Developed unique methods to fight cancer with the help of silicon nanoparticles

On the role of a cancer cell killer scientists "assign" oxygen. The one without which life is impossible. But it is in the passive form. That it it exists in the atmosphere. But if the gas is made active, it becomes a potent poison that kills any fabric. Including cancer.

Amazing transformation of "good" in the poison gas scientists charged nanoparticles of silicon. And they are well equipped for this role. The question is only how it is made in the flask, and the cell body. How to get there precisely to the tumor without causing harm to healthy cells?

— Did one feature of cancer cells: they have pores are much more than healthy, so nanoparticles in them just crawls, and accumulate in the tumor — explains the head of the Department of General Physics and Molecular Electronics Physics Department of Moscow State University Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Paul Kashkarov. — And then it's pretty simple. Saturated nanoparticles cells are irradiated with laser light, which, in fact, runs the entire operation to destroy the tumor.

But scientists have developed another version of the fight against cancer. It is based on the surprising discovery Soviet expert Andrey Burov made more than half a century ago. His lab is studying how ultrasound affects biological objects. And quite unexpectedly was received is not the result, which is expected.

— It turned out that a strong acoustic wave can destroy cancerous tumors — says Paul Kashkarov. — And even remove metastases. Then, out of 12 members of experiments were cured from cancer seven. Result for oncology stunning. Unfortunately, after the death of Boorowa lab broken up, and his works are forgotten for many years. One of the reasons — privacy, as powerful acoustic set had a dual purpose. On studies Burov told us about his son. And we have applied them in their work.

By the way, recently a method of tumor destruction by the acoustic wave reopened. But the boundary, in particular in the USA. There he is already used in clinics. However, there is a serious lack of inherent, however, many methods to combat tumors. Powerful ultrasound passing through the body, hits not only the cancer cells, and the impact has on health. Although the precise targeting using complex and expensive systems, special waveguides. But this is a case where the patient, as they say, can not be choosers. Just to beat cancer.

— We solved this problem — says Kashkarov. — The fact that if the tumor type nanoparticles, the ultrasonic power can be reduced more than tenfold. They range together with the acoustic wave and just mechanically destroy the tumor cells. And then once there is no need to use expensive equipment, because we are working in the field of conventional ultrasound. While both of the new method to fight cancer we are animals. Professor Kashkarov emphasizes that these studies are conducted in the department of Moscow State University at the base NRC "Kurchatov Institute". Scientific group, in fact, is a multidisciplinary, it includes physicists, physicians, biologists, chemists, materials scientists. In general, we can remember that the most striking advances in the science carried out teams of scientists. For example, in space Sergei Korolev assembled physicists, chemists, materials scientists, biologists, mathematicians, and many, many more professionals. Today, these "fusion" scientists have become the trend of the time. Universities have already started to prepare the "interdisciplinary" scientists. For example, in the Physics Department of Moscow State University in addition to traditional lecture courses in biology, biochemistry, cognitive sciences.


Nanotechnology will dramatically change the treatment of many diseases. Because many drugs are highly toxic and are on the way to a sick body harming healthy. Nano able to deliver the drug in a dormant state to a desired point where he starts to work. Another trend in medicine of the future — individual therapy. It opens the way to the preparation of genomic passport for each person. What has already become a reality.

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