Disclosure of mystery death of the airship Hindenburg



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A team of researchers of the XXI century, finally managed to solve the mystery of the beginning of XX century, which alarmed many people who are interested, what was the cause of the fire, because of which the airship "Hindenburg" exploded and fell to the ground? A team of scientists from the United Kingdom and the United States believes that the fire was caused by static electricity.


Photo: www.newser.com



Scientists have tested many theories that have emerged over the past 76 years, a 79-foot models of airships filled with hydrogen. The experiments revealed that the May 6, 1937, an electrical spark caused a fire to gas leaks. However, it is still unclear why there was a spark and what appeared leak.


Photo: www.newser.com

Someone defends the assumption of sabotage — ostensibly airship fired from the ground, which is why there was a leak and explosion. But a team of researchers insist on scientific theory. According to them, the storm airship "Hindenburg" static electricity and when team members airship, who were on the ground, took up the fastening ropes to help in the landing ship was grounded (ie electricity joined the airship to the ground). It is because of this spark ignited the hydrogen, which was due to leaks in the ventilation shaft. Scientists suggest that the leak could be due to damaged gas cylinders. One of the historians who have studied the blimps, agreed with the results of the study. He said: "It just happened. As the ship came a fire, in a second airship destroyed. "

At the moment the only official version, but there are others. For example, some believe that the blimp was blown laid down on board time bomb. Be that as it may, this is a terrible tragedy took the lives of 36 people and is a tragic milestone in the history of the airship. It was after the collapse of the "Hindenburg" ceased commercial use of airships. Since then, Germany banned the transportation of passengers on these aircraft. They can only be used for the transportation of mail, and in order to create an air show.
Translation Sergei Vasilenkova

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