Created in Novosibirsk nanolasers make things disappear

Employees of the Institute of Automation and Electrometry created unique nanolasers. On this basis, scientists will be able to create a new generation of ultrafast nanoelectronics and meta-materials with unusual properties.

Physics, Siberian nanolasers produced in the form of gold nanoparticle size of 10 nanometers, which is formed around shestinanometrovaya silica shell filled with dye, said, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Nanolasers placed in the pores of a thin solid film of so-called "photonic crystal", which significantly reduces the lasing threshold and generates a directional radiation nanolasers. This structure can be compared with bee-cell dimensions of about 10 nanometers.
Nanolasers can provide breakthrough scientists in different fields of applied science. The special properties of nanolasers will monitor more durable, bright, change the quality of the image transmission. Nanolasers can also be used to create a new generation of ultrafast nanoelectronics and metamaterials whose properties are contrary to the laws of physics. For example, such materials may have the property of "invisibility" — so when the light flows around the photonic crystal, as if no obstacle for him there, and the observer sees nothing.
"The unique feature nanolaser is that its size is much smaller than the wavelength of light emitted by them, — the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Alexander Plekhanov. — It is comparable to the size of the virus, and it allows you to take an important step forward in the field of biomedicine, where it can be used as a tracer in the study of individual cells or even single molecules. "

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