circus act chatter — just a shame.
A more serious politician than Putin, at the moment I do not know.
God bless Russia and Putin!
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Exilberliner -> ARichelieu
"A more serious politician than Putin, at the moment I do not know."
Rather, it is reliable and is aware of its power.
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GgDummheit -> ARichelieu
Destabilize Russia? It does not need no outside. When run out of natural resources, Russia will fall to the level of developing countries. They can not even half-way to modernize its economy. Since he can not bring success in this direction, he creates for himself other "theaters of war."
3? 4?

The case is clear … Putin apparently knows that Assad in Syria attacked by groups that are sponsored and funded by Israel's financial elite. And that is what he wants to prevent a Russian.
Conclusion: "Putin inhibits the creation of a new world order, and all informed people appreciate that. Against the help of NGOs only hard decisive action. "
109? 0?

seckendhand -> Michael
Quote from Henry Kissinger (U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, and later Minister of Foreign Affairs):
"Globalization — just another word for 'dominance of the United States'."
End of quote.
97? 0?

ARD, WDR still prune the interview, as they should …. so good arguments, and Putin's remarks were cut.
At the last interview so too did, can be viewed on Youtube …
Everything comes from Washington … they want to weaken Russia, and at the same time working with the regime in Saudi Arabia, hand in hand.
161? 1?

He is absolutely right!
222? 3?

Putin, in many things not so wrong.
It protects, for example, the state's right to sovereignty. It used to be good right to privacy, which is performed and which allowed to do in the state that you think is right.
This can be considered either correct or error.
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With Mr. Putin can only accept around.
138? 1?

BRD? Ler
Yeah, Putin is a national policy — for the Russian people — (a miracle, right?), And so it should be clear which of acid regurgitation.
93? 0?

We urgently need to stop to pose as benefactors.
In the media the rest of Europe as Merkel and runs back and forth with the Nazi mustache.
Of course, Putin is right — through the intervention of the Funds, which are not subject to any control, and is not very well known in Germany, not to mention the lobby, who want to pursue their own interests — and all this in the name of the German people.
That will not do.
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Putin is absolutely right.
84? 0?

The concepts of NGOs, activist, rebel readily seen in our society as a euphemism (Descriptive expressions commonly used in texts and public statements to replace other deemed obscene or inappropriate — prim.per.).
However, we can consider NGOs, activists and rebels as troublemakers.
It always depends on the circumstances on which side you are.
82? 0?

I never thought that I would agree with Putin!
77? 0?

Quote (from the article): "In addition, he attacked the German media."
You can mistreat to Putin, but where he is right there right.
He does not care, and in fact really care what they write about it "quality media".
If Putin gave anything like that here tsedit Erdogan would be a huge storm broke out in the media and politics, because Putin is zloooooy.
And Erdogan opposite ….. Hmm, what?
And the great thing, they can not pull against Putin Nazi club. It will not be, lol.
(As usual punishment of some local too independent politicians, journalists, etc. — or charge very sympathetic to Nazism, or the dark past of his or his family — prim.per.)
72? 0?

Even if Ms. Roth with her re-election as head of the party with its 88.49% almost reached success Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev, Putin, I personally find much more than standing on their feet and more democratic than this self-appointed supreme teacher.
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Why was the media and MPs set against against Russia? Who benefits? Cui bono? You have to be careful if all recognized media the same opinion, as we know, all the media are owned by the same family clan! Already it is strange that when Gorbachev had the right to vote in Russia, all were friends of Russia. Just Yeltsin and Gorbachev had sold its people U.S. banks and corporations. Nothing was heard about any NGO or the Charitable Trusts. But now that Putin is right and does not dance to their tune, all these NGOs and charities (paid for by American and British actors) suddenly got out into the light of day. About Saudi Arabia, Qatar and so there are silent, and even supply these dictatorships tanks, guns and ammunition. Knowing full well that this weapon is used against its own population. And even if the media and members of hyping the persecution, the truth is still open. And anyone who thinks that MPs represent the people, he also believes that limonnitsy stack lemons.
65? 0?

"Putin is willing to put baffle counter-questions, the argument goes from aggressive to the audacious coolness with which he presents his version of events. Then again he prepared for digging in numbers. " (Quote from the article)
You can not dig behind the numbers. Number, if methods for obtaining data relevant, meaningful and verifiable. Digging for political gossip and idle talk. I prefer numbers.
63? 0?

All the same, how to relate to Putin, but the fact that it recognizes undignified shenanigans ARD and calls a spade a spade, there was a reason. Many years ago, I once heard the criticism Russian colleagues on how the German TV and radio stations. The fact that then seemed awkward confirmed since day by day more and more.
63? 0?

According to her own standards, Ms. Roth should be gone now from all the posts. Comparing Putin plays down war criminal Stalin Stalin's time and makes a mockery of his victims. If someone made such a comparison in connection with another dictator and war criminal of the time, Mrs. Roth would be impossible to keep from loud disturbance.
61? 0?

Of course, he is right, and we can only envy the Russian, that they have such power, which usually makes decisions in the interest of the people.
This we can not, unfortunately, the only dream …
60? 0?

