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Between these … brought to Moscow Slavic children have, say, one child, a girl of about eight or nine, which often falls into a swoon, and for which particular care. She falls into a swoon at the memory: she, with my own eyes, I saw this summer, with both her father had been skinned Circassians and skin — all stripped. This memory at her relentlessly, and is likely to remain forever, maybe, over the years, in attenuated form, although, however, do not know whether there may be relaxed look. About civilization! About Europe, which is so hurt to their advantage, seriously deny the Turks flay with fathers in front of their children! These, as the supreme interests of European civilization, of course — commerce, navigation, markets, factories, — what could be higher in the eyes of Europe? These are the interests to which, and not even allowed to touch not only with your finger, but even the thought, but — but "they shall be damned, these interests of European civilization». This exclamation is not mine, it cried, "Moscow News," and I feel honored to join this exclamation: yes, yes, these interests will be cursed civilization, and even the civilization, if, to save her, you need to rip off people's skin. But, however, it is a fact: it is necessary to save the people from the rip off your skin!

About peeling skin at all different aberrations in particular hatred for authority in servility of thought

"With the people? With what kind of people? With only a tiny portion of the people out there in the corner, with the Turkish rayah, about which no one would have heard nothing, if not shouted Russian. But the vast rest of the body is alive, well and prospering, fabricates and sells! "

This anecdote about a little grinders, fainting, I was told in the morning, and that same day I happened to pass along the Nevsky Prospekt. There's a fourth hour of the mother and the nurse led children and involuntary thought suddenly gravely fell on my head: "Civilization! — I thought — who dares to say anything against civilization? No, civilization means something: I do not see at least these children are ours, walking peacefully here on Nevsky Prospekt, with both of their fathers will strip off the skin, and their mother — how would throw up into the air and catching these children on their bayonets, as it was in Bulgaria. At least it's something though the acquisition will remain so for our civilization! And though it's only in Europe, that is, in one corner of the globe, and in the corner is quite small compared with the surface of the planet (a scary thought!), But it is still there, there is, at least in the corner but there is, say, with a price, stripping leathers with our native brothers out there on the edge, but we have something at least exist. Just think of that before, and nowhere more recently it was not a solid, even in Europe, and that if there is we now have in Europe, because the first time since then, as there is a planet. No, yet it has been achieved and, perhaps, will never be back gate, — an extremely important consideration, unwittingly bound for the soul, it is not so small, which is not worth to pay attention, especially since the world — a world still is still a mystery, although civilization and its acquisition. God knows what the world is fraught with more and more that can happen, even in the near future.

So, I just wanted to cry himself delighted: "Long live the civilization" — and suddenly all over the questioned: "Yes, even if it is achieved, then, even for those of Nevsky Prospekt, a children? 'm not a mirage, there, here, and only the eyes is removed? "

You know, ladies and gentlemen, I settled on the fact that a mirage, or softer, almost a mirage, and if you do not tear off here on Nevsky skin with fathers in front of their children, unless by accident, so to speak, "not depending on the circumstances of the public" and, of course, also because the policemen are. Oh, I hasten to remark: I am not an allegory am getting some, not for any proletarian misery in our age hint, not to any parent who says to his seven year old son: "Here's my covenant steal five rubles — curse, steal one hundred thousand — bless them. " Oh no, my words, I mean literally. I mean literally peeling skin, that's the one that took place in the summer in Bulgaria, which turns out to be so fond of watching the victorious Turks. And that's about it, then peeling and I would argue that if it is not on the Nevsky, is it "by accident, due to circumstances beyond our control" and, more importantly, because it is still prohibited, and that for us, maybe it and would not become, in spite of all our civilization.

