Cyclone Irene continues its march

Cyclone Irene continues its march Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Irene threatens southeastern coast of Africa destructive winds and downpours. Come under attack southern regions of Mozambique and the Kingdom of Swaziland. Much of the precipitation has fallen near the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. Predicted to suffer not only can offshore, but more continental Africa.

Storm center is located 162 km east of Maputo, the wind speed reached 90 — 100 km / h Irene was moving in a south-easterly direction at a speed of 6 knots (about 10 km / h), heavy rain pouring on the coastal area between the cities of Maputo and Inyamabane.

Updated track cyclone.

The picture shows the Indian Ocean shows that TC does not receive recharge from the equatorial flows. However, the cyclone intensified due to appear pole flow, especially in the western part. It is evident that to remain in the Mozambique Channel tropical cyclone helps anticyclone, which is part of the subtropical front.

A thick layer of vapor over the Indian Ocean.

Irina cyclone track.

The next day Irene cyclone with a dome in 4-6 meters unleash a wall of rain to the African coast between 24 ° S and 33 ° S. In this regard, all the inhabitants of the zone should be prepared at any time to evacuate. Further activity of the system has to go down.

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