Earth Hour in the Russian regions: candles burning sails and continents



Residents of Russia will support environmental campaign "Earth Hour", designed to draw attention to the problem of waste of resources and global climate change: the administrative buildings and monuments remain for an hour without light, the activists fire shows and bike ride, and Russian tourists in hotels waiting for the evening by candlelight .

"Earth Hour" — an annual international event, conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). On the last Saturday in March at 20.30 local time, the participants for an hour turn off lights and electrical appliances. "Earth Hour" will be held in Russia for the fifth time. In 2012, the rally was about 20 million people in Russia of about 50 cities. This year, according to WWF, the shares are going to participate in some 70 cities and 20 million Russians.

Hour of Darkness

Architectural and artistic lighting will lose on Saturday, the main sights of St. Petersburg — the Winter Palace, Palace Square and Peter and Paul Fortress. The same thing will happen with some of the buildings of St. Petersburg State University, as well as the Trinity, the Annunciation, Bolsheokhtinsky bridges and bridge of Alexander Nevsky.

In Voronezh, an hour will be turned off some lights monuments and buildings, including — the regional government, city hall, city and regional legislative assemblies, control of Lenin and Railway areas of the city, city hospital number 10, and the Ice Palace "Jubilee." In addition, there will be decorative lighting in several parks.

In Novosibirsk, at the city hall will not only be turned off architectural and decorative lighting, but also emergency lighting of the building.

"The organizations of the city, having under its authority, administrative buildings and cultural facilities, we offer a useful initiative to support", — told RIA Novosti the mayor's office. The authorities note that disabling the lighting is only possible if it does not affect the safety and life of people.

Lights will be turned off at the administration of Barnaul. In enterprises with a continuous process and in medical institutions of the regional center power outage is expected. Do not be de-energized and the line of outdoor lighting that does not cause accidents on urban highways, RIA Novosti reported the MUP "Barnaulgorsvet."

Authorities Buryatia spread in the media about the "Earth Hour" to the citizens at will could participate in it. The administration centrally to limit the power consumption does not plan because it is a Saturday "and so reduced."

In Krasnoyarsk, where the "Earth Hour" is held the fifth consecutive year, the lights will go out of the administration building of the city and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the illumination of the chapel Paraskeva Karaulnaya on the mountain and a ferris wheel in Central Park Gorky.

In Tomsk, will be turned off lights State University. In Tyumen backlight will not be on the waterfront and bridge lovers.

World Earth Hour event: history, purpose, participants


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