In my opinion, if it is all talk, so just afraid of any custom, any rules adopted by the faith, almost a superstition, but if a little "proved" any of the people "competent" to tear that sometimes with a back skin will even useful for a common cause, and that if it is disgusting and, it is still "the end justifies the means" — if someone spoke in this sense, the competent syllable and competent circumstances, believe me, immediately came to artists, and even of the most fun. O let, let it ridiculous to my paradox! I first subscribe to this definition of both hands, but nevertheless I can assure you that it would be exactly as it was. Civilization is, and its laws are and trust in them even there, but — come forth a new fashion, and immediately a lot of people would change. Of course, not all, but it would still be such a small handful that even we, the reader, would have been surprised, and even more do not know where we have come to themselves, then, between sdiratelyami or rip off? I, of course, in the eyes cry, that all this crap, and never such a fashion that can not be, and that this is something, at least, has already reached civilization. Lord, what a gullibility of you! Are you laughing? Well, in France (so as not to look much closer) to the 93-year established itself does not this same fashion flaying, and even under the guise of the most sacred principles of civilization, and that is after something of Rousseau and Voltaire! You may say that it was not a very long time, but note that I seek refuge in the stories is unique, perhaps, not to talk about this. Believe me, it is the most complete aberration in the minds and hearts of the people are always possible, and we have, and it is in our time, not only possible but inevitable, according to the course of things. Look at how many of the consonants that good and what is bad. And it's not that there is in some kind of "truth", and in the first counter question. And the speed with which changes occur and we voltfasy? What is in Moscow CHervonnye jacks? I think it's just that part of the faction of the Russian nobility, who could not bear the peasant reform. Let them not landowners, but they are the children of the landowners. After the peasant reform themselves, they clicked on the tie and booed. Yes, there is not one peasant reform was the cause, just "new ideas" have not learned: "If de everything we have been taught to be prejudice, then why follow them? If nothing, then you can do everything — that's the idea! "Note — the idea incredibly common, nine-tenths of the followers of the new ideas of its professed, in other words, nine-tenths of the Progressives, and we do not know how else to understand new ideas. We Darwin, for example, immediately turns into a pocket thief — and that's what Jack of hearts. Oh, of course, very many of mankind has accumulated over the centuries survive plus the rules of humanity, some of whom have a reputation for unshakeable. But I just want to say is that, in spite of all these rules, principles, religion, civilization, mankind is saved by them always just a handful of the most discreet — though this, behind which is a victory, but only at the end of the day, and in topic of the day, in the current course of history, people are like all the same for all, that is, in the vast majority do not have any lasting barely even any notion of a sense of duty, or of a sense of honor, and stand just a little bit new fashion and immediately ran to all naked, and with gusto. Rules, yes people something to the rules are not cooked at all. They will say: Yes, and do not qualify, you just have to find these rules! So whether, and to hold out a long rule, whatever it may be, so if you want to run naked?

In my opinion, one thing to comprehend and you can even feel the true, and the time, but you can not make a man at once, and should be dressed in a man. Here discipline. It is this that the relentless discipline on themselves and reject some of our modern thinkers: "too many de so was despotism, it is necessary freedom", and this freedom leads to a vast majority of flunkeyism front of someone else thought, for fear of the love of the people all that served him ready. Not only that: thinkers proclaim the universal laws, then there are rules that make happy all of a sudden, without any dressing, if only these rules come. But even if this was ideal and the possible, then undone people have not realized any rules, even the most obvious. That this is something relentless discipline and continuous work on myself and myself could appear our citizens. Since this is something generous work on them and you should start to pick up then our "Virgin Soil," and then come out and there is no need to raise it.

Yes? But what is good and what is bad — because that's what the main thing, we do not know. Every instinct in this sense lost. All previous authorities smashed and pointed their new, and the new authorities, a little smarter than one of us, he also does not believe, and who is braver spirit, that of the citizen in the jack of hearts drawn. Not only that, by God will tear off the backs of the skin, and even declare that it is useful for the common cause, and therefore is holy. How, in what sense to work something on yourself, if you do not know what is good and evil?

