Deforestation and food crisis threatens Myanmar

Deforestation and food crisis threatens Myanmar Facts

Myanmar takes 4th place in the list of countries for the annual deforestation, providing 60% of the world's supply of teak. External revenues from the wood is 10%. Beginning in 1990, Myanmar loses 1% of forests. Between 2000 and 2005 the country lost 466,000 hectares of forest. For 2010, forests covered nearly 32 million hectares, or 48% of the total land area.

The problem of deforestation is particularly acute in the country as Myanmar is one of the least developed agricultural countries in Southeast Asia. Home Myanmar's breadbasket in the heart of the country does not last and the region facing food insecurity in the future. According to the Association for the protection and development of forest resources suitable for cultivation in the dry zone has destroyed soil erosion, deforestation, planting rare, etching.

In 2009, the consumption of food did not meet the 65% of households and 12% of children are malnourished. The recent flash floods in the dry zone left over 2,500 families without homes and farms, posing a greater threat to the food security of the country.

Association for Renewable Energy in Myanmar encourages residents arid zone to work with organizations, encouraging people to plant trees, soil conservation and water management.

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