Dust storm in Saudi Arabia

Dust storm in Saudi Arabia Natural Disasters

Severe dust storm covered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, stopping traffic and causing several car accidents. Classes in schools were suspended until the end of the school day, in some institutions and training canceled on February 7. In the streets of felled trees. For safety reasons, many people decided to stay home.

This unstable weather with strong winds customary for the country at this time of year. Usually in February over the peninsula dominated growing front compressed air with a deep low pressure area, where the part of the Gulf blow called Shamal, powerful stable north-westerly winds.

Fig. 2. A layer of dust covers the south of Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, some western areas of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden south. February 3, 2012.

Low pressure area started to gain momentum in the beginning of the month. February 2 in the southern part of Saudi Arabia's strong winds brought from the "Empty Quarter" (sand sea in the Arabian peninsula, belonging to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the UAE), a large amount of dust and sand, which then spread throughout the peninsula.

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