Damen und Herren one the closet

Rating pirate party in Germany reached 12%. Since then, the excitement died down, the pirates themselves eaten — his infantile squabbles, complete lack of availability of content and the reluctance to rule (they should resign for retirement), but on the ground they are still in power, entering into various coalitions. In particular, in the central Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, home to most of the Muslims, they are included in the "coalition government" with both green and red varieties. And it was there that they had a "brilliant" idea, which writes sympathetic to all these parties a newspaper taz: enter joint toilets for women, men and intersex (ie, for those who find it difficult or unwilling to identify themselves to one of the previously known Science sexes). And it is a decision made regional parliament on Wednesday, according to the proposal made by the Pirate Party.



So from now on, all public areas and rooms authorities Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will be three toilets. By the way, in the "CC" pirates themselves Berlin (land management) has long been no toilets for men and women, there are only toilets and urinals without them, the entrance and in those in the other open to the public.

"You would think that there are more important issues — says Lena pirates Rohrbach candidate is in the Bundestag in the upcoming federal election in the autumn. — But for those who are affected and who do not fit into the binary gender system, it is very relevant. Every time they enter the room, they are taught that they have no right to exist. " And it is true, dammit! But now, thanks to the Pirates and levozelenym, came the same holiday and on their street!

I can imagine how they come into this little room for asexual satisfactory urination and kaloizverzheniyu and celebrate there, among the toilets and urinals, a little holiday! They are considered equal and accepted in the community! It remains only for them to invent a special form of toilets, urinals, symbolizing equality, and Bob's your uncle!

The head of green in the same district parliament Ian Borkamp also finds this a wonderful idea: "We do not want to think in binary gender categories. There are people who definiruyut themselves differently than men and women, and to them we offer the right place. "

Even further seeks to promote the initiative Pirates Society "Lambda", bringing together lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex youth and adolescents, "as the school — it's a violent context from which escape is impossible," — says a "Lambda" Michael Bandt . In this way, each Urinating natural needs becomes a philosophical exercises on the theme "Who am I? Why should I? Where am I going? What do I expect for this cherished door? "Controversy still cause only changing tables and visual layout urinals in the new church of the liberated spirit. But knowing the Pirates, red and green, there is no doubt that these pressing issues of the day they decide with their inherent creativity, spark and all-consuming desire for social and gender justice. A new era began with the dream of a classless society, and ends with the dream of asexual — at the push of a water closet philosophical reflection for asexual left visionaries. Reverend Judith Butler probably would have found there the happiness ..


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