Discount on the gas tanks of the company Russian gas

The company "Russian gas," carrying out the supply, installation and maintenance of water supply systems, heating and sanitation, bring to the attention of your potential customers, which in May 2013 started a special promotion — if you buy the gas tank every customer will receive a discount of 10, 000 and above . 
The company "Russian gas" provides autonomous gas supply turnkey facilities for all STDs, from cottages and finishing production facilities.
Installation of the gas tank, a special container for the storage of liquefied gas carried out by experts of the company in the short term. Such a system of autonomous gas supply is very convenient for those country houses and industrial buildings, where there is no centralized gas supply. The company has a set of documents and certificates that allow you to conduct such work in accordance with the requirements of GOST. The company "Russian gas" offers a horizontal gas tanks of the best European manufacturers, maximizing the power boiler is two to three times.
The company "Russian gas" may order the installation of convection and condensing gas boilers world-known companies such as Viessmann, Baxi and Rinnai, buy gas generators manufactured in the United States, working virtually silent due to lack of vibration, and heating systems, which structure includes boiler equipment, pump, radiator, highway, stop and control equipment.
Installation of the equipment produced by the company's specialists, is 10-15 days for private homes and 30 -35 days for industrial facilities. Equipment supplied by "Russian gas" is an economical, can significantly reduce heating costs.
"Company" Russian gas "does a lot of special offers for new customers, in particular, the repair of boiler equipment, the cost of which starts with 2000 rubles, carry out the installation, the initial cost of 165,000 rubles, and also holds a variety of events such as the decline in gas tanks conducted in April, "- said General Director of" Russian gas. "
Information about the company:
The company "Russian gas" carries out the supply, installation and maintenance of water supply systems, heating and sanitation. The company also conducted autonomous gasification objects deleted from the centralized gas supply. More about the company can be found at

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