Cyclone Giovanna: The first victim

Cyclone Giovanna: The first victims of natural disasters

Torrential rain and destructive wind of 231 km / h to the east of Madagascar have come together with a tropical cyclone, Giovanna, which received a fourth category of risk. In the vicinity of Toamasina Andovoranto and wind gusts up to 120 km / h felled many trees, damaged power lines and buildings. Reported one killed. It appeared to be a resident Brikavilya (220 km from Antananarivo), the house had fallen coconut palm.

In the capital of Madagascar, fell nearly 16 mm of rain, wind accelerated quickly to 88 km / h Another 13 February, all residents of Antananarivo have been warned about the occurrence of the cyclone and to follow the advice of the authorities in order to remain safe in their homes. Of the capital's airport canceled all flights. The airport of Port Louis in Mauritius neighboring state also closed.

Recent data on tropical cyclone track Giovanna

Satellite image of Giovanna. 02/14/12

After passing the mountainous island cyclone has lost much of its force. Giovanna is located in the center of the western and central part of Madagascar, almost completely covering the sky storm clouds. In the future, the cyclone intensified, passing over the Mozambique Channel, and will pose a serious threat to the inhabitants of southern Mozambique.

The cyclone season in Madagascar runs from November to April. Cyclones have the greatest force, the ruling from late winter to mid spring. Thus, in February 2011, a tropical cyclone Bingiza struck the east coast of Madagascar, killing 34 people and pokolechiv 216,000. In 2010, cyclone Hubert least 83 people were killed and 187,000 were injured.

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