Metternich and Don Quixotes

But that is not an abstract perspective, we turn to the topic. So we really do not flay, not only did not love it (the only one who knows: amateur often hidden, amateur little known before the time is ashamed, "fear of prejudice"), but if they do not like in yourself and never do, it should in fact hate in others. Not only that hate should not just give flay anyone tak-taki take and not give. And yet it is in practice? Most of us indignant is not as indignant as he should. I'm not even talking about some of the Slavs. If we so much compassion for, and would have to come in the size of our compassion, not in the amount of ten rubles donations. I will say that one can not give everything. I agree with this, although I do not know why. Why then would not it? The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing you do not understand even in his own nature. And then suddenly, with a great reputation, the question of "the interests of civilization"!

The question is straight, clear, scientific, and frankly cynical. "The interests of civilization" — a production of this wealth, it is peace of mind, the right capital. Need a huge, constant and progressive production at a reduced price, in the kinds of terrible Building proletarians. Delivering earnings proletarian, deliver it and commodities at a reduced price. The more relaxed in Europe, especially at a reduced price. Therefore, it is necessary to calm Europe. The noise of war will drive production. Capital cowardly slaughter of war and he will hide. If we limit the right to rip off the Turks with the spin rayah skin, then he must start a war, and the austere war — now Russia will come forward — then there may come a complication of the war, in which war will embrace the whole world, then farewell production, and proletarian go outside. A proletarian dangerous on the street. The speeches of the chambers already mentioned directly and openly, out loud to the world that the proletarian dangerous that a proletarian unrest that listens proletarian socialism. "No, it's better to let them out there in the wilderness skinned. The inviolability of the rights of Turkish must be unshakeable. It is necessary to put out the Eastern question and give flay. And what is this skin? Whether there are two or three kakih-nibud skin calm throughout Europe, well, twenty, thirty thousand hides well — does it matter? Want, and do not hear at all, is to pinch the ears … "

Here is the opinion of Europe (the decision may be) here — the interests of civilization, and — yes, again, they will be damned! And more so damned minds that aberration (a predominantly Russian) will doubtless. We pose the question directly: what is better — many tens of millions of workers to go on the street or rayah million units suffer from the Turks? Expose the numbers scare figures. In addition, policy advocate, a wise teacher: Yes, they say, such a rule, such a doctrine, such an axiom, which states that the morality of one man, a citizen, a unit — this one, and morality of the state — more. And therefore, what counts for one unit for one person — meanness, the respect of the entire state can get kind of great wisdom!

This teaching is very common and long-standing, but — yes, and it will be cursed! The main thing is do not let the numbers scare us. Let there as anywhere in Europe, and we have let it be different. It is better to believe that happiness can not be bought in evil, than to feel happy in the knowledge that he made villainy. Russia never been able to produce this, their own Metternich and Beaconsfield, on the contrary, all the while its European life she lived not for himself but for others, it is for the "human interest." And indeed, there have been cases in these two years, it may be, and tried to imitate koy-kogda Europe and the plant and at the Metternich, but somehow always identified at the end of the day, that Russian Metternich suddenly found himself Don Quixote and, awful divil Europe. Over Don Quixote, of course, laughed at, but now seems to have made up for the time, and Don Quixote has not started to laugh, and to frighten. The fact that he certainly understand our position in Europe, and go to battle with windmills already. But he remained faithful knight, and this is something only for them and worse. In fact, in Europe shout of "Russian grips of Russian perfidy," but merely to scare its crowd when necessary, and screamers themselves did not believe that, and never believed. On the contrary, they are now confused and afraid, in the image of Russia, rather something true, something too unselfish, honest, and I abhor the capture and bribery. They are anticipating that it can not be bribed, and no political benefit not lure her into a selfish or violent affair. Is deception — but Don Quixote, though the great knight, and in fact he is sometimes terribly tricky, so in fact and not allow itself to be deceived. England, France, Austria — so if there is at least one such nation with which it would be impossible to connect when the opportunity to benefit from a political ax to grind with violent: it is necessary not only to miss the moment in which to bribe the nation dearest can sell yourself. Russia is no one to lead astray unjust union at any price. And as the Russian at the same time terribly strong and her body grows and matures obviously not by leaps and bounds, that perfectly well understand and see in Europe (although sometimes cry that shattered colossus) — then how can they not fear?