One can judge about Putin as you like, for me personally, it will more than Merkel and all its political heap. When making decisions, Merkel is guided by the wind and the weather, look out of nuclear energy and saving the euro. Character — is a matter of honor, and "the power of Merkel" — failing — and this, combined with the expropriation of rabies Schaeuble.
57? 0?

I would love to have a Russian passport. This country to me extremely pretty.
57? 0?

To clarify, the one who goes abroad for a longer period of time than a tourist must, as a rule, there is explained by what means he wants to live. This is because in the U.S., Germany, Czech Republic, and in Russia. This is the most normal thing in the world. It must adhere to all without exception, as NGOs. Otherwise, no one has the right to stay in Russia. Who do not like it, may at any time to leave.
56? 0?

All NGOs are financed abroad for the mining of the Russian State. The fact that Putin has not made it really surprising because in Russia there are many oligarchs who have for NCOs. It operates correctly. This is the difference between a sovereign state and a non-sovereign state. Unfortunately, Russia has decided to become a democracy, that was a mistake, as the result of a mass of citizens can always manipulate the people with big money and they certainly do not mean Russia's interests. If Germany was a sovereign and I would have been in power, I would do everything to cooperate with Russia and China to stop along imperialism "USA" and the fantasy world power that they emit. Also, I would try to build a new economic system in which banks and exchanges could no longer earn — without any real economic performance. If it was created, the harmful influence of the "American" culture should have pushed aside and replaced with a real moral values. Historical lie should be disclosed. We must strive for a peaceful world where all nations work together to treat each other well and are ready to make the right decisions for the good of all. In other words, we must do everything wrong, as is the case at the moment.
56? 0?

Putin can find a pair of skeletons in the closet, but it is clear that here, in our country there is no freedom of opinion. Messages are manipulated and the truth will never be known, because it is not politically correct (see Eva Herman). Our country is ruled by Mrs. Springer and Bertelsmann-concern, not Mrs. Merkel. If we think of the reunion, while Russian would like to return us to the eastern provinces, but our Germany — a pseudo-politicians rejected this categorically. Why do we do this we do not know? Welcome to the banana republic Germany!
56? 0?

"Our society has a right to know who and what gets the money?"
So, in Germany it is mostly top secret. Even partially state secret, as eg., Who benefits here from the bank bailout. Elite pick-cream on a cushy job do not want to look at their fingers and know how to make the policy very obediently participate in their game.
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"Do not wage wars on two fronts. And NEVER lead the war against Russia. "
Otto von Bismarck
56? 0?

Russia emerged from the deepest of communism and, as for democracy, is on a good way, at the same height as the Federal Republic of Germany, which, however, goes in a different direction from the mountain.
This "dictator and tyrant"-writings also irritates me. He — the Russian president, who makes the decisions for Russian sovereign, not a politician with an apparent function and guidance from abroad.
He is very reasonable with regard to Syria and other conflicts, "supported" by the West.
After the Soviet Union to cope with many problems, starting with the criminal officers, former security officials and mafia gangsters and to politicians.
The oligarchs who interfere in politics, too, gradually lose their power.
Kicked out of the country of foreign criminals, as well as organizations that are trying to gather around him ordinary disgruntled citizens, activists, protesters, moralists, Putin's opponents and buxom hysterical women.
If in Russia at this time were such policies as us, they would have fallen under the weight of crime, corruption and constant violence.
In my opinion, a man like Putin, for Germany in today's times would be a blessing, and our politicians (and) for the Russian would be a curse.
56? 0?

Now we see how right the poor media in Germany if here in 90% of the commentators Putin is right.
56? 0?

Opus Dominus
Our Putin does not beat around the bush, and says it is clear to all facts that willingly hold back the German propaganda media.
To me, he, frankly, the last lawyer born and living in Germany natives. We will soon need his help, perhaps even in the near future.
56? 0?

This is Mr. Putin to bomb the Middle Ages the most progressive country in Africa to Libya?
56? 0?

Detlef Knops
Could we borrow the Russian Putin?
We need politicians in Germany with a strong character.
83? 1?

You can like or dislike Putin, but where he is right there right.
83? 1?

Roter Platz
Putin — as oak from a German proverb, which do not interfere constantly rummaging around the pig. Naturally, the German economy and banking mafia, together with espionage centers, so-called NGOs, much more pleasant when drunkard Yeltsin than today. Then they almost managed to lower bankrupt Russia to a third world country with the raw material. Putin abruptly turned the course and for many years successfully attempts to return Russia to the status of a world power. It is we, the Germans, who, because of our infamous 12 years fyurerskih obediently crawl for the rest of the world should not forget that most of us have suffered not Poland, not France, not England, and the Soviet Union, where, thanks to a clear interpretation of democracy , on the Red Square images do not show Merkel with Hitler's mustache.
Although perhaps it would be useful to organize something like this here, because I think the Russian calmness and courtesy in response to the constant provocations from Germany hit our garden gnome from the Bundestag in the head.
83? 1?

Putin seems to be the only politician who in assessing "the Syrian freedom fighters" have kept the mind. The future will show that he is right.
To quote Marx: "Capitalism is digging its own grave. '. But to assume that it will be connected with Islamism, nobody could.
106? 2?

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