Early winter in Wyoming moved by the local population

September 30, 2013. Winter at the north-central U.S. state has come to as much as 4 weeks earlier than usual, which could not fail to excite the state's residents, who did not expect such a quick change of weather. Snow storm swept across the state, has already been recognized by the scale of the September the second snowfall in the history of conducting meteorological observations in Wyoming.

Typically, the first snow in this region falls on or after October 22, and now in Riverstone per night from 26 to 27 September dropped nearly 155 mm of the white snow. Later the snow a little more grown up and left lying on the ground despite the fact that most of the trees in the area has been preserved green foliage. If the blizzard comes back, then the current will be the September snow since 1929, when Riverstone dropped 76 mm of snow.

According to the data coming from Alaska, you can say that winter got there much earlier than expected. Back in the spring weather service recorded an abnormally cold spring and summer delayed, and now received confirmation that summer on the peninsula has come to an end. At least in the city of Fairbanks, located in the central part of Alaska, summer 2013 was the shortest in history, having been in the bargain, and the hottest.


Source: EcoWars.tv

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