Earthquake in the Philippines: a photo essay

Earthquake in the Philippines: photo Natural Disasters

Landslides caused by the earthquake measuring 6.9, covered many of the houses in the central Philippines. Rescuers are still searching for survivors.

  1. After leaving their home at the foot of the mountain in the city of La Libertad, the people asking the authorities for help.

  2. A man stands on the ruins of houses destroyed by landslides.

  3. Car, carrying the body of the deceased have to go very carefully on a destroyed road.

  4. Residents pick up survivors after the collapse of the house stuff.

  5. Relatives of the victim he organized an impromptu bed after authorities announced the immediate evacuation Guynhulgan the continuing effects of the earthquake.

  6. Family gather to bury the dead in Tayasan.

  7. Patients who moved to the street in Guynhulgan.

  8. Motorcycle drivers waiting for their turn to cross the damaged roads, which is part of the national highway in the village Tuvey.

  9. Rescuer listens to the sounds emanating from the depths of cluttered home by landslides in La Libertad.

  10. Residents cross the broken bridge with stairs.

  11. Soldiers help residents look for survivors under the rubble in Songgon.

  12. People pass by a destroyed house in the town of La Libertad.

  13. Women looking for things in the rubble of their destroyed house in the village Solongon.

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