Current classic: F.Tyutchev


Now you do not for poetry,
On the Russian word, dear!
The harvest is ripe, ready reaper,
It is time for unearthly …

The lie was embodied in the damask;
Somehow God's sufferance
Not the whole world, but a whole hell
You threatened the overthrow of …

All profane minds
All nations bogomerzkoy
Erected from the bottom of the kingdom of darkness
In the name of light and freedom!

They make you prisoner,
You are predicting the shame, —
You — the best future times
Verb, and the life and enlightenment!

G in this simple test,
In the latter, the fatal fight
Do not change as you yourself
And is justified before God …

October 24, 1854


British leopard
What is angry at us?
And all the waving tail,
And so angry growls?
Where rose sudden anxiety?
What we have done wrong?

That, in the wilderness zashed
Sredneaziyskoy Barrens,
Our northern bear
Countryman our all-Russian —
The right does not want to give up their
Defend themselves, and sometimes snap.

For the sake of the same to his friends
He does not want to the world
Somehow, being a hermit-fakir;
And the world and show everyone personally,
All gadinam steppe
On edibles to bring all his flesh.
No, this is not to be! — And raised a paw …

Here is this leopard and was so angry.
"Oh, very rude; Oh, he's smart aleck! —
Our lion growled angrily. —
What! it is a simple bear, and wants to defend himself,
In my presence, and leg lift,
And even snap!

Perhaps it comes before
What did he imagine that there are <and> he
The same rights,
As for me, illustrious lion …
It is impossible to prevent such mischief! "

January 1873


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