By the way, this look at the integrity of the foreign policy of Russia and eternal service to its universal interests to the detriment of themselves justified by history, and this too must be addressed. This is our feature compared with the rest of Europe. Not only is this view of the nature of the Russian so uncommon that we are unlikely many will believe him. Of course, mistakes Russian policy in this case should not be put in the bill, because the case is now only about the spirit and the moral character of our politics, but not about its successes in the past and pluperfect. In the latter case, indeed there were in the old windmills, but, I repeat, it seems their time has passed at all.

No, seriously, what is wealth, which is achieved at the cost of injustice and the stripping of the skin? What is true for the person as a person, it shall be for the truth and for the whole nation. Yes, of course, you can lose temporarily become poor at the time of losing markets, reduce production, raise the high cost. But let but remain morally healthy body of the nation — and the nation is undoubtedly a win, and even financially. Note that Europe is undoubtedly reached the point that she was the most precious benefit of current, the benefit of the moment, and even then it may be worth, because they live there all alone day after day, this moment alone, and do not know what would happen to them tomorrow and we, Russia, we still believe in something immutable, we have created, and consequently, looking for the benefits of permanent and substantial. That is why we, as a political body, has always believed in the eternal morality, and not conditional on some days. Believe me, the Don Quixote of its benefits, too, knows and is able to calculate: it knows that to win in dignity and in the consciousness of the dignity, if to continue to be a knight, in addition, I am convinced that in this way does not lose its sincerity in the pursuit of goodness and truth and what is consciousness will strengthen him on future endeavors. He is sure, at last, that this policy is, in addition, the best school for the nation. It is necessary that the jack of hearts did not dare to tell me in the eye: "After all, you are all arbitrary, after all, you are all on benefits." It is necessary that the young man and enthusiast loved his nation, and was not going to seek the truth and ideals on the side and out of society. And he finishes that will love your nation, when a severe, severe scared of our school will be held. It is true as the sun, it can not be hidden: the appointment of Russia will finally clear the most crooked minds and in our country and in Europe. We are now possible why such aberrations minds than anywhere else? Because sesquicentennial order all our intellectuals just did that to wean from Russia, and ended by razznakomilas with her and finally drifted to her only through the office. With the reforms of the present reign ushered in a new age. The case has gone and can not stop.

And Europe had read the manifesto autumn Russian emperor and remember him — not for one minute the current memorized, and for a long time, and for the future the current minutes. Naked, if necessary, the sword in the name of the oppressed and the poor, even though at the expense of the current self-interest. But at the same time may strengthen us even more firmly in the belief that that's the purpose of this is Russia, and the power of its truth, and that the sacrifice themselves for the oppressed and abandoned by everyone in Europe in the interests of civilization is currently serving a real and true the interests of civilization.

No, it is necessary that in the body politic has been adhered by the same truth, the same is true of Christ as it is for every believer. Though somewhere so this should remain the same is true, though any of the nations so as to shine. Otherwise, what would be all blacked out, mixed up and drown in cynicism. Otherwise, do not keep morality and individual citizens, and in this case, how to live a whole, then the body of the people? Hath need of credibility, ought the sun to light. The sun appeared in the East, and from East to mankind a new day begins. When the sun does shine forth, and then realize what real "interests of civilization." And then expose the banner with the inscription on it: «Apres nous le deluge» (After us the deluge)! Is so nice "civilization" to make European man to such a slogan, but those with him and put an end? Besides going.


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