Create a campaign to stop the sales of the anti-Soviet computer game Company of heroes-2 in the Russian Federation

Canadian igrodelcheskaya studio Relic Entertainment has labored game Company of Heroes-2 — anti-Soviet feces about the Great Patriotic War (that's about it in wikipedia) — The game has been available since 25 June 2013.

It's just trash and waste. The game shows how Soviet soldiers is besmyslenno (even from a military point of view) burn the house to the Soviet people, and besmyslenno (even from a military point of view) are burned alive by soldiers on the watered gasoline has shot (playing the role of detachments) Soviet soldiers and other . In short, it's just a movie Mikhalkov patriotic stuff, if you compare this game to inflame anti-Soviet slander and Soviet troops.

Video review (part one of three):

Here are the second and third part of the review:
The second:

Rights to sell the game in Russia belong to "1C-Softlab" (which is her and our Russian translation) sold it here and in all branches of 1C-interest. It can also be purchased at electronic store Steam.

On the Web there were several petitions that have been created to stop the spread of the game in Russia, can anybody wants them to sign them up online (it's ten seconds!)


Here petition to the leadership of 1C-Coftklabon to stop sales of the game in the CIS. There specifically states that if you remove the game from the market in the CIS, the players will be more difficult to bring myself to buy anything in 1C-interest. Signature is too small (800 signatures — the petition is established only recently) ..

Here Petition to Valve for — To lock the game in online Steam store in the CIS — sign it (you can comment on the Russian). Scored more than 4,500 signatures.

Here official game trailer. If you do not like the game from press a button with your thumb looking down (on the left below the video). Also, you can "lift weights" in comments to this video itself on YouTube by clicking on the button with your thumb, looking up.

Here are game sites — it would be great if RosKomSvyazNadzor (or whatever it is) noticed this game and blocked the access to the territory of the Russian Federation.

On the forums of these sites residents of the Russian Federation has just blocked the access to participation (defined by IP-address).

The developers Canadians in the forum thread that started the residents of the CIS, answered the text below and then blocked the topics:

Thank you for your feedback.
We mapped the war the way it happens in reality.
Scorched earth policy, ie destruction of usable materials to the Germans could not take advantage of them was real to apply the tactics of the Soviet Union during the war.
The history of the relationship / history between / general history of Poland and the Soviet Union even more difficult / complicated already, and I doubt that someone in Poland considers that saved them.
Everyone can see their own history in a very positive light. Russia has been an important factor in the Allied victory in the war, it can not be denied. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it was an ideal country where nothing wrong with anyone from happening.

Just do not buy the game — a reaction is typical for passive and ignorant Single.

A person active dislike put in an official game trailer on YouTube, right zalaykaet kamenty on YouTube and selling this product Fall WORLDWIDE.

If many will sign a petition to 1C — that the game will not be bought in any store-1C interest in Russia and the CIS! A 1C-interest like it has the exclusive right to sell the game in Russia.

If many will sign a petition to Valve — you will not be able to buy the game on Steam in the CIS (this type of online store, it is very popular). Then Nobody will be able to buy it in the CIS in the Steam store via the Internet! Russia is the second in terms of revenue market for Steam in Europe, it will be felt for authors games.

If you correctly laykat kamenty on YouTube, you can bring in the top kament with the correct facts about the war and affect the performance of the game and the Second World War in the eyes of foreigners.

On constantly told about the information war against Russia. Here you there is a chance a couple of clicks to attend — do dislike the official trailer zalaykayte right kamenty the official trailer. Look videoretsenziyu in Russian and zaylaykayte her, send her a link to the other. This will lead a review of the top youtube and it will have all the Russian language on the main page of youtube. Videos to zalaykat — not necessarily see the total! All in the amount of 1-minute with you.

Some people reported,
they already unsubscribe to the State Duma, the President and various committees. But more than this will not be repeated.

In the tweet created heshtegom # # CoH2goawayCIS and CoH2prochizSNG dedicated to stopping sales of the game in the CIS.

Send your friends are quick links to the petition: 1C) and Valve)

UPD: Georgy Fedorov (a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation) Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation sent the appeal Chaika about the game.

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