Deadly tornadoes in the United States: photo

Deadly tornadoes in the United States: photo Natural Disasters

Powerful storms with numerous reports of tornadoes held on 29 February 2012 for the territory of the U.S. Midwest, devastating the small town in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. Storm, during which blows the roof and destroyed the house, took the lives of 13 people.

  1. Ruined walls of the restaurant Burger Shack in town Branson, Missouri.

  2. Cab truck has popped up in the lake after the storm in Harrisburg, Illinois.

  3. Downed power lines in the resort town of Branson, Missouri.

  4. A friend of the owner of the destroyed house with his son inspect the damage the hurricane in Harrisburg, Illinois.

  5. Harrisburg residents begin to clean up the city after the hurricane, which destroyed homes, churches and business offices in six U.S. states.

  6. Girl helps to collect food in the ruined store Nature's Sunshine Health Foods in Branson.

  7. In Harrisburg several people died and Polyclinic barely cope with the influx of casualties.

  8. Destroyed by a tornado in the middle of building debris along Main Street in the town Harveyvil, Kansas. The powerful tornado injured 11 people, and most of the city was razed to the ground.

  9. The windows in the hotel "Hilton", located in the center of Branson, were knocked out during the storm.

  10. Margaret Shimkus spoken with a rescue service. 61-year-old woman received a small cut, hiding in the bathroom during the incident, and neighbor Dorothy Hill was in the hospital with multiple injuries.

  11. Broken tree branches and debris of destroyed houses in Harveyvil, Kansas. State governor declared a state of emergency late on February 28, when the storm hit the central part of Kansas.

  12. Branson residents are on the street not far from the ruined city center.

  13. Rubble motels in Branson.

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