Defenders of the homeless cynicism angered the mayor of New York

Organization for the Protection of the Rights of homeless New Yorkers, Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged one of the most inefficient politicians in the history of the city. Caused a wave of indignation about the mayor's recent statement that "no one today is not sleeping on the street." According to Bloomberg, "The Big Apple homeless people receive from 3 to 10 times more compassion than homeless other major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle."

The word "compassion" the mayor was referring to shelters, free meals, and a number of other city programs, the total value of which exceeds $ 900 million a year.

In reality, the number of homeless has increased in recent years. So, in January 2012 in the streets of the Big Apple spent the night on 23% more people than in January 2011. Homeless people have repeatedly complained about the overcrowded shelters, the bureaucratic procedure of registration of the night (which requires an official ID or passport), and unsanitary conditions. Lice, bedbugs and scabies — are not uncommon.

According to the Homeless Coalition (Coalition for the Homelessness), every day about 30,000 adults and 20,000 children spend the night outside their own or rented apartments. Three decades ago, the homeless in the Big Apple, there were almost four times less. More than 110,000 residents of New York City today is carried out in municipal shelters at least one day of the year.

The inefficiency of the existing system with the homeless is in the uneven distribution of money. Hundreds of millions of budget funds go through various organizations and departments. As a consequence, the need receive minimal support. "I can spend the night in a subway station, instead of three o'clock to wait to stand in line at the shelter — told reporters, 50-year-old homeless man from Lower Manhattan. — Find The food is also not difficult. Owners of small businesses are helping us much more active than urban volunteers. "

Help the homeless, recall, Bloomberg called one of his top priorities during the advance on the first, second and third mayoral term.

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