Death to France.

Remove the hat on the outgoing gentlemen into oblivion France, ask the reason, if you please:

Paris, April 24, 2013

The lower house of the French parliament — the National Assembly — a majority vote approved a bill allowing gay couples to marry and adopt children. "For" 331 MP voted "against" — 225.


When the text of the document is published in the official gazette of the country — Journal official — legal gay innovation comes into force. This should happen at the beginning of the summer, saidTV channel "NTV".

Similar social reform in France was in 1981, when the Socialists came to power, abolished the death penalty.

Meanwhile, a group of French senators representing opposition parties filed a petition to the Constitutional Council for the recognition of the bill violates the Constitution. According to them,"Definition of marriage as a fundamental principle recognized by the laws of the Republic can not be changed by the adoption of common law."

Previously, the bill has caused a number of large-scale protests across France, took part in them both supporters and opponents of the legalization of same-sex "marriage." In recent weeks, the country's frequent outbreaks of homophobia, some lawmakers have received threatening letters, reports"Interfax".

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