Crises. Predictions of the Prophet

The first capitalist crisis dates back to the year 1793. He broke out in the most developed country — England. After this crisis shook the fragile economy of the young capitalist regularly — about once every 10 years. But it took more than half a century before it was explained by their nature. Strange, but the man who told the world the reason for its economic woes, he suffers most from a lack of money. The man was Karl Marx — the man who created the theory of crises that Western economists have failed to challenge so far. It is strange that in our country, where the street was Karl Marx in every town and village, where a bearded prophet was sort of the founder of the state, its main teaching today is almost unknown. Meanwhile, when the current crisis broke out, a strange thing happened in the West, the Russians phenomenon: the works of Marx broke all sales rankings. But we do not know not only Marx. For many will be the revelation that the second man, whom the West rushes to read in a period of crisis, is our compatriot, who died in 1938 at the "Stalin grinder" — Nikolai Kondratiev. It is the world's first analyzed and formulated the theory of long waves of crisis, it is predicted through what period of time followed by the worst economic system and shaking crises. Moreover, he is, in fact, predicted (without being Nostradamus) all the complex history of the XX century, with all its social upheavals and wars. Kondratiev brilliantly analyzed that we should expect the world from every phase of the crisis, said that in should invest and what to do to get out of the crisis with the prospect of career growth. About all this — in the film "Crisis. Predictions of the Prophet. " This is — a story about the nature of crises, its phases and the ability to withstand crises.

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