DUBAI AIR SHOW-2013. China introduced cruise missiles — «killer of aircraft carriers»

The exhibition Dubai Air Show-2013 China presented the supersonic cruise missile CM-400AKG, which is called as «the killer of aircraft carriers» report November 19.

This missile can be used on board the light tactical fighter JF-17 and other media. Missile weight 910 kg (2000 lb), it refers to features in the same class with the Indo-Russian BrahMos KR.

AVIC company informs that by using inertial and satellite guidance systems target accuracy (CWE — radial possible deviation) is 50 m, using infrared seeker accuracy improves to 5 m, when applying infrared homing + passive radar homing accuracy compounded to 5 — 10 m unclear how using more passive radar accuracy may be exacerbated.

Diameter rocket 0.4 m, range 54-130 nautical miles (100-240 km), equipped with a fragmentation warhead weighing 150 kg or penetrating warhead weighing 200 kg. Also unusual is that unlike other high-speed missiles flying at low altitudes, the missile is launched from a great height «to increase the survivability of the aircraft carrier.» On board the JF-17 missile is launched at a speed of 0.7 m and a height of 26,200 to 39,400 feet (7860-11800 m). The missile was first presented at the exhibition in Zhuhai in 2012 (photo).

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