Created by an unmanned vehicle on a computer the Russian

The developers of the domestic super-cheap computer Virt2real launched on the basis of his system of remote control car over Wi-Fi and the Internet.

Remote controlled car is assembled on the basis of Opel Vectra 1990, equipped with the steering wheel and drives the gas and brake pedals. As the controller acted properly in the car computer Virt2real, and the external operator used to control the entire system application for iPad, written in ActionScript in Adobe Air.

CEO Eugene Virt2real anoints explained that the investment in the launch of "Cars of James Bond" amounted to about 100 thousand rubles., Including 50 thousand rubles., Had gone to the acquisition of Opel Vectra.

The construction of the machine under the control of a computer Virt2real pursued in addition to research and marketing tasks: demonstration of the device on the car 23 years ago when negotiating with customers and investors.

According to Eugene Pomazova, have expressed interest in the project several domestic investment structures. The expected volume of these investments have anointed not named. In addition to institutional investors Virt2real developers hope to attract funds through kraudfandinga.

O controller Virt2real is widely known in December 2012, when its developers have managed to get a day advanced booking (no prepayment) for 1150 copies of the unit.

The controller is a small Virt2real Single Board Computer (7×4, 2 cm) on ARM-processor, runs on PSP Linux (distribution to processors Texas Istruments) and collected on desyatisloynoy circuit board. The platform is designed for remote management of devices with processing and sending video from the connected camera via Wi-Fi, cellular network or a large number of built-in interfaces.

By the present moment, according to Eugene Pomazova, Virt2real managed to attract "a little less than two thousand" pre-orders without advance payment on your device. According to him, the beginning of retail sales in the DIY (do it yourself, «do it yourself") usually leads to an increase in consumer interest, so that the initial volume of orders may increase by 2-2.5 times.

In addition, according to Pomazova, expressed interest in developing several large customers willing to purchase Virt2real large quantities of several thousand units for use in their own series production.

Based on this, the first batch of micro-Virt2real will be at least five thousand copies of the unit. Set Virt2real, consisting of the actual board Virt2real, Wi-Fi module and a video camera, as expected, in December 2012, will cost $ 119 Its serial production is likely to begin in the II quarter. 2013 in Southeast Asia.

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