Drive Sabu imitation stone


The famous "drive Sabu" — an archaeological find, which was declared a group of scientists, as conclusive evidence that the ancient people had a real aircraft. Egyptologist Walter Emerey found him in the course of excavations of the ancient Egyptian tombs in Saqqara village in 1936.

Drive Sabu — A round stone plate diameter 70 cm, with three curved blades. Middle of this plate has a hub. It is this fixture has allowed researchers to make the assumption that the disk part of some larger and complex mechanism.

But which one? Why the need for the Egyptians had this strange round object? Many researchers believe: hard disk is nothing like a propeller with hydraulic ribs.

If we assume that this is indeed the case, then we just amazing picture: it turns out that the Egyptians for three thousand years BC were able to build these planes and fly them. This finding could be a worldwide sensation.


If it were not for one thing! This aircraft, even if it ever existed, was made of stone. A stone planes do not fly. And hence all the talk about the great ancient technology — no more than a fantasy. Meanwhile, the world-renowned archaeologist and expert on ancient texts Swiss researcher Eric Von Daniken believes that Stone plane and should not fly.

However, in his opinion, this does not negate the fact that in ancient times on the Egyptian pyramids, on Easter Island, over the ancient Inca city really could fly planes landing spacecraft. And ancient man knew what the electric batteries and computers.

Eric Von Daniken bases his opinion as follows:

"I'll give you an example of a very well-known. During the Second World War, the U.S. military set up a military base in Papua — New Guinea. U.S. planes flew there from "belly" which seized all kinds of loads: weapons, ammunition. Aboriginal people have seen it but did not understand what was going on. And when at the end of the war the Americans are gone — Aborigines continued to care for the runways. Moreover, they have started to make planes — made of wood and straw (cargo cult). Of course, not real airplanes, and their simulation

The plane of straw

They started making watches — made of wood and leather. Made of wood microphones and talked to them some phrases. Made wooden antenna … I saw these planes and thatched wooden clock … That is, technologically advanced society contacted the technologically backward society that is unable to understand the more advanced technique so only mimic the look.

Today we see a lot of things that have come down to us from ancient times, and do not understand how they could appear. And the answer is very simple. This is a common imitation. I am convinced that this is having, for example, objects made of gold, shaped like airplanes, so there were sculptures on the temples in Central America, where the chest at a sculpture depicting a priest, a rectangular box with a keyboard — the keys to ten fingers …

And is not the case, as in a recent TV programs. Figure shows the ancient copy of an airplane made of gold, and said: "It can not fly." And added: "Contrary to the claims von Däniken." But von Daniken never said such nonsense! Silly sayings attributed to me. Nonsense! Model airplanes of gold should not fly! Solid wood clock should display the time. Because it is nothing more than an imitation. "

According to the hypothesis of Eric Von Däniken, it turns out that all of these propellers stone, gold figurines aircraft drawings of strange creatures in suits — the result of contacts with the people of ancient aliens that he estimated visited earth 14 thousand years ago. Ancient people had seen it all, and then, like today's Aboriginal
play them on the level at which could.

Version of the course is fantastic, but you will agree, a more logical explanation of all these strange artifacts so far science is unable to offer.

Speaking of gold figurines of birds, similar to modern aircraft, found in the ancient Inca burial … German engineers have recently made of modern materials replica of the golden bird, provided her engine. And she flew! And its aerodynamic qualities were not worse than modern aircraft models.


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