Earth's magnetic field has a crack

Earth's magnetic field has a crack Facts

In Valentine's Day sky over our planet was decorated with illumination of the aurora caused by disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. February 15, geomagnetic activity has increased, there was a shift of the interplanetary geomagnetic field to the south, which has contributed to the formation of gaps in their own field of the Earth. This enabled the solar wind, or a fast-moving stream of electrically charged particles that penetrate the field, causing geomagnetic storm formed G1-class.

As a rule, the Earth's magnetosphere can reflect the flow of solar particles emissions coronary matter in the Sun. However bright auroras power of hundreds of millions of watts, observable in the past two days suggest that the magnetic field has weakened our defense.

Planetary K-index

Present: Kp = 4 unstable

Daily max: Kp = 5 storm

Interplanetary magnetic field

Bobsch: 8.5 nT

Bz: 6.6 nT SOUTH.

Note on geophysical threat

Solar-terrestrial indices as of 02/14/2012:

107 solar flux and planetary A-index 10.

Planetary K-index as of 02/15/2012 12:00 was 3.

On his last day space weather has been relatively quiet.

Observed geomagnetic storm level G1.

In the next day space weather will be calm.

Expect new geomagnetic storm level G1.

The influence of geomagnetic storms on G1:

  • Electric power system: minor fluctuations mains;
  • Of the satellite: the impact on satellite operations is minimal;
  • Other systems: the Northern Lights is clearly visible in the high latitudes, so it may have some effect on the life in these latitudes are animals.

Video: Northern lights captured ISS astronauts. 02/14/2012

Video: Aurora Valentine's Day over Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is reported that the geomagnetic storm (Kp = 5), which began the morning of 15 February, the waning, although solar winds are still in force and provoke the emergence of new northern lights, which are visible even residents of Minnesota, USA.

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