Education in France: An Englishman Stalin paired with American Churchilem captured Hitler and with it ended the Second World

When in the early 80's Minister of the Socialist government of France J.-P. Chevenement with blue screen television called for the country to catch up with and overtake the Japanese in the noble statistics diplomas, he had in mind did not increase the level of pupils and students drastic methods screenings loafers and a shake of laggards. He is shown to be "mean exactly the opposite."

Since then, the experiments on the same principle, "all are equal, all equal" gave statistically meaningless results: in higher education, people come with certificates of completed secondary education, who can barely read. But this is not the threshold: from universities out people with degrees of completed higher education, not being able to spell elementary and formulate their own ideas. The general cultural level best not to remember at all.

Recent exams at the "upper secondary" collected a record number of historical anecdotes. Galileo received characterization of the "Grand Inquisitor", "inventor of gravity», a phrase, "Before him the land is not spun," as the blast wave, countless times circled the internet. Nero was the "Greek scumbag, organized orgies radiators in Roman arenas." The Englishman Stalin paired with American Churchilem captured Hitler and with it ended World War II, which began immediately after the cold because of Hitler, they never shared. And Joan of Arc, after hearing someone's vote, has unleashed a fight with the British, for which he burned her and found that she was a saint. She lived in the XIX century after Jesus, but before Leonardo da Vinci, which is "a lot of swimming, discovered America, a draw then …"

Successfully captured videos with pearls on exams ping-pong fly on the internet, "sing and rejoice all the people." Cited the tip of the iceberg, meanwhile, continues to dive into the abyss of universal ignorance, as the current Minister of Education of France, as a reliable representative of the socialist bloc, Mr Peillon has just announced its decision to "further facilitating school programs" instead of the previously proposed "additional protection."

The bill changes and innovations increasingly stunned parents long lost, so I'm a run and did not say at what exact year, French students learn to four days a week, without Wednesdays and Saturdays. About seven years ago, I remember the morning of Wednesday, they still went to school, something to sculpt and carve until lunch. Develop manual dexterity and artistic taste of the procedure other socialist minister Jaka Lang's forces did not schadivshego, introducing the dominance of "applied sciences" at the expense of boring classical obyazalovke so, such as reading and writing. Children soiled her hands in paint and art were transported by generous Whatman white. Glued on top of the dry leaves, cork, crumpled newspapers and other material at hand. Very perky worked. It should be emphasized.

A lot of time and effort was spent as the emerging "pluri-cultural obuchenie." Three of my children in the same high school went through a musical training, rote memorizing melodies of African peoples. The whole family sang together in chorus mysterious combinations of sounds ("O-le-le, O-le-le, ma-ma-si, Marine Corps Air Station! Botha Naye! Botha Naye! Botha, bot kasaui! …"), Meaning that did not even know she inspired teacher. Since the school did not have a single African child who has to ask, and when there was one, it turned out that he did not speak the dialect, meaning of the song has remained hidden, but we unanimously decided that the children had developed extraordinarily. Other music classes at the school were not (not all schools in France can not afford such a luxury). At some provocative questions darkly minded parents had answered that "they do not pronounce the Tchaikovsky" and "Mozart — boring." We delete.

Bitterly famous and officially banned the "global method" of teaching reading (when instead of the rules of certain letter combinations children were forced to memorize the visual whole words) is constantly partly run with many teachers, despite the well-recognized, not even deplorable, and sobbing results. Try also "usovremenennye" technique: for example, one of my daughters had the good fortune to learn sign language together with training in the preparatory reading (first) class is a different high school. We, the parents explained that this method remarkably progressing and will certainly come in handy for our children in their further progress towards the heights of all the sciences. It should be emphasized.

Calligraphy, in contrast, is paid a minimum of time, as it is, in the words of one of the representatives of the teaching profession, "pass the time." In the computer age, and so will do. "Lite" level of mathematics for some comparisons with previous generations makes a difference in one or two years: the fact that in the 70's were in the second grade, are now in the fourth. And this process, the fresh confirmation of the current minister, is not static, but was, is, and will have to eat more and more "classic tinsel." We delete.

Again, I will not say exactly, I do not remember exactly what year with a special decree was repealed homework. That is some very bad teachers, especially in private institutions, still dare vtyurivat home some miserable uprazhnenitse in four lines or stunted quatrain any modern author. The author certainly has to be modern and an unknown, other than the originator of the next tutorial: modern authors rarely rhyme, they are more difficult to remember, so learn by heart at home more than one quatrain too tiring and without having excited the modern world the child. Which, if they do not do the homework, in any case, and will not be punished in any way: in the light of existing laws homework — elective. We delete.

Specific knowledge of the way — too electives. Therefore, in light of the reforms and innovations otgremevshih no student of French secondary schools can not be left to the second year without the consent of the parents, not looking and not looking at the results of his labors. If parents do not agree that, as you know, most often occurs, the student continues to climb to a brighter future, not burdened by the way, like many others, the chains of skills, knowledge and connections traps duties. We delete.

By the sixth year of the "learning" in the transition to the next stage — to college task somewhat more complicated, and some "screening" particularly tired even before awakening does occur, albeit small, and depending on the required college level. Which varies. In general, the constantly changing all around and everything: the program and textbooks, methods and teachers' personal tastes. Single mandatory bright path to knowledge at the moment of creative research in the field of education does not exist. You never know on what teacher you will get and what it will teach. This is intriguing. It should be emphasized.

Depending on the social enrollment, and also vary their requirements. Therefore, from time to time in the press timidly break dreary depressing evidence of the graduate growing number of educational institutions. The same information is much more rich details and comments, cheerfully circulated in oral form between concerned parents. Children with high "rating score" in the colleges' difficult social zones "when translated in schools zones more" privileged "," depressed to find that their current level and "assessment score" broken pieces of reality hitherto unknown to them. And the first "out there" are the last "here", in which case it shall promptly recommend "psychological help." Educational institutions constantly replenished by staff psychologists, most of whom are graduates of the same "lightweight" and all the "facilitate" programs …

Methods of mutual consolation ointment continues to gain momentum. On the agenda for today's socialist government abolishing the assessments, that no one was hurt. Od each according to his ability, but all — equally. Also be offered to the Scandinavian countries. Show the heartwarming stories of the leading schools of Norway or Finland, where the question of what else coercion is not necessary at all for a long time: the children go to school, when they want, at any time, in any form, even in a Superman costume, though diving. In a class of ten people four teachers, and everyone does what your heart desires. Do you want Popish sensitive, do not want to, knock on a key or someone on his forehead, like, lie down on the floor, do not want, do not count. The results, they say, stunning. Lie down on the floor and contemplate … The main thing is just to facilitate, not pereutomit not find fault. What will learn, you will learn and. All of us, as we know, too, "little by little something and somehow."

You are too much of them require, says Headmistress particularly Assertive parents old school. Now very different times, children are overloaded with information and computer science. Children should not injure estimates, commitments, redundant concepts of "best", "worst" … Everyone should be equal. All right, and so they will learn. Did you, in Russia, in another way?

Well anyway, globalization and gets to you. Better not let. Struck out.

Elena Kondratieff-Salguero, journalist (France)

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