Corporations that are required to the Nazis with his success

There is something uncanny in that the efficiency with which the Nazis controlled the whole country, including its population and industry, realizing their sinister plans. Everyone knows about the big three corporations that collaborated with the Nazis. Hugo Boss has created a design awesome SS uniforms (as well as the monotone brown shirts SA and Hitler Youth); Volkswagen on the mandate of Hitler designed the "Beetle" and churned it using forced labor; IBM developed punch cards that were used to streamline the process of extermination by race and class .


However, these were not the only companies that acted in collusion with the Nazis — other global entities, which today can still see also sold their souls to the devil in many ways — and you may be surprised at the sight of some of the names listed below.

10. Chase Bank


If you think about conspiracy Chase Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) with the Nazis and not so much surprising. One of the main holders of its shares, Dzh.D.Rokfeller directly funded the pre-war Nazi eugenics experiments.

Between 1936 and 1941, Chase and other U.S. banks helped the Germans to get more than 20 million in U.S. dollar terms, while earning more than $ 1.2 million commission — of which Chase pocketed half a round. In those days it was a lot of money. The fact that the German brand, aimed at financing the operation, had its source in the Jews who fled Nazi Germany, apparently not embarrassed Chase — in fact, the bank improve its business after Kristallnacht (the night in 1938, during which Jews throughout Nazi Germany and Austria have focused pogroms). Chase also froze the accounts of French Jews in occupied France before the Nazis even thinking to ask him about it.

9. Ford

Henry Ford was in itself a notorious anti-Semite, and published a collection of essays under the charming title "The International Jew. The initial global problem. " Ford has even sponsored his own newspaper, which he used as a piece of propaganda, accusing Jews in World War I, and in 1938 he received the Order of Merit of German Eagle, the highest decoration of Nazi Germany, which was awarded to foreign nationals.


German administration Ford issued a third military trucks for the needs of the German army during the war, with broad involvement of prison labor. What is even more shocking — perhaps bonded labor is used in the production of Ford in 1940 — when the U.S. division of the company has retained complete control over it.

8. Random House


You may not have heard of Bertelsmann AG, but you will hear about the books published by many of its subsidiaries, including Random House, Bantam Books and Doubleday. During his stay in power the Nazis Bertelsmann published Nazi propaganda literature, such as "sterilization and euthanasia — the contribution to applied Christian ethics." She even released a working Willie Vesper, who spoke with an enthusiastic speech at the burning of books in 1933. In 1997, Random House was the center of another debate about Nazism, when added, "personality, fanatically loyal certain activities, practices, etc. or the desire to master them "to the definition of" Nazi "in the Webster's dictionary, which prompted the Anti-Defamation League to make a statement, according to which the publishing house" downplays and denies the murderous intent and actions of the Nazi regime. "

7. Kodak


When you think of Kodak, in front of my eyes immediately rise idyllic family photos and memories captured on film, but you have to keep in mind is actually — it's forced labor that was used in the German subsidiary of the Company during the Second World War. Kodak's subsidiaries in neutral European countries were brisk business with the Nazis, giving them a market for their goods and valuable foreign exchange. The Portuguese unit even lists the profit unit in The Hague, which was then under Nazi occupation. Moreover, this company was not only a manufacturer of cameras — she has mastered the production of fuses, detonators and other military equipment for the Germans.

6. Coca-Cola

Fanta — flavored drink with orange flavor, which was originally conceived for the Nazis. Quite correctly, the import of ingredients for Coke, which gives the brand its name, has been limited and the control unit of Coca-Cola in Germany Max Kite invented a new drink that could be produced from the available components.


In 1941, Fanta debuted on the German market. Mack Kite himself was not a Nazi, but his efforts to maintain the smooth operation of unit Coca-Cola throughout the war meant that the company has got hold of a hefty profits and with the end of the war could not go back to the spread of Coca-Cola among stationed in Europe of American soldiers.

5. Allianz


Allianz is the twelfth largest company in the world dedicated to the provision of financial services. Not surprisingly, being established in 1890 in Germany, she was in her largest insurer when the Nazis came to power. As such, it quickly turned out to be mated with the affairs of the Nazi regime. Its leader Kurt Schmitt was also the Minister of Economy, Hitler, and the company carries insurance facilities and personnel of Auschwitz. Its CEO is responsible for the practice of paying compensation insurance destroyed as a result of Kristallnacht Jewish property Nazi state instead of eligible beneficiaries. In addition, the company has worked closely with the Nazi government in tracing the life insurance policies of German Jews sent to the death camps, and during the war in favor of the insured by the Nazis property taken from the same Jewish population.

4. Novartis


Although Bayer and is infamous due to the fact that started its journey as a unit producer gas Zyklon B, which was used by the Nazis in gas chambers, it is not the only pharmaceutical company with skeletons in the closet. Swiss chemical company Ciba and Sandoz formed by the merger of Novartis, has glorified his first drug Ritalin (the infamous psychostimulant that is widely used in the U.S. to treat childhood hyperactivity, approx. Mixednews). In 1933, the Berlin office of Ciba terminated the powers of all members of its board of directors of the Jewish nationality and replaced them with a more "acceptable" Aryan personnel; meanwhile Sandoz was occupied in similar activities in relation to its chairman. During the war, the company made to the Nazis, dyes, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Novartis frankly admitted his guilt and was trying to make amends for its characteristic of other firms accomplices way — donating $ 15 million Swiss fund compensation for victims of Nazism.

3. Nestle


In 2000, Nestle in connection with the use of it at the time of slave labor paid into the fund more than $ 14.5 million for the settlement of claims affected by its actions and those of Holocaust survivors and Jewish organizations. The firm made a confession that in 1947 it acquired the company, which during the war used the forced labor, and stated: "there is no doubt either one can assume that some corporations of the group Nestle, operating in countries controlled by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime exploited the forced laborers. " Nestle in 1939 in Switzerland provided financial assistance Nazi Party, as a result of winning a lucrative contract for the supply of chocolate for the needs of the entire German army during World War II.

2. BMW


BMW admitted in use during the war forced 30,000 unskilled workers. These prisoners of war, forced laborers and prisoners of concentration camps produced engines for the Luftwaffe, and thus were forced to help the regime to protect themselves from those who tried to save their own. In wartime, BMW has focused solely on the production of airplanes and motorcycles, without claiming anything other than how to be a supplier of military vehicles for the Nazis.

1. General Electric (GE)


In 1946, the U.S. government has imposed a fine on General Electric in connection with its misconduct in wartime. Together with Krupp, the German industrial company, General Electric deliberately overcharged for tungsten carbide, which is a vital material for the machining of metals needed for the war effort. However, being fined a total of some 36,000 dollars, General Electric just made itself at this fraud of about half a million dollars, thereby preventing the mobilization and raising the price of victory over Nazism. GE, moreover, before the war broke out, bought a stake in Siemens, than made herself complicit in the use of slave labor for the construction of the very gas chambers, where they found his end, many affected workers.

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