Docked hull third SSK for Vietnamese Navy

In late February, the shop number 12 of "Admiralty Shipyards" docked hull third submarine export series Project 06361 — block individual modules are connected into a single structure. This is Central Navy Portal According to a source in the enterprise.

Docking finished block modules — one of the most important stages of ship construction, completing the formation of the body order. This manufacturing operation — a complicated technological process, the quality of which depends the safety of the submarine when submerged.

After the necessary arrangements to connect the work of welders shop. One connecting seam simultaneously cook eight people: four from the inside, and the same on the outside. Welding a seam in two-shift operation in intensive mode takes at least a week.

The first stage — the welding of medium and coarse blocks, made on February 19 and February 25 fully brewed and brought to the X-ray and ultrasonic inspection of the second joint, linking the fore and middle blocks. Thanks to the accumulated experience of factory workers all work performed with some ahead of schedule.

Now the order number 01341 has begun installation of the main systems of the submarine. In March will begin tightening the cable runs, installation of elements of the outer hull, superstructure and sections of a superstructure.

Housing planned orders generated during the six months prior to the scheduled for August descent of the submarine on the water.

Admiralty Shipyards perform an export order for six diesel-electric submarines of Project 06361 under contract worth about $ 2 billion signed between Vietnam and Russia in December 2009. Completion date of submarines to the customer — the years of 2013-2016.

Late last year, the plant began to sea trials Export head underwater lokdi — HQ-182 "Hanoi". Boat with factory number 01339 laid at the JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" August 24, 2010, launched August 28, 2012. Next diesel-electric submarines — HQ-183 "Ho Chi Minh" (serial number 01340) was derived from the workshop and launched on the eve of the new 2013 — December 28, started her mooring trials and preparation for entering the factory sea trials in the Baltic Sea.

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